Reflective Learning Statement

What went well? My research study was focused on the share price behavior analysis after the dividend announcement for which I had selected 30 companies across six industry verticals. Starting from the data collection to data analysis, it was a great support from my supervisor to make me understand about the topic and related information to the research study. Successfully I had been developed the literature and methodology section. Then, it was a great experience in collecting the share prices and dividend information for each company for 6 years starting from 2005 to 2010.

What could have been done better? Since, I have used only correlation, regression and t-test analysis in my data analysis part. In order to make the research work more effective, first of all the sample size could have been increased from 30 to 50 or 70 by covering more than six verticals. Then after some more statistical analysis such as time series analysis, standard deviation, z-test, variance analysis could have been done for deeper understanding of the results. Some more hypotheses could have been tested using tests other than t-test. What has been learnt? By conducting this research study, my biggest learning was how the payout provisions in the company impact on the shareholders¶ wealth and what are tools an investor can undertake to generate cash flow as I have developed regression lines for each company so that an investor can determine how the share prices change by putting different dividend values in the equation. In addition to this, the great learning was the management of huge database, various statistical analyses and SPSS software management. I can imply these learning into my professional career which would allow me to broaden the area of knowledge and sharing it into corporate world. The last experience was writing the research

report along with the analysis and critical evaluation techniques which will help me in the future career growth. .

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