ACTS CHAPTER 15 (vv. 1-35) *Remind about supper and setup next week.

LAUNCH QUESTION: RECAP What chapters did we do last week? What big event happened? Where are they now? – look at map. How does has it been since then? Read vv. 1-2 (Points FOR) What was the problem? What were they teachings? Where were they from? Who were they? Has anyone made that comment to you before? Let’s put ourselves in their shoes. What would be some of the reasons for this teaching? - Jesus was a Jew. King of the Jews. First followers were Jews. First church were Jews. (after ascension) Read vv. 3-5 (Points FOR) Who are the party of the Pharisees? What did circumcision mean for a Jew? Gen 17:9-14 Read vv. 6-12 (Points AGAINST) vv. 7-8 When did the Gentiles first hear the gospel? How did God show that He accepted them? v. 10 What is the ‘yoke’? How are we saved? Read vv. 13-18 (CONCLUSIONS) Who speaks? Who is the Simon he refers to? What prophet does he quote? What does God promise? Read vv. 19-21 (CONCLUSIONS) What is his advice? See 1 Cor 8 Isn’t this a contradiction? 1) contradiction of what they said about circumcision 2)contradiction of 1 Cor What links these four things? See 1 Cor 10:7-8 So what is the command really about? Why does it matter? Read vv.22-31 What was the point of the letter? End We’ve seen that Gentiles don’t need to become Jews to be Christians. What about those who are already Jews? 1 Cor 7:17-24 – link to Rory’s sermons. Keeping God’s commands is what counts. SO WHAT? How do we expect people to change when they become Christians? Which of these changes are good, and which of them are just cultural?

What if your Christian friend used to be an Aussie agnostic secularist. an Indonesian Muslim. or an American Jew? . an Indian Hindu.

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