´«Connie was our fulltime client provider for eleven years.

She was dedicated employee and was always a team player. Throughout the years, Connie demonstrated great perseverance and initiative. She was not only interested in and motivated to learn new skills, but put great work into assimilating it to her own experience and developing her own ideas about her trade «µ Letter of Performance Excerpt, Persona, 2009

Constance Woodson
4404 E. 63rd Street  Kansas City, MO 64130  816-333-0555  connieworks2@yahoo.com Blog URL: http://wp.me/1cIwa

OBJECTIVES: Building relationships with smart working ability, fresh thoughts, and determination to benefit the organization and contribute substantially to its development are my primary career goals. EXPERIENCE: KIPP Endeavor Academy ³ Kansas City, MO ³ Charter Middle School Student Recruiter, 01/2010 to 5/2010 Hired as contractor to secure incoming enrollment applications

Computer Skills:
MS Word, Some Excel, PowerPoint, Windows XP, Data Entry IBM 3090/MVS, UNIX, DOS Languages: COBOL I, II, some RPG
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Word Press Internet/Search Engines: Google (Maps), Congressional/Government websites, Lexis Nexis Relevant training: Webinar @ Twitter.com w/Dr. Michael Broom PhD., Human Process systems and O/D Challenges, 10/25/2010

Coordinated mass distribution project of mailing applications as inserts in local community newspaper. Marketed 5 local zip codes.  Wrote press release and highlighted school on local news spot  Created media relations with AM Radio call-in show, featuring school leader, parent/student  Created new student tracking system  Excelled recruiting objectives Persona ³ Kansas City, MO ³ Health & Wellness Client Service Provider, 06/1998 to 03/2009 Greeted and consulted clients daily. Managed client appointments and services. 

Greeted external/internal clients daily Managed scheduled and walk-in appointments while performing hands-on client services  Established client rapport resulting in 1200+ client expansion  Appointed expert speaker at Children·s Mercy Hospital Health Fair, 2005  Created top-notch reputation with outstanding client referrals with 60% return rate  Retained internal client relationships for eleven years  Created external/internal client referral programs and increased revenue/sales by 30%  Earned 60% commission + sales based salary for eleven years Research Psychiatric Center----Kansas City, MO----HCA Shared Medical Systems Information Systems Coordinator, 05/1983 to 08/1990 Managed data documentation, data entry, and system activities Results: Managed system conversions and applications 

Houston TX, KIPP College Admissions/Recruiting conference, 2/20/2010 Kansas City, NonProfit.org: Social Media and how to use itµ, 09/28/2010

EDUCATION: Rockhurst University ³ Kansas City, MO Bachelors of Arts, Organizational Development and Leadership, 2008 Program Highlights: 

Organizational Management Business Communications Leadership applications Project Management Cultures in Organizations Paralegal Studies 


Conflict Resolution Business Case studies Critical Analysis Interpersonal Relations Small Group Interactions MTBI

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