Using your thoughts to change your world is surprisingly easy and in this short document I will share with you my top 77 tips! You can read them all in one go, or perhaps use the book daily to provide a thou ght for your day. I hope that you enjoy them and that some of them will help you greatly. Please feel free to share this with your family and friends or offer it for down load on your website, use it in any way you want. All I ask is that you keep this intact and help me spread the word YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE! (click here to give this book to your family / friends) Yours, Stuart Semple p.s. if you want to learn some specific exercises that will teach you how to use your thoughts to completely change your world please visit my website: http://www.lifeyouwant.co.uk p.p.s 77 thoughts to change your life, is available to download, free of charge from: http://www.lifeyouwant.co.uk/77thoughts

1. Become aware of your "background thoughts" when you wake up in the morning and are getting ready for the day. If they are negative, such as "I'm not looking forward to..." change them to something positive!

2. Make your house into your own home - even if you are just renting a place, add as many touches as you need to make it a happy and comfortable place.

but don't forget to enjoy all the things that you've already achieved.3. . Be proud of what you have! It's important to dream and believe that you can have all the things that you want.

You are as old as you feel . Don t let your age change the way you act.4.and if you feel old. change the way you feel! .

A reason to jump out of bed in the morning. .5. give yourself something something to look forward to every day. like a little treat. If you feel like nothing is happening in your life. even something small.

" .6. Do something you love for a job. "Money will come when you are doing the right thing.

7. What would you like people to say about you after you die? What kind of person would you like them to say you were? What did you do? Work towards these things so they really will say them! .

to contribute and a mission statement .Businesses make mission statement important to you.8. what is who you'd like to be and what you'd like accomplish.make your own saying how you want to live. .

you happen to be a wild dancer too! You are not just a mum.you are not just a hard worker. you're a great conversationalist.9. . Explore all the different sides of your personality and don't get stuck thinking that you are just one thing .

Don t accept everything at face value .10.question everything! .

Find a way to help someone else every day. This helps you as well as them .11. .it makes you feel happy to help and confident.

This sounds easy to say.12. but I guarantee that everything has an advantage if you think hard enough. . Find the positive side to every situation.

Wherever you live. . Spend time with Mother Nature. Recharge your batteries.13. there is almost certainly somewhere green to escape to once a week.

..14. . If you think that's just a part of your personality and you can't overcome it. Choose one negative trait that you'd like to overcome. upbeat person for a week. for example negativity. try this: just PRETEND that you are a positive. See what happens.

..15. Put some genuine fun and childish joy and creativity back into your life.. Visit a toyshop and try out the new stuff. finger-paint. make sandcastles.

Stop and notice all the wonderful things around you. the texture of a bunch of flowers. .16. Look again at the things you've looked at a hundred times. admire the ways that things are designed.

17. Create your own destiny .life might be guided by fate or by the stars but how do you know that fate doesn't want you to make the first move? .

Let things be quiet sometimes and just think. Go for a walk. or lie in bed an extra half an hour at the weekend. Give your mind a break! . Give yourself a little bit of attention.18. or think about nothing.

Spend the time thinking more positively. .19. and better able to deal with them. Don t spend a lot of time worrying about things. because the bad things might never happen. you will be stronger. and if they do. calmer.

try.20. Don t let failure defeat you! As they say. . and try something different. try. That way. you will achieve your goals where countless others didn't because they already gave up.

21. calm and clarity enter you. . To get on in life. slow down a bit! Let peace. and pull you forward.

or it can be amazing. You choose! . Life can be horrible. frustrating and depressing.22. funny and fun.

ignore the long queue. and smile at that person who just jostled you in the street. Ignore the rain.23. Let the everyday annoying things pass you by. .

. When this happens. so it need not be a negative experience.24. They say choose your friends wisely. However. although you'd rather not. there are some people you just can't avoid seeing. and this is true. remember that you can learn something from everyone.

Never "kill time".25. Spend that time doing something useful or uplifting. Don't "keep yourself busy". .

Start today! Whatever it is.26. no more excuses! .

Instead. Concentrating on them will only make them worse.27. happy ones! . crowd them out with creative. Don t try to dismiss negative thoughts.

Dance around in a ridiculous way. . Phone someone up and be cheerful. Run down the street for no reason. Put some music on loud and play air guitar.28.

.29. Give someone else an unexpected treat.

listen. Believe in yourself and what you are doing totally. but don't let it shake your inner belief that what you are doing is right. If people offer criticism. because it can be helpful. you can achieve anything you want to. .30.

Don't feel even a teeny bit jealous. . this will poison your own efforts to achieve.31. be generous in your appreciation and praise of other's achievements.

but be aware of the finer details too.32. Always see the big picture. .

. Do something difficult and the sense of achievement will be tremendous. Give yourself satisfaction by stretching yourself.33.

. Go with what you have here and now. Stop waiting for things to get better. more comfortable or more convenient. or easier.34.

Stop talking about what you are going to do. . and put your energy into actually doing it! People get tired of hearing you but they will be far more impressed when they see for themselves what you have achieved.35.

36. but if you want do it. It can be done . and time. .it might take commitment. Don t believe the people who tell you "It can't be done". energy. it can be done.

Do what it takes to pay that cost. Don t pass up the best possibilities just because they have a cost. to bear that burden. . to reach for the best and never settle for less.37.

38. Do you really want the things you think you want? Will you really never be happy until you have them? Let go of your trivial and frivolous wants and needs and shallow desires . .you'll somehow find that you don't miss them.

. Smiling will make you happy.39.

but look at how much closer you are to it than when you were born! How much have you learned already? How much more is still to come every day! . You might not be where you want to be yet .40.

41. and you will find a solution. Whatever limits you might come up against. let your spirit soar above them. .

What kind of person do you want to be? More decisive. calmer. How would they react to a situation? What would they do now? By the end of the week the pretense will be close to becoming reality. .42. stronger. happier? Spend a week just pretending to be that person.

43. I would go for that job/join that group/speak to that person". and just do the thing. ."If I had more confidence. Stop wishing and waiting for the confidence. Confidence will follow on.

Or a tiny one. make a small one. don't lose the momentum or you will lose sight of the goal. If you can't make a great step.44. But don't stop. There s always something you can do toward your goal or your plan. . If you can't do this bit. jump ahead and do this bit.

sit down with a pen and paper and list five good things that have happened in your life.go out and make it happen! . Remember how good they made you feel? There's more like that to come . If you feel that nothing good is really happening.45. that nothing good has ever happened.

.46. Get up a bit earlier.. save time elsewhere by being more efficient.. cut down on your hours watching TV. Got some things that you want to do but don't have time? Don't ever let that stop you.

but it's a good way to get things done.47. It might seem a bit un-spontaneous and. If you know that you want to add some things to your life but never seem to get around to them make a timetable. Make it as loose or as structured as you like. . anal. make it cover all day or just a few hours on a Saturday. well.

48. meaningful difference for those around you. . but rather in making a positive. Find pleasure not in the misery of others. be slow to take offense and quick to offer encouragement.

the more will come flowing back to you.49. love. material things and value to give out. The more help. What you give out you will receive back threefold. .

50. Whatever you believe will become true. If you believe "I never have enough money" "I always struggle to pay the rent", then it will always be a struggle to pay the rent. If you believe, "I am comfortable and can afford the things I need," it will happen.

51. If someone seems in a bad mood with you, or says something to upset you, instead of getting upset, stop and think about why they did it. Maybe they had a bad day. Maybe they weren't thinking. Probably they didn't mean it. Don't say something nasty back, wrong-foot them by saying something nice!

52. Live as if you might die tomorrow.

53. Never be bored! Make a list, now, of all the things that interest you. Even things that used to interest you when you were a kid and you forgot about it. Even silly or obscure things. Next time you're bored, pick up the list and start!

"If only my boss was less nasty. or you could just override the problem and get on with your life.54. . I'd have more enthusiasm for work! If only my boyfriend was less selfish I could get more done!" You could wait a lifetime for them to change. Stop blaming other people for your situation in life.

change it! Just be aware when you are gossiping. Don t just accept a character flaw in yourself as the way you are.55. being lazy etc and stop! .

56. Just because your sister is brilliant at sports and you were always better at maths. or maybe you'll be better! You should try either way. . doesn't mean you shouldn't take up sports or cookery. just because your partner is a professional chef and you are a car salesman. if you think you'll enjoy it. Maybe you won't be as good as them.

get up early tomorrow and go for a walk. spend an hour in a cafe after work reading a book. if you always have a shower have a bath. Sleep on the other side of the bed tonight. Do something different! . Disrupt your everyday routine.57.

58. You can have almost anything you want. It will come. . all at once. but don't decide that you want everything. Select and prioritise what you want and need. and then direct your time and energy towards it.

59. Don't give what you don't want a moment's thought you don't want to attract the wrong thing! . Focus on what you want. but never on what you don't want.

Explore new paths .60.

61. and make you feel refreshed. If you're feeling tense. overwhelmed. take a half hour walk. It will give you a break to think about things. . stressed.

Success doesn't come in one huge bound. But if you keep putting one foot in front of the other. you will get to the top. .62.

Why are they your dream jobs? Which facets of them do you like? Put those missing facets into your life! .63. Do you feel that something's missing from your life? Make a list of your dream jobs.

even your house.64. Anything that doesn't fit any more? Anything that needs mending? Cleaning? Changing? . Spring cleans your life! Assess your job. friends. your relationship.

sooth and heal physical problems .65.as well as reducing stress! . Laughter is clinically proven to increase creativity. Don't take life too seriously.

Make a list of "stress busting activities" that work for you. to give yourself a break! .66. taking a bath. Like listening to a soothing CD. doing some stretching exercises or pumping weights. Make sure to do at least one of them every day.

because if nothing else. . If you're feeling ground down. make a list of the things that are bothering you. Could you talk to the work mate who is always getting at you for example? Actually being aware that these things are the things that are getting to you helps you to lessen the stress. make a list of solutions to the problems. you can choose to put it aside and feel less bothered by it.67. Then.

68. make one! Give yourself something to reach towards. do something towards it every day. Even something small counts! If you have no specific goal. . If you have a goal you are trying to achieve.

. Learn or do something new everyday.69.

. Stick a photo or other image of your goal on the fridge to remind yourself of where you are going every day.70.

Celebrate being you! . Celebrate all the good things that you are. too. Today is the day to get out and celebrate all the good things that you have.71.

it s not because material possessions are bad.72. . but because they're often very good. that it's easy to lose focus.

73. Living for yourself should be as natural as eating or breathing. .

focus on improving your own situation. Instead of constantly comparing yourself to others. .74.

It is never too late to be what you might have been.75. .

You deserve. anything that you truly want in the world.76. and can have. Don't be embarrassed to dream big dreams. .

each thought. . With each word. each action. Take responsibility instead of expecting someone else to do it for you.77. Accept success by making the effort instead of making excuses. choose to accept success instead of letting it pass you by.

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