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Advertising Works?

Which was the last ad you remembered?
‡ Saw it? ‡ Glanced it? ‡ Understood it? ‡ Acted upon it?

The AIDA model
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Attention Interest Desire Action

Current Media Scenario
Conventional Media: ‡ Print (Newspaper/Magazine) ‡ TV ‡ Cinema ‡ Radio ‡ Web ‡ Mobile

The Challenge
‡ No tangible method that can measure eye balls ‡ No perfect method to check if the ad has been seen in full and understood ‡ Newspapers shifting to digital format ‡ Too much clutter, too little ROI

Niche brands

‡ Niche segmentation ‡ Focused media reach ‡ Brand specific message comprehension

³Guaranteed circulation, Guaranteed Segmented Readership/Viewership/Reach´



‡ Wastage ‡ Difficulty in measurement ‡ Pot shots in the dark

The Big Bucks
» Proctor and Gamble:

4479m USD

» Unilever:

3315m USD

» General Motors:

3218m USD

» Nestle:

1547m USD

» Sony:

1513m USD

The New Mantra

Advertising through your private Ad Stations!!

How does it work?
‡ Respondents are paid to view a host of ads ‡ Answer questions about the ad ‡ Allows accountable segmentation, verifiable by advertiser

What does this signify? GROWING CONSUMER POWER

The Consumer Today:
‡ The Consumer is not a moron, she is your wife! David Ogilvy ‡ Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. Bill Gates ‡ I think our customers really like our products. And we're always trying to do better. - Steve Jobs ‡ The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. Peter Drucker

So much so that today even the CONSUMER is being PAID to VIEW an ad!!!

As much he/she is being paid to buy a product!!!

It is a new breakthrough in the marketing process, not just a new media option, but a pioneering concept

The Ad Matrix Ad Stations
Benefit to the advertisers ‡ Advertisers can do micro or mass targeting ‡ Can be sure that ad is watched by target consumer ‡ Can present offers, coupons and do promotions directly ‡ Can see when and by whom the ad is watched

The Ad Matrix Ad Stations
Benefit to the Affiliates

‡ Affiliates can earn money by watching ads in their leisure time ‡ Affiliates can also give feedback to the advertiser via rating and questionnaire ‡ Affiliates can also bring other interested affiliate and earn referral incentives also

How much time do you spend? 2/3 hours a week 20 minutes a day

Each Adstation is uploaded every 10 days

The Ad Matrix Review
‡ e zine for Affiliates ‡ It is a precursor to familiarise the affiliates with  Products/ Product Profiles/Category Profiles  Brand comparison Aimed to equip the affiliates to respond knowledgably and better understanding  The Ad Matrix Review will also carry ads/sponsorship

Where do you come in to help this revolution?

By becoming an AFFILIATE

‡ Holland based global on line ad station, owned by Action Index Group ‡ www.theadmatrix.com ‡ Started as Holland s first on line Yellow Page interactive web site, a pioneering business in 2001 ‡ Expanded experience in to a multi media advertising opportunity Ad Stations

Advertising Works !!!

The Partnership Offer

The Compensation program

Compensation Plan How to Earn
THEADMATRIX offers you a unique leisure time income opportunity without disturbing your current lifestyle. Make money by viewing ads and rate them. Ads are published on your ADSTATION. Additional referral incentives are also paid if you build your ad community by referring affiliates to the company.

Compensation Plan How to Start
Pay $240 towards subscription for two years ADSTATION usages. or pay $30 as advance and balance $210 within 30 days Subscription includes full two year ADSTATION usages, back office and customer support facilities.

Income Through Watching Ads
$10 per week for watching your weekly Ad quota on each ADSTATION & Additional ADSTATION plus 2% residual income from the entire Ad earnings made by your downline affiliates upto 6 levels deep. Residual income at minimum level will be $25.2 with simple ADSTATION. In case of family ADSTATION residual income will be much higher.

Income Through Watching Ads
Levels Minimum No. of Associates Benefit from Minimum weekly income with one ADSTATION / Additional ADSTATION

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total

You 2 4 8 16 32 64 126

self 1st level downline 2nd level downline 3rd level downline 4th level downline 5th level downline 6th level downline

$10 $0.2 X 2 = $0.4 $0.2 X 4 = $0.8 $0.2 X 8 = $1.6 $0.2 X 16 = $3.2 $0.2 X 32 = $6.4 $0.2X 64 = $12.8 $35.2 per week including residual income

Once you subscribe for ADMATRIX REVIEW journal by paying $240 and watch ads. Your Ad income will be $10X104 weeks = $1040 and your residual income will be $25.2X104 = $2620.8. totaling it to $3660.8 (15.25 times of your subscription amount) in 2 yrs

Compensation Plan Referral Incentives
Referral incentive is paid to only those associates who introduce affiliates for watching ads. The more affiliates you bring higher are your referral incentives To earn referral incentive you must refer minimum two affiliates in the company, one in the left side and another in the right side of your ADSTATION
Left Team Right Team you

Compensation Plan Direct Income
You earn $20 for your left ADSTATION and $20 for your right ADSTATION if personally referred by you. Hereafter every new ADSTATION/ additional ADSTATION personally referred will give you $20 as Direct income



Direct A

Direct B

Compensation Plan ADSTATION Income
ADSTATION income is based on the number of ADSTATION added in your left and right team. After completion of your first left and first right ADSTATION every new left team ADSTATION and every right team ADSTATION which is also known as one pair will give you $20 Maximum daily ADSTATION income capping is 22 pairs ($440) Stronger leg is always carry forward

Compensation Plan Additional ADSTATION Income
An affiliates can add Additional ADSTATIONS on his/her ADSTATION for his/ her family members. This income is only generated when affiliates in your team add Additional ADSTATIONS. Maximum of four additional ADSTATIONS L ft can be added on each ADSTATION itio l
DS I S t itio l DS I S i you

Additional ADSTATION income is a tabular binary and rewarded as per the following table.

Compensation Plan Additional ADSTATION Income
Sl. No Left team Additional ADSTATIONS Right team Additional ADSTATIONS ADSTATIONS Matched Amount Paid

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

3 6 12 24 48 96 192 384 768

3 6 12 24 48 96 192 384 768

3 6 12 24 48 96 192 384 768

$60 $120 $240 $480 $960 $1920 $3840 $7680 $15360

Maximum daily Additional ADSTATION income capping is 768 pairs ($15360) Stronger leg is always carry forward Total daily potential income for an affiliates with one ADSTATION is $440 + $15360 = $15800 thus making $5767000 as potential annual income.

Compensation Plan Team Builder Bonus
An ADSTATION with four Additional ADSTATIONS is known as family ADSTATION. A family ADSTATION who introduces minimum ten family ADSTATIONS within 60 days from the date of application, will be called quick achiever & share 2% of the monthly company turnover. 2% Company turnover will be equally divided among all quick achievers. Maximum Team Builder Bonus for a quick achiever is limited to $39600. If introducer ADSTATION is not a family ADSTATION then he/she must upgrade within 60 days to get eligible for team builder income.

Compensation Plan Royalty Income & Rewards Royalty Income
All the affiliates who achieve ADSTATION capping ($440) twenty times in any calendar month will share 1% of the company turnover for that particular month, equally divided among all qualifiers.

Rewards and Bonuses
Reward and bonuses will be announced by company every month for details keep visiting website regularly.

Contact Us
Actie Index Ltd, Cornelis Houtmanstraat 14, 7825 VG, Emmen, Holland. Tel: 0031591632311

Thank you very much

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