The Tallest Shadows


rigami her best intentions , oh how we fold her

dog tired, slung the sun in a bag, over our shoulders and witnessed spiraling giants stretching like yoga cats, and I can't forget, the tasteful words on a dinner plate settling in our mental oceans like emerald names gems of the unconscious, failing to remember what's been said it's the tallest kind of shadow, high above head

Too many things we failed to mention, oh how we told her
darkness comes, sweating like paint thinner, all the same carving violins for the empire naturalist and the born-again sinner both dancing in the garden, scratching each other's chin eating fruit in a painting, hanging over the last supper sent a melody searching for a pen, found a vocal cord instead it's the tallest kind of beautiful, high above head

You looked up right when I looked down
it was the ending of a day filled with silent sounds you called me, I called you, we were both clowns lost in a land of dogmatic ideology, where ghosts lull us to sleep with sad goodbyes and politicians slip on their priestly robes come first light it's the tallest kind of shadow, even at night

© David Powers March 3, 2011