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FROM SCHOOL PRANKS TO PLATO, from the yearbook to the gym,
It Happened in School takes the reader on an entertaining
and enlightening journey through that uniquely American
institution, the public high school.
After teaching English, journalism, and coaching for more
than thirty-five years, author Bob Crosby has seen it all—and
enjoyed most of it. With a keen eye for detail, and a sharp ear
for language, Crosby has crafted fifty stories from the fun side
of high school life. Readers will enjoy learning about Crosby’s
experiences almost as much as he enjoyed writing them.
Anyone who has ever experienced high school, and that in-
cludes most of us, will appreciate the resounding truth and
uplifting joy that Crosby captures on the page. Pink tennis
shoes, jellyfish, and the Bacigalupis—look for them all in this
delightfully upbeat collection of short stories, It Happened
in School.

“Bob Crosby took me back to my (and everyone’s) deliciously goofy

days in the public school classroom. Trembling, I held these pages
with joy and terror; you will, too, reader.”
—Dr. David Kirby, Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor of English, Florida State University

“It Happened in School is a poignant personal account of one teach-

er’s experiences during thirty-five years in the classroom, but it is truly
universal in its appeal. Author Bob Crosby simply can’t hide his love
of teaching. The joy comes through in every sentence—a feeling, I’m Marketing
sure, his students will recall fondly for the rest of their lives. Today, es- • Regional and local broadcast media campaign
pecially, is a good time to celebrate America’s teachers and remember • Author tour and speaking engagements
that their influence goes far, far beyond their students’ performance • Targeted outreach to educational organizations
on any standardized test.”
• National trade marketing and sales campaign
—Sal Recchi, education/environmental editor, Orlando Sentinel

It Happened in School, Bob Crosby, 978-1-934572-15-3, US $12.95,

May 2009, 240 pages, Paperback, 6 x 9, Education/Essays, Emerald
Book Company, Author Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Available via Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and directly from Emerald Book Company (800.932.5420)

P.O. Box 91869, Austin, Texas 78709 800.932.5420