Chelle Ann B. Chico BSN 3Y4-12 Mrs.

Carol San Diego

The Notebook
In the movie, ³The Notebook´, the real meaning of love was emphasized and observed through flashbacks wherein main characters in the story where too young to engage themselves in such an intense and aggressive feeling towards each other which led to infatuation and too much affection. Their feelings which were bounded with love strive their ideas to show their affection with each other in public, or what is commonly known as public display of affection. Some relationships don¶t work because of some parents who decide to whom their daughter must commit with. Like what happened to Noah and Ali wherein their love brought to a challenge when the parents of Ali argued and demanded that the guy their daughter love was not the one suited for her. Ali did nothing to do but just to obey what her parents wants her to do, so he broke up with Noah. In my own opinion, it¶s not the responsibility of the parents to decide whether to whom their daughter or even son must commit with. And based on what Ali did, I can see that she didn¶t fight her love for Noah and just decided to marry someone although she knows how much she loved Noah. It¶s not that easy for Noah to move on and recover for had happened even trying to forget the one he used to love so much because he still remembers the pain Ali did to him. After all the challenges that they encounter, it seemed that they really love each other for still bringing back what they were before. I admired how they showed their love with each other until they get old.

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