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Published by: Gaurav Pundir on Mar 03, 2011
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I dont remember the name but on Colaba beach, on right side , in the end, one good hotel r ang

Rs. 500 to 600 for double bad. Next, near govt wholsale wine shop on same beach, oppos it polo ground, in side the street, one more hotel range rs. 250 to 400 . One tip, move ar ound the beach, tell the dalal the maximum pr ice u want to pay, see the room, bargaing wil l be done about 50% of demanded price. For mo re help call Hunny 9268119903, he has visited last year with me, if u can ask him also to go with u , he may be ready.

Old Goa is good for economical budget. Must book your hotels before reach there because the pick travel season is going on and if y ou don't book hotel and accommodation earli er you will have to compromise with quality. There are many hotels in Goa; Phoenix Park Inn Goan Heritage Riviera De Goa Casa De Goa

this being the holiday season, accommodation rates have skyrocketed in goa. however if you go to south goa (like palolem) you can get ch eap accommodation. make sure the place is cle an before you check in. if you go to south go a, you will find touts trying to sell you pla ces. they are not bad though. you can bargain and check out the places without making any commitment. i would suggest staying away from places like calangute because it is basically like being in bombay and a lot more crowded too. vagatore is also considered as not very expens ive but people stay away from there because it is a completely different culture there. i land up in goa and just ask around based on what i want to do there and find a place. as far as travelling is concerned, you can hir e a 2 wheeler for abt 2-3 hundred or a car in the range of 12-15 hundred for a day. that is what i would recommend. i am not a big fan of

jan shatabdi is the best train on the mumbai-goa route taking the minimum time.Its more peaceful and less crowded. . you have trains that leave at night/evening and reach in the morning/early morni ng like matsyagandha and konkan kanya.m. clas ses are 1A/2A/3A/SL/GEN.m. there is a rajdhani on the route but unfortunately booking is not permitted betw een panvel and madgaon. on the return jo urney these busses leave panjim at 8p. and reaches at 6 a.. however if you are suitable to road travel do try the newly launched MUMBAI CENT RAL . volvo leaves mumbai a t 8 p. if you want to reach in the afternoon by leaving in the morning there is mandovi and jan shatabdi. both have limited stops.m.m. semi luxury leaves an hour late. and on mandovi are 1A/2A/3 A/SL/2S/GEN.. respectively. 800 and the semi luxury is also good. Try to stay in South Goa. the volvo is cheaper than other travel's volvo costing somewhere around rs.the state transport there. classes on jan shatabdi are CC/2S...PANJIM MSRTC's AC SHIVNERI VOLVO AND SEMI LUXURY ASIAD. konkan kanya is the best among them. and 9p.

but be careful the sea can be rough.goa-beaches. if no-one is in . and get annoyed with some indians who are rude.ask a local on the beach if its safe. their are many beaches to enjoy u can visit Calangute . Beaches and hotels I would like to suggest you some website links where you can find the detailed information: http://www. goans are very polite.tsiindia. For tourist places. small hotels near calangute beach .south is big hotels .html http://www.com/ http://www.and you could spend a lot of money on nothing for europeans goa is about sun sea seafood and alcohol . the people are nice have a good time. u can find cheap hotels .html Aguada Beach Anjuna Beach . the drink is cheap i seriously suggest that although its famous stay well away from tito's it wasn't what it used to be. try the local honey bee brandy .north small hotels and you can rent a room from a family. Source(s): been going there 12 years I think one week trip is enough to visit the tourist places of Goa. baga beach . so be polite and have a good holiday.com/hotels-goa.for english its cheap but some indians say its ex pensive. but if u reach GOA . arambol beach .are you going by train or bus . palolim beach and many other u can stay near Calangute beach . calangute beach and baga beach are in one shore .tsiindia. and it has also good night life with pubs like mambo and the famous tito 's goa is what you want it to be .com/goa.

but in these cases you will completely desolated from main str eam tourists.it can be one insightful experience. Infact hire it the moment you get down in the town.Do not stay in South Goa [ near dauna paula. .com/articles/pal Needed information about goa. for coming back to nashik : You can get a volvo till pune and then you can head to nashik [ volvo buses start in the evening but you may need to make the reserv ation in the morning itself ] I am posting link of two articles about arambol and polelem beach. .Stay in north goa near candolim / anjuna : accommodation would be expensive bu t beaches would be very near. http://thinkingparticle. About Traveling in and around Goa : Hire a bike [ Its Must ]. Stay at Arambo l beach in north goa or Palolem Beach in south goa..stay in panjim : you can get cheap accommodation [ 600 / day ] and get a bike on rent..com/articles/ara http://thinkingparticle...? . You can get an isolated hut on those beaches. Now i can suggest you two off beat options those will be cheaper.Arambol Beach Candolim Beach Chapora Beach Colva Beach Madgaon Beach Palolem Beach Sinquerim Beach Vagator Beach There are many options available in Goa which you can choose.. but you need to drive a lot to reach north goa beaches or south goa bea ches. colva beach etc ]. you can explore entire north goa if you are stayin g there but this place is over crowded with tourists most of the time.. .

. 500 and above. might be arou nd.. .450 .. Rentals as follow: . bikes and Enfield.300.goa is the best in the night..Scooter Rs.can anyone help me with details regarding goa. You are free to choose fr om scooters..goahub.. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) which are the best shacks in goa? how much does it cost? where to hire bikes or cars(jeeps)? how much does that cost? nightlife in goa (24 hours)? 2 years ago Report Abuse bdabest bdabest Best Answer .com/goa/travel_guide/c It is quite easy and simple to hire a bike in Goa. Fort Aguada Road Goa Phone 2479340 Cafe Coffee Day 3) If you want you can book it before going http://www.carhireingoa.Bike Rs. Source(s): me coz im from goa 2 years ago Report Abuse 100% 1 Vote Not the right answer? Try Yahoo! Search Search Yahoo! for Other Answers (5) ~Shivangi~ ~Shivang. ..com/ http://www.benaulim has great big shops to let turists hire stuff cost . In peak seasons the daily rentals.baga cost .I'll be visiting goa from feb 24 to mar 3.around 94 lacks bikes or jeep .. but if u go to the beaches in the nigh t u will truely no what relaxing really is...around 70 thousand ruppees a month nightlife . 400.Enfield Rs. 1) cashew nut milkshake Strawberry Malted Milk Shake Ice Cream Banana Milkshake Cafe Chocolatti 409 A.Chosen by Voters hi im from goa and trust goa is beautiful place so here are the tips best shacks .

baga. Goa has the facility for hiring bikes at various rate s depending on the power and the model numbers. These are cheap and easy accessible .. Salcette..1:00am 2 years ago Report Abuse 0% 0 Votes 2 people rated this as good raisten_fox raisten_. As locals have that facility and this is very popular and common in Goa. question. ranging from Enfield to gear fre e kinetic scoters. Indi a. 5)http://www. Gaming time: 5:30pm-6:00am Cidade de Goa Beach Resort and Casino (Casino located within the Hotel). Varca V illage. India..Bikes Rentals: Bikes are the best way of local communication in Goa. speed and season. i'd suggest you visit the beaches in the north such as Morjiim.. India.tsiindia. so if you like quite pla ces. The price ranges from rupees 500 to rupees 300 per day depend ing on the capacity. Gaming time: from 12:00 noon .2:00am Renaissance Goa Resort and Casino (Casino located within the Hotel). Goa. Salcette. here is a precise answer. Since you've asked a precise. Cavelossi m. Via nguinim Beach (Vainguinim Beach) 403004.12:00 midnight Las Vegas The Gaming Club Leela Palace Hotel Gaming time: 12:00pm . Gaming time: 11:00am . Panjim. But the re is no need to bring ones bike.. power. Goa. Mototaxi Rental:If you are traveling alone then this rental mototaxis are th e best communication you can have. Vagator and Ozran.1:00am Treasures Casino Majorda Beach Resort Gaming time: 12:00pm . India 403 731.goa-holidays-advisor. 1)The best shacks in goa are on the beaches of calangute. Mobor Beach. Gaming time: 12:00pm .2:00am Holiday Inn Goa Resort Haciencda De Oro Casino & Pub. Dona Paula. Goa 403 001. Goa 403721. Helmets are mandatory for the bike riders. The far e depends on the destination or the road you travel. Ashven and . however these beaches are kinda little crowded.com/india-tourism/ni http://www.com/goaDisco's In Goa Bambo Forest Disco North Goa Disco Para Diso Disco Club Cabana Club Antoss Disco Hill Top Disco South Goa Discos Club Tito's Club Extreme Advani Pleasure Cruise Company Dayanand Bandodkar.

blogspot..wikipedia.com Email : md@goa-tourism. 3) Bikes and cars can be hired from the guest house owners or the locals. For More information on Goa..com Villages of Goa: http://villagesofgoa.com 2 years ago Report Abuse 0% 0 Votes 1 person rated this as good Dharmanath F Dharmanath F You can go to all the regular overcrowded beaches listed in brochures in and arround north goa BUT i would suggest you Palolem Beach which is about 20 kms from my house at Fatorpa.com Festivals of Goa: http://festivalsofgoa.. 2) Shacks in goa are not all too expensive. You've definitely got to visit Club Cubana and Club Tito's.com Tel : + 91 0832 2224063 Tel Off: + 91 0832 2423459 Fax : + 91 0832 2423926 / 2420779 Fax: + 91 0832 2423926 / 2430133 MARKETING & SALES ADMINISTRATION & FINANCE L. Th e locals will easily arrange for it if you ask them to as it is quick money for them.com Email : gma@goa-tourism. 5)Night life is a lot more happening in North goa. Visit the links below.org/wiki/Palolem_Bea If you insist on going to the lonely planet guide book in sterio type overcr owded eurpoean holiday then its Porvorim which is north goa which has a lot of n ight clubs and crowded beaches. Source(s): Goan beaches: http://goancoast. There you can get all those services to suite all budgets its nice and not over crowded and inexpensive. 2 years ago Report Abuse 0% 0 Votes 1 person rated this as good asim boral asim boral pl contact CORPORATE OFFICE CHAIRMAN GTDC MANAGING DIRECTOR GTDC Shyam Satardekar Dr Benjamin Braganza Chairman GTDC Managing Director GTDC Email : chairman@goa-tourism.blogspot.blogspot.. 4)A bike will cost you between 300 to 600 per day while a jeep will cost you 2000-3000 per day.com Goa in Brief: http://goanguide. You can find accomodation easi ly for rs 700..blogspot. Kavlekar Anthony Fernandes General Manager (Mktg) General Manager (Admin) Mobile : + 91 9767508854 Mobile : + 91 9326135618 Email : gmm@goa-tourism... http://en.com .blogspot. C.1500 per day in a guest house the rates being dependent on the se ason..com History of Goa: http://goanhistory.Terekhol or the southern beaches of Palolem and Cab de Ram.

+ 91 0832 2423926 / 2420779 PUBLIC RELATIONS TRAVEL/ EVENTS/ PROMOTIONS Deepak Narvekar Armando Duarte Public Relations Officer Manager Travel & Events Mobile: +91 9822160498 Mobile: +9881465776 Email: pro@goa-tourism. + 91 0832 2423926 / 2420779 Source(s): I was 3 years in Goa 2 years ago Report Abuse 0% 0 Votes leander02041991 leander0. General Manager (Hotels) Dy.Mytrip2goa.com Fax : + 91 0832 2423926 Tel Off: + 91 0832 2226515 / 2224132 Email: managerevents@goa-tourism. + 91 0832 2423926 / 2420779 Fax.com Fax. visit www. + 91 0832 2423926 / 2430133 Fax.com 2 years ago Report Abuse 0% 0 Votes .Tel : + 91 0832 2426536/ 2224132 Tel Off: + 91 0832 2226515/2224132 Fax : + 91 0832 2423926 / 2420779 Fax: + 91 0832 2423926 / 2420779 HOTELS TOURS & CRUISES Dattaram Sawant Sanjay Chodnekar Dy.. + 91 0832 2226515 / 2224132 Tel. + 91 0832 2226515 / 2224132 Fax. General Manager (Tours & Cruises) Mobile +91 9850676538 Mobile + 91 9370569758 Email: dgmf@goa-tourism.com Tel Off:.. Off .com Email: dgtc@goa-tourism.

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