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To do: finish plot procedure Plot area & Plot scale, and page setup.

Guidelines for generating tiff images within AutoCad.

This procedure was developed with the following specifications:
-Windows XP operating system
-AutoCad 2006 (Land Desktop Companion)
-Microsoft Office 2003 (the image driver used in this procedure is installed as part of MS Office 2003)
-Autocad drawings drawn to City of Grand Rapids CAD standards

This procedure generates images with the following characteristics:

-TIFF CCITT Group 4 (also commonly referred to as bitional, monochrome, 1bit color depth and/or G4)
-300 DPI resolution
-34”x22” (10200x6600 pixels)

The general rule of thumb is the images submitted must match or exceed a standard paper copy in both quality, and
adherence to established City of Grand Rapids Engineering Dept. CAD standards. TIFF CCITT Group 4 file format is a
requirement for our current internal printing hardware & software (Kip 5080 printer & Kip Powerprint request software).
FIG 1. - Select the “microsoft office document image writer” as your printer, then click the
“Properties...” button.
FIG 2. - Select “Custom Properties”, then click the “Custom Properties...” button
FIG 3. - On the “Page” tab, set the drop down menu to “Custom Size”, then set the orientation to
“Landscape”, and then input the width and heigth the plot sould be (typicaly Width 34”, Heigth 22”)
FIG 4. - On the advanced tab select TIFF – Monochrome Fax, and 300 DPI from the pull down menu