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Demonstrative Adjectives

Demonstrative Adjectives


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Published by Mubarak Abdessalami
This, That, These and Those with one & ones!
This, That, These and Those with one & ones!

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Published by: Mubarak Abdessalami on Nov 16, 2007
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Demonstrative adjectives

The adjectives are seven fractions. We have already seen the adjectives of quality; now we are going to grapple the demonstrative ones. There are only four demonstrative adjectives and they usually come before the nouns o poon ‘n’ roe’T e a as follows, r rnusoeo ‘ns hy re . 1. “ h ” h h e osa s s gl pr n r b ct ts l e T i w i dm nt t a i u r e o o oj th ic s: s c re n a s e a o o This pen is my pen. o This is a smart girl.

2. “ htfr s gl f a a pr n thing. T a o a i u ra w y e o or ” n a r s o That boy over there is my nephew. o That is the car my father bought yesterday.

3. “ hs”sh aj t e e s t pi t a ru o polo t nsht T ee it d cv w ueo o to gop f ep rh g t are e ei n e i a near. o These shoes are expensive o These people come to see you.

4. “ hs”ni t g gop f ep o t nsrm to n n a “vr T oe i c i a ru o pol rh g f w o ad r oe d an e i o e tr. he e” o Those are my brothers (over there) o Those are the tools I talked about last time.

As you can see this category of adjectives is the only one that agrees with its noun in number. These d cvs rfl w d y oe o “ns w e t ricm a sn aj t e a o o e b “n” r oe” hn h es o pro ei e l e i between two things of the same type: a. That watch is expensive but this (one) is cheap. b. D ntat s g. at tone). o’eth egE th ( i a c. These people are rich but those (ones) are poor. Sehth poon ‘n’n ‘nsi t ea p s bv a pt e en e t t rnusoead oe’n h xm l aoe r u bt e a e e e e w brackets; which means that they can be omitted as being optional. i.e. the meaning of the sentence is understood without them. I o esut n t poon ‘n’n ‘nsa e “ i ,t t “ ee o “ oe n t ri aosh rnusoead oe’f r t s “ a ,t s” rt s” h t i e t h” h” h h are necessary especially when there is another adjective (of quality) between the demonstrative adjective and the pronoun as in the following examples. a. A I ed o e esIl u t s blue ones. s ne sm pn,’ byh e l e b. Put on that tigh si;’ w at s th tIl erh baggy one. r l i
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