Batangas State University COLLEGE OF NURSING Gov. Pablo Borbon Campus 1, Rizal Ave., BatangasCity Tel. No.

(043) 300-2202 loc. 120 CAPSULE RESEARCH PROPOSAL I. Research Project Title: A Tracer Study of Nursing Graduates of Batangas State University from 2007 to 2009


Project Leader:

Melodie B. Panopio, RN, MAN Karla-Mae M. Calalo, RN Arcon S. Alvar, RN


Proponent Agency: Batangas State University Collaborating Agency: None Objective of the Study: The study aims to trace the graduates of Batangas State University College of Nursing from 2007-2009 and find out how they have fared in the job market after graduation.


Significance of the Study: This study is believed to contribute to Batangas State University in providing information in tracking its graduates and see how successful they are in fulfilling the University Mission and Vision in terms of their current status. This study may also contribute for a development of a better nursing program that is geared towards the needs of the students and the industry.


Methodology: In this study, the researchers will use the descriptive method. A questionnaire will be constructed and will be sent to the respondents by mail electronically.

VIII. Duration of the Study: 4 months
Gantt Chart
Activities Data Gathering Data Analysis and Interpretation Research Writings, Presentation of Findings Dec Wk.1-2 Wk.3-4 Jan Wk.1-2 Wk.3-4 Feb Wk.1-2 Wk.3-4 Mar Wk.1-2 Wk.3-4

00 TOTAL = 3. RN. RN Recommended By: ___________________________ Melodie B.00 Ink for printing ( Black & colored combo ) (2) = 2. RN _____________________ Arcon S.00 Submitted by: ______________________ Karla-Mae M. MAN Dean.IX.600. Maintenance and Operating Expenses: Bond papers for writings – 2 reams = 500. Estimated Budget: 1. Panopio.100. Calalo. Alvar. College of Nursing .

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