Fuselage materials 3

1) for fuselage skin panels using composites: Advangtages (if designed correctly): - weight savings - reduced maintenance cost for

the airlines (no corrosiion, fatigue cracking to have to inspect for and repair) - can have higher cabin pressure (from weight savings and better fatigue perform ance) giving better comfort to passengers. - reduced manufacturing cost if large intergral components can be produced (hyge reduction in number of fasteners required) Disadvanges: - very high cost required for design, certification and manufacturing developmen t. Suitable materials are carbon fiber/epoxy composites. Specific material choices depend on a huge range of factors, including static and fatigue strength perfor mance, damage resistance and tolerance, material cost and availability, specific manufacturing process, politics, etc., etc. 2) Do you mean the trend of substituting composites for metal? Boeing will have a composite fuselage, wing and empennage on the 787. Airbus will likely have a composite wing on the A350XWB and possibly a composite fuselage. The A380 has a composite wing center bos, aft pressure bulkhead, keel beams, empennage and a bunch of other parts.

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