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Published by: Nadeem Majeed on Mar 02, 2011
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ANALYSIS OF COMPETITIVE POSITION 1. We have a market share of 33.7% in the Sonite market and 36.1% in the Vodite market which is the highest in both the market segments. Overall our market share stands at 34.1%. 2. Our stock price index stands at 2025 which is the highest in the group. ANALYSIS OF DEVIATION FROM PLANNED STRATEGY SONITE MARKET 1. We have an individual product targeting each segment except the High earners . 2. The product focused on Others did not sell as well as we expected, even though the price and specifications were as per the ideal values. 3. Our product focused on Professionals has been losing market share to a product with a better power specification and priced lower than our product. 4. The product focusing on Singles had been witnessing high growth over the past 2 periods. However, the growth rate has been below our expectations at 2.3% for the last period. VODITE MARKET 1. We introduced 2 products one targeting innovators and early adopters and the other focusing on the followers. 2. The product focused on followers was able to garner 21% market share in the follower segment. However it was below our expectations, one reason could be that this product was focused only on followers and not on early adopters whereas followers tend to follow the trend of early adopters. CHANGES IN STRATEGY SONITE MARKET 1. We have moved from being market leaders in only professionals to being the market leader in all the segments. 2. We haven t gained leadership in Others so we plan to reposition the product and price it more competitively. 3. To maintain leadership in Professionals, modify the product to match the specifications provided by the nearest competitors. 4. The product for buffs which we had decided to phase out is still giving us very good cash flow. It is a cash cow and thus we are reducing the marketing expenditure for this product and utilizing that for new products. 5. We have introduced the same product thrice under different brand names targeting different segments (Singles, high earners and Professionals) with distinct positioning. VODITE MARKET 1. Since we could not launch a product early as planned before, we have now shifted our strategy to focus on early adopters and followers. 2. Moreover, since these two segments have higher growth rate, we expect to achieve higher volumes in sales.

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