³Export or perish´ Our imports are more than exports. Hence there is a necessity to encourage exports. Govt. and RBI extend various concessions to boost exports.

Refinance to Banks on eligible portion of export credit outstanding. 7. ECGC guarantee for export credits No margin requirements for advance against export receivables. 6. 2. Minimum of 12% of net credit should go to exports. . Issue of Gold Card to exporters with good track record. 9. Cheap credit to exporters. 3. 8. 5. Rejection with the concurrence of next higher authority Bifurcation of WC limits into loan and cc component after excluding export limits. Flexible approach to export lending and norms of lending. 4. 10. Time norms for disposal of application for export credit.EXPORT FINANCE Some of the concessions include: 1.

. Financial assistance extended after the shipment of exports falls within the scope of post shipment finance. Pre-shipment finance refers to finance extended to purchase.EXPORT FINANCE Export credit can be broadly classified into Pre-shipment finance and post shipment finance. processing or packing of goods meant for exports.

Export is not to a listed country .Terms of contract .Verification of Exporter-Importer Code No.No FEMA violation . . .Party should not be in the RBI Caution list or ECGC Special Approval List.Verify order/LC . issued by DGFT. .Commodity should not be in the negative list.EXPORT FINANCE PACKING CREDIT .Commodity should have a good market .Borrower should be credit worthy.OPL on the buyer . .As loan or cash credit against pledge or hypothecation. .Up-to date knowledge of export policy .

EXPORT FINANCE Working capital may be defined as funds required to carry the required level of Current assets to enable the industry to carry on its operations at the expected levels uninterruptedly .

EXPORT FINANCE Gross working capital ± represented by Current Assets Inventory Receivables Cash Other current assets Working capital gap ± represented by Current assets less other current liabilities Bank borrowings excluded .

EXPORT FINANCE Net working capital ± represented by Current Assets less Current liabilities NWC .also called the liquid surplus NWC ± comes from long term sources Promoters¶ margin / Others Existing NWC ± an important indicator of the strength of liquidity .

Bank Balances and other resources that are reasonably expected to be realized or consumed within one year of the date of the Balance sheet .EXPORT FINANCE Current assets Current liabilities Cash.

Operating Cycle Cash Raw Material Receivables Goods in process Finished goods .

EXPORT FINANCE ASSESSMENT OF LIMITS Appraised in the same manner as local cash credits. Limit is to be determined based on past performance and future projections. Guiding principle is ³need based´ finance. MPBF 3. 2. However certain relaxations can be considered in the inventory holdings depending upon the nature of contract and margin requirements. 1. Cash Budget method . Turnover method.

Creditors to TCA (%) Other CL to TCA (%) .EXPORT FINANCE Parameters in Working Capital credit assessment Total CA Other CL Working Capital Gap NWC (actual / projected) Assessed Bank Finance NWC to TCA (%) Bank finance to TCA (%) S.

Rehabilitation cases.) Banks may consider Cash Flow approach of financing in order to close the gap between the sanctioned limits and the utilization levels . Export Financing etc.EXPORT FINANCE The guidelines set by Nayak Committee for computation of WC finance quantum for village. tiny and other SSI industries to a minimum extent of 20% of Projected/Accepted Turnover to continue Guidelines with regard to specific activities / industries / situations to continue (Sugar / tea industries.

.EXPORT FINANCE Quantum of finance: FOB value of goods minus profit and credit margin Cost of production less margin (can be more if the domestic cost is more than the FOB value and the difference is accounted as incentives like duty drawback etc. subject to export production finance guarantee of ECGC). In the case of exports on CIF value basis PC can be granted towards insurance and freight also.

EXPORT FINANCE Margin: depending upon the trade (10% to 25%) Period of finance: to coincide with the date for shipment and normally upto 180 days. .

. CPC should be converted as PC or Bills.EXPORT FINANCE Clean Packing Credit Granted to credit worthy parties where advance payment is required to be made to the supplier. A higher margin of say 25% should be stipulated. Period of CPC is determined based on the facts of each case (but not later than the period of contract/LC. Quantum determined based on the likely purchase pattern of the exporter with their suppliers. collected each time and remitted along with PC to the supplier.

Currency of the account USD.EXPORT FINANCE Packing Credit in Foreign Currency PCFC be granted against any confirmed order/irrevocable LC Export order/LC should be denominated in convertible currency Proceeds should be realizable in convertible currency Exports in ACU currency also eligible.(can be granted in a currency other than the currency of export after obtaining a risk letter). All designated branches for exports/Obs/FEX Cells/IF Brs. . GBP. EURO./all ELBs and other branches as per annexure ID7/84 are permitted to grant PCFC.

PCFC to be liquidated upon discounting the relative export bill under BRD scheme.EXPORT FINANCE Funds clearance to be obtained from ID Minimum USD or GBP or EUR 10.in multiples of 1000 Each disbursement should be treated as a separate loan Running account facility can be permitted to exporters with good track record. . From advance remittance if can be linked or from EEFC funds/rupee resource provided export to that extend has been made.000/.

Liability as applicable to PC. Exchange Rate Applicable spot buying rate irrespective of the period of PCFC.EXPORT FINANCE Period ± available for the specific period as per sanction not exceeding 180 days. . Reporting to FD. Beyond 180 days rate for the initial period of 180 days prevailing at the time of extension plus 2%. Rate of interest : CROI Upto 180 days respective LIBOR/EURO LIBOR of the currency plus 75 basis points Plus upfront fees stipulated.

ECGC buyer¶s credit limit not available. 2. OPL on the buyer not available. End use not verified. Order not studied thoroughly. Cost of production not calculated correctly. 3. 4.EXPORT FINANCE Common discrepancies observed while granting PC 1. 5. 6. drawing power not ensured. Date of shipment not followed and necessary extension not obtained if overdue. Order/LC has expired or going to expire shortly. . 8. Advance payment if any received not deducted. 9. 7 After determining the quantum of advance.

.EXPORT FINANCE POST SHIPMENT FINANCE DEFINITION Loan or advance granted to an exporter from the time of shipment of goods to the time of realization including against the security of duty draw back or any receivable from the govt.

In the case of deemed exports to the supplier of goods to the designated agencies as per EXIM policy .EXPORT FINANCE ELIGIBILITY .To the actual exporter or to an exporter in whose name the documents are transferred .

Margin: Normally no margin stipulated.Quantum: Up to 100% of the invoice value .Contingency Marine Insurance To be obtained in the case of FOB/CFR contracts .EXPORT FINANCE .Purpose: to finance the export receivable . However the SA can stipulate margin .


Denominated and realizable in any convertible currency .EXPORT FINANCE Rediscounting of Export Bills Scheme BRD .contd. . Shipment to ACU countries only if realizable in USD . If forward contract is booked covering exports-no BRD «. grace period etc. Whether drawn under LC or confirmed orders .) . Sight bills as well as usance bills not exceeding 180 days (inclusive of normal transit period..

Reporting for the portion in excess of PCFC and EEFC .Funds clearance to be obtained from ID .75% Upto delinking date 2% over the above If realized after delinking: as applicable to Rupee PSF.Within the sanctioned limit for Post shipment finance .) . (plus upfront fees as advised by ID) .EXPORT FINANCE (BRD Contd.ROI: NTP/Usance upto 6 months LIBOR +0.

Some intricacies in the IPSG cover of ECGC 4. . Why ECGC guarantee when the exporter holds a Policy from ECGC? 2.EXPORT FINANCE Frequently asked questions 1. What is buyer¶s limit under the ECGC policy? 3. LC available at the counters of the opening bank.

. if done. This. consolidation of the group accounts on a common date is not insisted upon. would facilitate analysis of the inter-unit transactions / holdings.EXPORT FINANCE Points of caution in Working Capital Credit proposals Levels of the Current Assets are often projected at higher levels to arrive at higher credit limits Sundry Creditors projected at lower levels Projections made at the time of last sanction and actuals thereagainst are not done / not properly commented upon. In case of Associate concerns engaged in the same activity or otherwise.


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