personal accident in

risk coverage

accidental death,permanent to

death of the insured person,permanent an loss of use of defined body pa

contactual obligations


age criteria at entry min 18 ,max 70, * Rai renew * Injury * Injury du * Snake * Burn Inju

exclusions arising from sickness/illness 2.d intentional self injury,suicide b.influence o d.caused by vunereal disease e.ind

permanent total disablement. Drowning. Poisoning etc sickness/illness 2.influence of intoxicating liqour or drugs c.physical seperation.ersonal accident insurance death.balloning.permanent partial disablement rson.induced weapon treatment f.permanent and total loss of limbs. Frost bite/Dog bite * Burn Injury.sight.max 70.permanent and partial of defined body parts.aircraft nereal disease e.and * Rail / Road / Air Accident renewable till the age of 70 * Injury due to any collision/fall * Injury due to Bursting of gas cylinder * Snake-bite.terrorism. policy can be bought to spouse aged b/w 18 -70.injury or disablement of the insured person a.carriage of dead body ry min 18 .from uicide b.aviation.child birth or pregnancy .death.