Kindergarten Team Newsletter

March 2, 2011 Dear Kindergarten Families, As we enter March, we are well into “Under the Sea,” our unit of study about the ocean and ocean life. We are shaping up to be quite daring underwater explorers! The children have been learning and sharing many facts about sea life through books, videos, and fun-filled art activities. Spring Break will begin at the end of the day, Friday, March 11. School resumes Monday, March 28. We will continue our exploration of the oceans when we return with a fun field trip to the Columbus Zoo on Friday, April 1. Buses will leave school around 9:00 a.m. and return by 2:00 p.m. While at the zoo, everyone will visit the coral reef and manatee exhibits. Parents in charge of small groups may take their students to visit other exhibits as well. Individual classes will send out additional information about the trip and volunteer opportunities shortly. This is a very fun day. Please join us if you are able. We will be sending home swimsuits, snow pants, and miscellaneous snow gear to be washed over Spring Break. Please check with your child to make sure his/her gym shoes are still feeling comfortable. If you would like gym shoes or snow boots to be sent home, please send a note via backpack or email to your child(ren)’s teachers. Otherwise, snow boots will stay at school to combat spring mud and puddles on the playground. Please send swimsuits back on March 28. You may choose to send back snow pants or sweatpants as a lighter alternative after Spring Break as well. Have a wonderful Spring Break! Sincerely, Elaine Luers and Debbie Newman, KA Marilyn Turnock and Anne Schreiber, KB Bill Connick and Beth Korda, KC Elaine Boaz and Terri Paulson, KD