July 1, 200x

Metro Flooring Direct 2409 Emmons Road Jackson, MI 49276 Dear Metro Customer Service: How many times do I have to write or call? You offer a 15-day satisfaction guarantee, and we returned a shipment of 400 square feet of Classic Walnut Vintage Brown flooring in wide plank style. That return was sent within the 15-day guarantee period, but we have not seen any credit to our account. I called on May 6 and was told that the manufacturer would charge a 15 percent restocking fee. OK, I'm willing to pay that. So I was given a return authorization, and I returned the flooring. But to date I have not seen a credit to the Floors R Us account. I also sent a letter on June 1. What good is your satisfaction guarantee if it is not honored? I'm definitely dissatisfied! Angrily,

Does the letter show courtesy and respect? 8.Discussion Questions: 1. or brief review of action taken to resolve the problem? 2. Does the letter sound angry? 6. Does the opening begin with a compliment. What action does the writer seek? Is that action clearly stated? 7. statement of the problem. point of agreement. Does the writer enclose document copies? 4. Does the body provide identifying data so that the receiver can locate appropriate files? 3. How would you feel if you were the receiver? . Does the writer appeal to the receiver's fairness and desire for customer satisfaction? 5.