Table of ConTenTs
Section 1: In the Beginning ......................... 3 Introduction................................................ 3 About.this.Manual. .................................... 3 . The.Civilopedia.......................................... 3 . System.Requirements................................ 4 . Installation................................................... 4 Steam.......................................................... 5 The.Tutorials................................................. 7 Starting.a.Game.. ...................................... 8 . The.Civilization.V.Web.Site...................... 12 Saving.and.Loading.a.Game.. .............. 13 . Game.Difficulty........................................ 14 . The.Options.Screen.................................. 15 Section 2: The Basics .................................. 17 Introduction.............................................. 17 Civilization V.Turn.Structure..................... 17 Civilizations.and.Leaders......................... 18 Advisors..................................................... 19 The.Interface............................................ 20 Fog.of.War. ............................................... 22 . Game.Info.Screens.................................. 24 Terrain........................................................ 28 Resources.................................................. 36 Units. .......................................................... 45 . Movement................................................ 51 Combat. ................................................... 54 . Barbarians.and.Ruins............................... 64 Cities.......................................................... 67 Buildings. ................................................... 75 . Food.and.City.Growth. ........................... 77 . Culture....................................................... 80 Technology............................................... 82 Workers.and.Improvements.................... 86 Worker.Action.List..................................... 90 Work.Boats................................................ 92 Social.Policies........................................... 93 City-States................................................. 96 Great.People............................................ 99 Gold......................................................... 103 Happiness. .............................................. 107 . Golden.Ages.......................................... 109 Click to go to Previous Page Wonders.................................................. 110 Diplomacy.............................................. 111 Victory.and.Defeat................................ 115 Section 3: Advanced Rules ..................... 119 Air.Combat............................................. 119 Nukes....................................................... 124 Unit.List..................................................... 126 Unit.Promotions....................................... 145 Wonder.List.............................................. 154 Building.List.............................................. 162 Civilization.List......................................... 173 Multiplayer.Civilization.V....................... 191 Mods........................................................ 194 ModBuddy.and.the.World.Builder.SDK. 95 1 Credits ....................................................... 196 Charts and Tables ..................................... 203 Policies..................................................... 203 Terrain...................................................... 205 Terrain.Features...................................... 206 . Keyboard.Shortcuts............................... 207 Units. ........................................................ 208 . Buildings. ................................................. 214 . Wonders.................................................. 217 Projects.................................................... 218 Resources................................................ 219 Improvements........................................ 220 . Technologies........................................... 221 Product Support ........................................ 224 Limited Software Warranty; License Agreement, and Information Use Disclosures ......................................... 226 Index .......................................................... 230

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seCTion 1: in The beginning
inTroduCTion Meier’s Civilization V!,.diplomacy,.technology,.culture.and.economics..There.are. V:,.cultural,.diplomatic.or.technological.victory,’.chariot.wheels,. just.another.forgotten.ruler.of.a.vanquished.people? Great.ruler,! Good.luck.and.enjoy!

About Civilization V

Civilization V,.famous.for.its.depth. V rules,,.innovative.modding.and.multiplayer.features,.

abouT This Manual V. three.sections:.“In.the.Beginning”.(’,.“The.Basics,”.which.contains.,.and. “Advanced.Rules,”.which.contains.rules.for.air.combat,.nukes,.multiplayer.and.scenario. “modding,”.credits, As.always, V,.,,,.of.course,.read.this.,’ V.“HELP”,, the.left-hand.navigation.(nav).column. The.Game.Concepts.section.of.the.Civilopedia.contains.a.slightly.condensed.version.of.this.

The Civilopedia


sysTeM requireMenTs
Minimum System Requirements:
Windows.XP.SP3 I .ntel.Core.2.Duo.1.8.GHZ.or.AMD.Athlon.X2.64.2.0.GHZ 2.GB.of.RAM 8.GB.Free Required.for.disc-based.installation 2 . 56.MB.ATI.HD2600.XT.or.better,.256.MB.nVidia.7900.GS.or.better,.or. Sound: DirectX.9.0c-compatible.sound.card. ® DirectX DirectX®.version.9.0c. Internet Connection:. Operating System:. Processor:. Memory:. Hard Disk Space:. DVD-ROM Video:.

Recommended System Requirements:
Operating System:. Processor:. Memory:. Graphics:. Internet Connection:. Windows.Vista.SP2./.Windows.7 2.4.GHz.Quad.Core.CPU 4.GB.of.RAM 512.MB.ATI.4800.or.better,.512.MB.nVidia.9800.or.better Broadband.Internet.connection.recommended

Box Install V,’s.Civilization.V,.insert.the.DVD-ROM.into.your.,,. If.prompted.for.your.Product.Code.(for.disc-based.installations), the.back.of.the.manual.cover.

4 sTeaM Civilization…”.updates.first.into.copy.your.can. to.DLC.Next.of.can.or.You. If. Installation’ V h While.if.Steam..a.the.connection.Product.wish.add. V purchased. ttp://store.about.Civilization friends.Install”. Steam.mods.any.of.details.“Installation”“ Internet Connection The.the.information.’ll.DLC. 5 .active.Internet.the.Steam Install“ V’s task.Some. DLC Steam.Achievements.and.for.also.( list. store. V– You.often. Page V.Achievement.Steam.’ Overlay You.Your.information!.requirements. latest.for.’ V from.require.will. Achievements Updates.log.the.who.specific. 6–’“real”. Civilization— set.on. TuTorials Tutorials. Guided Tutorials These.or.level.two.Game”..of.plenty.(see.There.most..“”.try..tutorial..Advisors.give.“ There’–.tutorials.“pop-up”.the.“guided”” page. Click.You.a..give.the.of.very.means.tutorial. 7’’ll.a.get.details. Tutorial Types Learn as You Play! This.Play”.to.will.and.for..self-explanatory.“Advisors” simple.ends. Accessing the Tutorials“ The.a.Advisors.full.on. Tutorial 1: Movement and Exploration Tutorial 2: Founding Cities Tutorial 3: Improving Cities Tutorial 4: Combat and Conquest Tutorial 5: Diplomacy The Advisors’ parts.“Tutorial” V“Advisors”“Start.some.important..Play”.all.on.a.lessons.Your..on.objectives.“Starting..are.early.much.six.

aspects.a.following.’ve.will....the.”.a.the.your.191.Then. OTHER Game”.“Other” Game”.Click.the..a.“Multiplayer.. gameplay.on.Single.and.this.“The.““Play.shortcut. The Main Menu SINGLE PLAYER The.screen.settings..preset.options.Civilization V executable.or.a.Game.if..the.This.“mod”.Options.official. sequence.( a gaMe Once..of.size.on.’”.opening..single.on.know.your.) MULTIPLAYER Click.more.and.” MODS’s.start..the.Now”.– V“Play. .as.check.Options. OPTIONS Click.Main.about.after.begin.through.animation.““ 8 V’s.V”.mod.on.It.yourself)!.multiplayer.

on..“’“ Click.screen.. 9 .Main.button.The Single Player Screen PLAY NOW You.Menu.settings.this.. game. TUTORIAL’s.another.This.on.settings.See.and..button..“default” a.brings.“The.“The.picked.and.. BACK””” LOAD GAME This.Game”.button. SETUP GAME This.on. arChipelago Leader”’’’“Random.button.has.leader..Pick. alter.Set.your. Button.leaders/ are: ConTinenTs pangaea! 10 .several.. Map Type (special.but.civilization’“trait” Setup Game Screen Leader This.of.Click..unique.choices.possibly.. world.publication.through.“Huge”.Map.of.the.six.screen.“ 11 never randomized.difficult.“Epic”.page.“Randomize”“Standard”.game.Type.of..researching.“Duel”.level.details. Difficulty Level Difficulty”.and.”..encourage. will.and.intelligence.tasks.and.Size.“Quick” Size““’ Game Pace”. You.the.may.The.reset.“Marathon”.the.from.determine.14.. which..extremely.and.“Standard”.hover.number.default. new.insanely.played.. Randomize Button The CivilizaTion v Web siTe” set.pace.the.interaction.Screen.patches. From.button.many.for.and.return.this.back.“’“’“Single. and.“Back” 12 .the. Back This..more.on.Game”.when.Setup.’re.button.takes.Check.exact.civilization5.the.The Advanced Settings V web.web.Setup”. when.Civilization V universe! www.screen.and..of.other.Screen. Start Game

““Save.the.on.Window’”.game.Main.will.are.Game. name:. The Save Game Screen During Play Go.Documents\” johnDoe\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization 5\Saves\“Load.Games.default.“Auto-Save” V game.or.” will.the.then.” and loading a gaMe Saving a Game You.popups..the.the.example. Loading a Game At the Start of a Game On.the.the. a.of. 13’”.on.“ The Load Game Screen Once.Main.”“Menu”.want.This.screen.time.a.“Save”.type.“Menu”“”“ you’ll. button.[CTRL-L]. Saved Game Location The.).can.“ Special Saves Auto-Save your.the.then.and.screen...Screen.waiting.saved. gaMe diffiCulTy Difficulty Levels“Quick.’re. The.“ Settler Chieftain Warlord Prince King Emperor Immortal Deity Effects of Difficulty “Prince”.boot.particular.then.” 14 .. Save”

which.the.straight. Display Yields for Civilian Units: what.four.overwriting. Multiplayer Auto End Turn Timer: This.section. Reset Adviser Messages: Autosaves Kept: This. remaining.Game” Turns Between Autosave: No Basic Tooltip Help: Automatically Size Interface: This.enables.The opTions sCreen Game Options Interface Options 15 .how.on.matter.This.unlocked. Spoken “raw”.—. that.the.disables..suit.choose.the. Use Small Scale Interface: This..initial. hovering. Tool Tip 1 and Tool Tip 2 name.time. Single Player Auto End Turn Timer:” are.amount.a.setting.amount...program. players.Policies.the. Alternate Cursor Zoom Mode: When.choose.heard. No Reward Popups: Click.autosaved.often.this.program.have.on.when. Adviser Level: This.determines.screen’ Language:.that.and. Show All Policy Information: All.interface.will..single. No Tile Recommendations: This.See.basic.Set. Options Screen Resolution: you.other.–.to. Audio Quality:.volume. Terrain Detail Level: Determines.shadow.all. Leader Scene Quality:’re.etc.”.overlays.units. Full Screen: This.detail. unless.available.(“on”.and.zoom.explosions.screen.may.terrain.changes.allows. Water Quality: Music Volume: Terrain Tessellation Level:“ Performance Options On.terrain. Effects Volume: Set. Terrain Shadow Quality:“High”.you’ p Ambiance Volume: Audio Options“tearing” Speech Volume:“Accept”. VSync: Turning.on.level.image..frame.the.lets. Fog of War Quality: Affects. Anti-Aliasing: Turn.quality.the.all. Overlay Detail: Affects.prevents.).in. Texture Quality: 16 .on.( High Detail Strategic View: Shadow Quality:–

.. details.on.turns.everything.When.get.standard.conducts.the.–”...–.to.simultaneously.lot. inTroduCTion Civilization v Turn sTruCTure Overview Civ V Meier’s Civilization take.your.everybody’s. ends.opponents.for.on.“ Don’ 2: The basiCs This.opponents.and.and.forth.another.Civ V before.then.Advanced.then.conduct.wins..ready.this.they. simultaneous.’“simultaneous.turn.everybody.multiplayer.later.whole. r Simultaneous Turns Games 17”.while.all.cities.“ V“’re.” Turn-Based Games A.”.you.Rules.’s.strengths.of.Civilopedia.appear.For.or.civilization. the.a.Siam.leader.India.civilization.other. And.good. gets.powerful.the.has. during.“Population..Wonders.the.of.Egypt’s.big.section.only.a.displayed..“’ Spearman.buildings.” and leaders Each.Germany..boost.civs.these.University.while.” Unique Units Mastering.“trait”“’s.early.and.174.–.advantage. Unique Buildings’.culture.and.during.turn.These.unique.advantage.So.that.they.which.the.–.and/or.the.of. challenging.a.example.“Hoplite”’s.a.some.the.this.generating.. Leader Traits As.your..exploiting.”.provides.also.Greece’s.For. quite.leader..above.up.Panzer.out.setup.Tank.survives.your.enemies’ to..You.while.unique.other.Greece.unit.advantage. 18 the.a.instead.and. unique.significant.also.less.say.of.’–.will.special.Horseman.example.

screen.the.”.and.appear.“ Foreign Advisor“Options” thinking.try.You” screen.. Contacting An Advisor During.guidance.they.say.leader.Advisors. Military Advisor advice.Advisor..There..think.the.reach.area.have.or.want.information.of.of.the.Advisor.rules.“popups”.“’ll.“Advisors”. Science Advisor The.Counsel” Economic Advisor The. Turning Off the Advisors You.have.They’ll.should.your.. appear.on.with.out. You.combat.while.advice. You.all..“ You.won’t.Advisors. have.or.a.forgotten.often.upper.other.’re.and. 19 .technology.Military.or.“active”[PageUp].“ inTerfaCe The Main Screen The.cities.and.cities.–.can.on.“visible”.upon.Main. you’” auTo-CenTer upon uniT aCTivaTion When.or.and.[PageDown] zooM in and zooM ouT re-CenTer Use..the.mouse. Manually CenTer upon aCTive uniT ngage..lands.the.your. 20 .unit.number..becomes..where.a.your.The.are.terrain.the.turn.unit’’ll. The Main Map This.Map.all.or.the.your..unit.resources.zoom.time.upon.improvements. e . Navigating the Main Map There.move.neutral.

space..mouse.a.and..“activate”.forth. Action End.most.a. .played.mouse.Info Diplomacy. . The Mini Map The.“ Tech. i The Keyboard 21 .ways.Civilization V.View”. Period.of.others.the.Map.The. F12..left-click. F2. manner.button.menus.of.location.Map.( There.with.“shortcut” Comma. .in.Unit you.that.keyboard.anywhere. to. Strategic.Turn keyboard.As. Click and Drag Click.kind.the.the.. are! The Mouse Shortcut Keys Shortcut Key Civilopedia baffling).the.“Strategic. . See...Load Civilization V’ve.less.enter.Map.of.Mini.TXT”.Info Military. . .to.the. F4. and. with.the.Mini Map Click.on.on.a.mode.around. .to. . .active.that.find.mode.a.View ..much.installed.combination. .game.and.players.this.are.the.the. The Strategic View Click.manually. You.Screen F3. 22 .that.well.terrain.” The.Civilization The Three States of Knowledge Visible’’ looked.occupy.see.of.the.uncovered.can.of.from.“ so.may. (’’ Revealed of.going.what’’’’s.fog of War’s. until..move.the.might.that.the.the.of.tile.its.

beyond.into’d.“blocking”.within.tiles.what.and. extend.sight.shoot.For.extended.can.which.tiles.see.can’“indirect.all.flying.your..don’t.another.who.of.may.unit’s. sight.a.they.’s.a.tiles.Natural.blocking.units.or.possible! What is Seen them. Indirect Fire Some.are.unit.fog.”.hill.are. blocking.or.of.patrolled.terrain...well.anything.mountains.unit.terrain.always.the. 23 .occupies.are.see. if.they..shoot.that.unit.over.( long.and.can.everything.with.will.see.over blocked.they.borders.(except.they.hills.can’– them.they.Fog of War Tiles. Obscuring Terrain Mountains.are.war.

and.your. Unit List Panel the.26).lists.keys.“Research.for.go.of.screen.project.the.the.section.. their.screen.Overview”.” research.The.tell.Screen.the.unit.which.for.on.many.“Military.“Technology”.that.button.of.turns.(see.the.well.screen.remain. Click.on.what.about.units.that.“’“Economic.research.the.on.They.button.Info” current.shows.details.See..gaMe info sCreens Research Info Civilization V City List Panel “shortcut.the.Map.panel.” 24 .“”.unit.List”.the..Click.82. how.and. City.List”.lots.“Unit.“City..Overview”.activate.statuses.the.a.“Diplomacy”.List”“ information! 25“–.”.missed.’ screen.Click.the..that.each.turns.This.on.Defeat”.button.on.“Victory.on.forth.and.available.received..Diplomacy Info Panel This.Progress”.. game.screen..civilization.( military.size. Notification History This. worst.categories.there.paths..details.any.out.civilization.below).with. Check.notifications.wealth.conduct.well.“Victory. Victory Progress Screen This.”.the.lots.them.. over.score. Demographics Screen This.the.well. “ Economic Overview This.diplomatic.long.important.your. until.units. Deal History Screen shows.displays.a.People” Diplomatic Overview The.and.civilizations.strength. 26 population.on.progress..details.on..all.and.Military Overview “

policies.93.that..“ Council Screen This. page. you.provides.yet.all.See.advice. Social Policies Screen 27 .19.“Advisors”.your.Policies”.on.access.

(–.hexes..given.the.). o .them.– Coast Coast.nearby. to.that.up.or.(MPs).productivity.of.and.naval.tile’“terrain-types” though.“tiles”“embarked”. Movement Cost: The.“Resources”.movement.made.require.nine.features.they.kind. difficult.the.of. Resources Resources.ocean.usefulness.Terrain In..have.can.from.or.’ Terrain Types There.of.“features”. 28 Combat Modifier: units. Explanation of Terrain Values: City Yield: Food: 1 Production: 0 Gold: 1 Combat Modifiers: None Movement Cost: 1

defensive.”“blocking.that.are..and.a.near.attacked.than.provide.tile’’re.This.penalty. can.course).over.(unless.Desert In.general.hills.units.or.they.well.resources..provide.benefits.penalty.elsewhere.a.Cities.nearby.contains...defensive.most..occupying.grasslands.therein.productivity.bonuses.units.addition.. but.built.and.grassland..cities. Food: 0 Production: 2 Gold: 0 Combat Modifiers: +25% Movement Cost: 2 29 Food: 2 Production: 0 Gold: 0 Combat Modifiers: -33% Movement Cost: 1 Hills Hills.can. Food: 0 Production: 0 Gold: 0 Combat Modifiers: -33% Movement Cost: 1 Grassland Ocean Plains Plains.the.’ Mountains.a.mix. proper.are.access.units.them.invasion.far. Food: 0 Production: 0 Gold: 0 Combat Modifiers: +25% Movement Cost: Impassable Mountains.upthrusts.the.They.plains.than. Food: 1 Production: 0 Gold: 1 Combat Modifiers: None Movement Cost: 1 be. Food: 1 Production: 1 Gold: 0 Combat Modifiers: -33% Movement Cost: 1 30 .except.Food.more.a.will.are.once.

than.It.cold.plains.or.Of.nowhere.unless.just.but.grassland.hex..contain.production.or.than.a.better.with.resource.but.snow.slightly.they’’s.climates.desert..Snow– less.might.the.go.benefit.quite.. Food: 1 Production: 0 Gold: 0 Combat Modifiers: -33% Movement Cost: 1 31 .they’ they’ Food: 0 Production: 0 Gold: 0 Combat Modifiers: -33% Movement Cost: 1 Tundra Tundra..a..”.a.the.the..most.the.only.hex.on.).expends. Fallout Fallout. Flood Plains Flood.the.Fallout.the.nutrients.of.wealth.“ Food: -3 Production: -3 Gold: -3 Combat Modifiers: -33% Movement Cost: 2 Fallout.until. productivity.“feature”.owed.productive.mighty.hex’s.most.(it’s.values..really) grassland.terrain. when.the.can. Feature Values Like. Food: 2 Production: 0 Gold: 0 Combat Modifiers: -33% Movement Cost: 1 Flood. 32 .river.for. flood.the..(MP)’s.Features

jungles.. fire. 33 .his.yields.. Food: 1 Production: 1 Gold: 0 Combat Modifiers: +25% Movement Cost: 2 Tiles.yield.those.Jungle.grows..bounty.and.underlying.uninitiated.provides.Plains.It.just.Stay. (except.animals.It’ civilization. Food: 1 Production: -1 Gold: 0 Combat Modifiers: +25% Movement Cost: 2 Jungle’ regardless.the.—.receive. Food: 0 Production: 0 Gold: 0 Combat Modifiers: None Movement Cost: Impassable However.that:.standing.way.also.many.them. forests.1.deadly. bonus.lift.temptation.jungles..1.become.submarines) for..units. Ice Food: -1 Production: 0 Gold: 0 Combat Modifiers: -33% Movement Cost: 2 Oasis Food: 3 Production: 0 Gold: 1 Combat Modifiers: -33% Movement Cost: 1 Oases.atop.marshes.only.and.barren.fought.and. 34 .units. Although.verdant.growing.biodiversity. 35 Movement Effect mount. provide. B .Reef. arrier. Natural.they.and.against..Lake.awe.a.display.protect.natural. Movement Cost: impassable Combat Modifier: none Rivers Traditionally.river.include.civilization.great.cities.additional.difficult..Great.unit. City Yield: 2.Natural. crossing.provide.These. Offensive Penalty When.truly.sides..the. City Yield Modifier River Locations Unlike.for.good.units).a.Natural Wonders Natural.the.the.also.river..–. to.and.different.appropriate.access.output.not.additional.(see.( trade.construct.own. Food: +1 Production: 0 Gold: 0 Can be Found on: Jungles Improvement Needed to Access: Plantation Cattle Food: +1 Production: 0 Gold: 0 Can be Found on: Grasslands Improvement Needed to Access: Pasture . Bonus Resources Bananas Bonus.a.number.) by.must.the.civilization’“banana”.to.borders.improvement.resource.“improvement” civilization’ Resources.cities.. 36 .other.of.strategic.or.below)“plantation”. benefits.every.power.of.

Tundra.Hills Improvement Needed to Access: Camp Fish Food: +2 Production: 0 Gold: 0 Can be Found on: Coast Improvement Needed to Access: Fishing..Boats Sheep Food: +1 Production: 0 Gold: 0 Can be Found on: Grasslands.Plains.or.Hills Improvement Needed to Access: Pasture Wheat Food: +1 Production: 0 Gold: 0 Can be Found on: Flood.Plains.Deserts.Deer Food: +1 Production: 0 Gold: 0 Can be Found on: Forests.or..Plains Improvement Needed to Access: Farm 37 .or. for.bonus.’s...return.Day”.a. City Resource Requests and ‘We Love the King Day’ Periodically.civ’ Improvement Needed to Access: Plantation Dyes Food: 0 Production: 0 Gold: +2 Can be Found on:’’s.into.civilization’ that.. Improvement Needed to Access: Camp 38 .the.WLtKD.the. over. other.If.bonus.When. Only.resource.cause. 25%..type. Plains.(however.source.acquire.You.can.a.Multiple.further. 20. to. Resources Cotton Food: 0 Production: 0 Gold: +2 Can be Found on: Grasslands.of.happiness.may.Love.Filling.20.still.Forest Improvement Needed to Access: Plantation Furs Food: 0 Production: 0 Gold: +2 Can be Found on: Forest.your.bonus.or. they’ you.of. growth. “

Gems Food: 0 Production: 0 Gold: +3 Can be Found on: Jungle....Hills Improvement Needed to Access: Mine Incense Food: 0 Production: 0 Gold: +2 Can be Found on: Desert.Plains.Tundra.Plains Improvement Needed to Access: Plantation Ivory Food: 0 Production: 0 Gold: +2 Can be Found on: Plains. Improvement Needed to Access: Camp 39 ..Grasslands.Plains.Desert...Desert.or. Improvement Needed to Access: Mine Gold Food: 0 Production: 0 Gold: +2 Can be Found on: Grasslands..or.or..Hills.

.Desert....or..Boats Silk Food: 0 Production: 0 Gold: +2 Can be Found on: Forest Improvement Needed to Access: Plantation Silver Food: 0 Production: 0 Gold: +2 Can be Found on: Tundra. Improvement Needed to Access: Mine 40 ..Tundra.Marble Food: 0 Production: 0 Gold: +2 Can be Found on: Grasslands.Plains.or.Desert.Hills.Hills Improvement Needed to Access: Quarry Pearls Food: 0 Production: 0 Gold: +2 Can be Found on: Coast Improvement Needed to Access: Fishing.

or. Improvement Needed to Access: Plantation Sugar Food: 0 Production: 0 Gold: +2 Can be Found on: Flood.Marsh.or.Plains. Improvement Needed to Access: Plantation Whales Food: +1 Production: 0 Gold: +1 Can be Found on: Coast.Boats Wine Food: 0 Production: 0 Gold: +2 Can be Found on: Grassland. Improvement Needed to Access: Fishing.Spices Food: 0 Production: 0 Gold: +2 Can be Found on: Jungle.Plains. Improvement Needed to Access: Plantation 41 . improvement.Electricity Improvement Needed to Access: Mine Units Requiring this Resource: Helicopter.of.and.Missile.available..have.the.and.The.number.Fighter..not. Resources’’t.resources. Technology Revealed By:.of.they.not. main.know. example.Iron.on.construct.of.certain.civilizations.a.the.resource.’ Technology Revealed By:.a.can. You.Theory Improvement Needed to Access: Mine Units Requiring this Resource: Ironclad Buildings Requiring this Resource: Aluminum Food: 0 Production: +1 Gold: 0 Can be Found on: Plains.and..on.Submarine Buildings Requiring this Resource: Coal Food: 0 Production: +1 Gold: 0 Can be Found on: Grasslands. 42 ..before.iron.

Sipahi..Iron.Camel.Cavalry Buildings Requiring this Resource: Stable.. ossack...Catapult.Longswordsman.or.or....Plains.Swordsman.Ship...Working Improvement Needed to Access: Mine Units Requiring this Resource: Ballista...Horseman..Archer..Tundra..Cavalry.Gun..Lancer. C .Fighter.Desert.of.Circus.Anti-Aircraft.. Buildings Requiring this Resource: Forge.Marsh..Frigate.Knight.Well.Mohawk..Tank.Anti-Tank..Zero.Zero.Animal..Companion.or.Archer..Warrior.Samurai.Horses Food: 0 Production: +1 Gold: 0 Can be Found on: Grassland.Line..Tundra..Plains..Tundra Technology Revealed By:.B17...Panzer..Cavalry. Bomber Buildings Requiring this Resource: None 43 ....Platform Units Requiring this Resource: Battleship..Ocean Technology Revealed By:..Snow..Submarine.Trebuchet.Hills Technology Revealed By:.Husbandry Improvement Needed to Access: Pasture Units Requiring this Resource: Chariot.the. Oil Food: 0 Production: +1 Gold: 0 Can be Found on: Jungle... Iron Food: 0 Production: +1 Gold: 0 Can be Found on: Grassland....Mandekalu..or.Offshore..Biology Improvement Needed to Access: Oil..Gun.Desert.Carrier.Snow..

Food: 0 Production: +1 Gold: 0 Can be Found on: Forests,.Jungle,.Marsh,.Grassland,.Plains,.Desert,.Tundra,.Snow,.or.Hills Technology Revealed By:.Atomic.Theory. Improvement Needed to Access: Mine Units Requiring this Resource: Giant.Death.Robot,.Atomic.Bomb,.Nuclear.Missile Buildings Requiring this Resource: Nuclear.Plant.



In.Civilization V, the.term.“unit”–.military.units,.Workers,.Settlers,.Great.People,.,.with.military.units.forming.the.bulk.of.them.

Constructing Units“Production.Cost”, know.the.“Archery”.technology,.for.example,.to.construct.Archer.units)..Some.units.also. Iron,.for.instance)..

Unit Characteristics
Movement Speed

All.units.have.three.basic.statistics.(stats):.movement.speed,.combat.strength,.and. p . romotions..

A.unit’s.Movement.Points.(MPs) Most.early.units.have.2.MPs..See.“Movement”

Combat Strength
A.unit’s.Combat.Strength.(CS),.the.earliest.combat.unit.available, CS’s.of.0.(zero)..They.are.defeated.(captured.or.destroyed) unit.


A.military.unit.may.earn.“promotions”“Unit.Promotions” Many.units.have.special.abilities,,,.for.example,.and.“ranged”.damage,,.while.most.combat.units.cannot..Check.out.a.unit’

Unit Special Abilities

National Units V“national.units.”.These.units.are., unit..The.American.civilization,.for.example,.has.a.Minuteman.unit,,,.replacing.the. Bomber.unit..The.Greek.civ.has.the.Hoplite.and.Companion.Cavalry.units,.which.replace.the. Spearman.and.Horseman.other.civs.get. See.each.civilization’ discover.its.special.unit.

Unit Movement

Generally,,.paying.the. “Movement.Cost”“Stacking”.limitations.–,.nor. can.two.non-military.units,.but non-military.unit.may move.–.land.units.cannot.enter.mountain.hexes.and. railroads.speed.a.unit’ Check.out.the.section.on.Movement.for.details.

Unit Combat are.“melee.units,” them..Some.military.units.are.“ranged.units,” more.hexes.away.. See.“Combat”


Unit Promotions
If.a.military.unit.survives.combat,.it.may.gain.“Experience.Points”.(XPs), to.purchase.“promotions”.for.the.unit..Promotions.may.improve.a.unit’ certain.circumstances.–.say,– battle. See.“Unit.Promotions”

Non-Combat Units

There.are.four.types.of.non-combat.units:.Settlers,.Workers,.Work.Boats,.and.Great.People..’“non-combat”.would.suggest,,.they.are. military.unit.when.sending.them.out.into.the.wilderness.

Combat Units
Melee Units

Combat.units.are.divided.into.several.categories..These.include.“Melee.Units,”.“Ranged. Units,”.“Naval.Units,”.“Air.Units,”.and.“Missile.Units.”, include.Warriors,.Spearmen,.Musketmen,.Infantry,.and.more..Most.of.your.military.units.are. melee.units..

Ranged Units“Range”.statistic..The.“Ranged.Combat”.statistic..An.Archer.unit,. for.example,.has.a.Combat.Strength.of.7,.a.Ranged.Combat.Strength.of.8,.and.a.Range.of.,,.it.defends.with.its.Combat.Strength.of.4.. Note.that.Ranged.units.always.employ.Ranged.combat.when.attacking.another.unit,.even.

Naval Units,.except.for. coastal.cities..Depending.upon.its.type,, Units.(see.above)..

47“actions”..boat. Nuclear Units 48 Alert: Order.been.victory.blow. Move to: Order.surprisingly.This. Fortify: The.improvements.of.unit.unit.a.specific.unit.unit.Strength. Unit Action List Garrison: warfare.provides.more.critically.selected.cross.inactive.move.are.player. during. The. Set Up for Ranged Attack: Embark: Sleep:’ Units Air.’s.the.chosen.unit.instruct.air. Found City: Order.It.tile.improvement.damage. Fortify Until Healed: The.on.will.the.Disembark: consumed.inside.the. Paradrop: Order. Air Sweep: Pillage: Intercept: Hurry Production: This. subject.a.repaired.on.attack. 49 .can.will.Person. Discover Tech: This.tile.weapon..’ Conduct Trade Mission: Rebase: Nuke: Range Attack: Perform.the.1HP.tile.order.bonus.with.and.mission.the.

consume. custom.Great.tile. Delete:.8.borders.Centauri.the. Build Custom House: This.tile. Start Golden Age: b . they.if. Construct Landmark: This.unit.of.on.regions.the.turn.the.Great.and. improvement.up. return.consume..improvement.order.will.This.a.a.order.tile.Gold.part.useful.landmark.tile.sleeping.Ages. 50 Construct Manufactory: .period. Build Citadel: This. Automate Explore: Spaceship: Contribute.. Cancel: Cancel.the. Culture Bomb: This.until.receive.consume.and.and.the.Person.current.order. Wake: Wake.well.will..uncharted.a.every. unit.have.unit’ Multiple-Turn Move Orders Movement Points’–. If.reach.they’ If.those. Most.— and.’t.(see.for.order. Legal and Illegal Moves If.proceed.Mode”.land.moving.will..the.moving..on.Orders”.don’t.stop.attempted.the.reveals. on.(MPs)”’ll.Your.turn.“”.. until.naval.. new.a.will. “Illegal. How to Order a Unit to Move Right-Click When.120).until.turn.unit.”“ 51 .build. location.rules.unit.orders.embark.and.right-click..location.2.will.location.MoveMenT“’t.locations.with.turn.of.requires.sat.. spot.“ much. Move Mode“Terrain.a.order.moves.and.continue.’t.can.. 52 .in.unit’s.complete.a.cost.and.road/’s.while.stop. Road and Railroads Roads..unit.penalty.entering.move.turn.tile.that.a.can.a.tiles.the.the.matter. your.has.will..up.Forest.a.only.yet. MPs. Movement Points’’re.the.end.a.roads/ A.road/railroad..same.and. See.Types”.. of. Rivers and Roads/Railroads the.2.a.the.enter.the... by.the.can.unit. unit.non-combat.“stacked” unit’s.any.. rivers..won’t.of.’t.on.may.paying. Stacking Limitations’ve.the.expend.must.its.movement.cost.road/ don’t..something.that.of.–..for.left.If..into.long.during.combat.The.its.even.tile.doesn’“Construction”.single. Illegal Moves Naval Movement Generally.coastal.unit.“ totally.enemy.tiles)“Disembark” embarked.helpless.tiles.It.moves.tile..into.waters.explore.( combat.movement.easily.“embark”.’ve.naval.ask.‘em) to..and..often.disembark.a.can.embark.’ During Combat Attack Orders Generally. then.allows. Zones of Control move. destroy.a.on.later.learned.units.tiles.unit.on.orders.It’ In.and.stop.accompany.“Embark” to.rules..water.coastal.that..Alternatively..enter.very.(except.(ZOC)”...are.a.’s.enter.Early.unit.unit.the.units.and.water.water. a.. Embarking Land Units At.tiles.under.allows.unit..a.Astronomy. 53 .land.’s.appear. Diplomatically Declaring War 54“ Attacking Another Unit You.’“’s. by.against..always’re.“’ll...that. (see..attack.conduct.ask.You.combat.civilization.two.declare.See.( Ending a War’’ Entering a Civilization’s Territory It.them.the. There.needn’t.war.declare.two.act.111)’re.your. Receiving an Enemy Declaration of War that.all..that.occur.of.on. Declaring War War.if.War”.political.on.will.Diplomacy.”.details.“Diplomacy”.city-state)’t.civ’s.Combat”.may.couple.the.“Diplomacy”.occurs.section.of. on. discovers.war.fight.or..’’t.popup.

as.such.0.eventuality.units.damage...doesn’ “Ranged.unit’s.enemy.short.on. Range Only. strength.has. points.If.occurs.have.Points” Combat Strength All.statistics.and. 55 .choose.unit’ diplomatic.111.within.Or. “Diplomacy”’s.(’ Which Units Can Fight Any.or. its.have. Barbarians.units.unit.battle.negotiated.have.” melee.long.use.You’“ Unit Combat Statistics great.attacks.use.stat.have.they’re.are..their..military.turn.enemy.healthy.resulting.Boats.determined.initiate.People.unit.57)”“’t.the.hit.four.own.the.agree.may.when.units.engage. are.attacker.unit’s.when.will.and. around.doesn’t.unit.halt.this. stats: Ranged Combat Strength Hit Points Combat. Melee Combat Melee.

)“ Melee Combat Results At.the.unit..combat.affect.unit’s. combat.–.damage.) 56 .will.enemy. Multiple Units in Combat Units. two.Combat Strength“ your.unit..unit.This.survives.“hit.if.engage.” the.If.will..unit.destroying.of.’! Combat Information Table When.Bonuses”.58.have..a.enemy’ “ Initiating Melee Combat“flanking”’ over.different.between.during.weak.their.the.unit’’ space.can’ basic.These.outcome.The.below).“ganged..get.melee.when..’s.15%.enough.Table”” your.other.determine.or.up”.damage.’’ move.(see.are. To.units.determines.if.Promotions”.““Combat. A..adjacent.the.the.‘em.a.145).to.cannot.Combat. Ranged.will.on.“ 57 losses.launch. Ranged Combat Strength Any.any).or.points” number.the.have.a..attack..than.the.units.terrain.possession.hex.“see””.can.. Line of Sight–.tile.“2” Note.–.means.melee. Any.“Unit.ability.ranged.the.for.Ranged. Ranged Combat Some.engage.unit. terrain.a.units.units.which.determine. Initiating Ranged Combat’“1”.in.may.often.surviving.(There.A.blocking.attack. of.see.they.range. Strength.unit.left.distant.Table” Range The.example.the.potential.if.all.the.(’s.if.“Range”

automatically.remain.defensive.a.only.“forts”.and..or.they.jungle.resources.“’ve.combat).“ cannot.they.can.defensive.moves.hill.Forts. While.hill.Promotions”.the.”.it..special.been.air.terrain.destroyed..territory.defensive..the. The.Attacking.others.melee.a.on.This. WhiCh uniTs Can forTify” Terrain Bonuses Defending.“Terrain” 58 .another.unit’”.details.during.cannot.the.Attacking.unit.movement.It.a.ranged.tiles.the.These.the.However.civ.attacking. Fortification Many.“ clicking..remain.come.of. if.units.the.damage.does.the.are.constructed.can.manually.defending.the.latter. See.attacking.“fortified.a.manually. Forts Once.if.fortify.”.ability.occupies..that.Ranged Combat Results““ attacking.usually.mounted.unit.units).and.territory.. Combat Bonuses Units.Non-military.making.and.until.combat.the.(XPs).it.”.

can.fortified.Carrier. City Combat Stats CiTy CoMbaT sTrengTh’ Naval Combat Like.“alert” (see”’s. combat.discussed.within.or. reap.“fortify.capture.again..and.only. walls.( 59 city’s..and.a.are.Defeat”.civilization.115) The “alerT” order The.the.when.““Embarked”’t.Combat.forTifiCaTion bonuses The.attacks.alert.rewards.– civs.if.pass.the.the.units.—.(cities.that.another.’s.bonus) attack.order.units.up”” Boats.for..damage.are.can.defensive... City Combat Cities.units. Attacking Cities with Ranged Units To..its.damaged.Whichever.course..Therefore.( points.“garrison” Healing Damage to Cities’ Attacking Cities with Melee Combat’ Cities Firing at Attackers Capturing Cities When..CiTy hiT poinTs’s.reach.military.within.the.0.adding..few.’s.“0”“Cities”.has.start.combat.inside.doesn’’ 60 .a.remaining.the.’s.unit.range. to.’ Ranged.Strength.“puppet.’s.unit.power.’”.at.well.then.damage.initial.reduced.(and..a.the. as.of.the.hit. city’ Garrison Units in Cities city’s..ranged.stationed.enter.See.enemy.if. them! Siege Weapons Great Generals– formula.opponent.has.its.heal.have..friendly.they.A.bonuses. by.will.2.25%.either.the. melee.that.tile.important..warfare.(50%) It’ CiTy CapTure rules“Warrior.)”.and.General’ the.””.the.a.general.People”.so.are.melee.a..(90%).really.’s.”.units.ever.reaches.damage.of.capture. units.assault.damaged.combat.(And.25%.the.up. Effects of Damage A. to.containing.General. when.ranged.weaker.—. protection.fully-healed.–. vulnerable.–.is.See.unit’s.allow.until.unit.location.HPs.stacked.healthy.”.the.damage.healthy.reentering.HPs.Great...Great.enemy.rule.“Great.“hit.weapons.In.– details. loses.45%. Combat Damage”.it.“ 61“rotate.accompanied.Generals.““– Siege.’s..units.a..turn.A.the.a.this.“ In a City:.remain.turn.territory.per.fortification.amount.turn.buttons.per.turn. In Neutral or Enemy Territory: Note.accelerate.unit.of. 62 .damage.and.Until. heals. Naval Units Healing Damage”.appears.benefits.The.unit’ In Friendly Territory:.that.damage.heal. The “Fortify Until Healed” Button If.turn.Healing Damage To.3.until.location.“Fortification” click.button.

available.button.lives. Acquiring XPs Through Combat The.the.has.unit.they.. Other Methods of Getting XPs A.more. the.upon.XPs Being Attacked by a Ranged Unit: b dditional.“Promotions”. have. provide.round.a.unit.Tables”.than.policies.unit.gets.There.of.unit..Unit”“”.certain.XPs.a.XPs.more.and.the.the.have.combat.promotions.for.acquired.more.the.them..Civilization Points and Promotions A.Also.amount.doesn’t.when.for.the.choose.list): An Attacking Melee Unit: Promotions List with...XPs Barbarian Limitations: Once.of..XPs.“Unit..available.for.”.other. a Each. Expending XPs When.the.gotten.XPs..has. while.complete.gets.and.promotion. utton.acquired.XPs An Attacking Ranged Unit: 2.or.gain.any.XPs Defending Against a Melee Attack: 4.acquires.promotion.XPs.a.every.constructed. variety.“Promote.(XPs).click.may.the.XPs.“Charts.Some. 63 .to.on.engaging.Promotions”.(“ and.(Barracks.building.effects.The.that. be.are.first. of.tile.receive.50.other.Find.ancient. ruins.cities.are..( survivors The.of.should..and.which.scene.a.their. 64––! Ruin Benefits free TeChnology The. Weapons upgrade The.provides.tiles) enters.early.fell.the.– increasing. Treasure CulTure The.civilization.warrior. seTTlers and Workers Ruins.your.civilization.barbarians and ruins Ancient Ruins During..levels.a.Settlers.from.your. which.civilizations.remnants.also.the.civs.your.a.first.on.population.enters.good.of.of.from. Map’ reWard for desTroying an enCaMpMenT neW enCaMpMenTs Barbarian.villains.can..Encampments.“encampments”.not. in.bands.will..encampments. This.much.and. Barbarian Units’s..that.or.any.can.the.seen.pillage.units.few. Barbarian Naval Units’ll.will.and..buildings.. Spearmen.cannot.— As. They.’’–. Barbarian Encampments Barbarians.very.down.a.stopping. 65 your.units.civilization.unit.advanced.’ can.a.spring. to.or.keep.most.less.or. The End of Barbarians! Experience Points Limitations! Captured Civilians– sure.nearest.– 66 Warning:“coins”“ The.City. Click.City”.the.making.If.plenty.(unworked)’’“ How to Build Cities Cities.a.a.coastal..good.CiTies Cities.will.tile.“working” 67 disappear.constructed.” The.a..often.contains.citizen.a. elements: Your Citizens at Work The.are..can. Where to Construct Cities The City Banner The City Screen“coins” on.tiles.Settler.. to.a.Click. “loCking” a CiTizen To a Tile You.them)’’

notes.will. City Allocation Focus’ these.worked. Food Focus: The.“+””. Your.’ •.another. lock) •’s.civilization’ City Output This.on.This.displayed.“Unemployed”“ • reMoving a CiTizen froM Work If..a.until.on.these.grows. How.the.the.cursor...return.under. Civilization Output Summary This. Your.“-”’s.through.choices: • • city’s.specialist.get.( Default Focus: 68 .production.and.and.determine.King.tile.a..You.panel.on.resources City Banner The.banner.earning •’” it.worked) •’ again.The..much.and.List.“City.Hover.78).it.demands. p’“+” Buildings 69 .concentrates.At.population.closes. you.building.button. Wonders“Avoid.“Buildings”“+” and. Buy a Tile““Cancel” Note.he.not …”“ Return to Map’”..tile.that.building.hover.section. they’“-”’ll.amount.building.. population.Screen.this. Unemployed Citizens“-”.any.same.any.around.a.Or.“locked” p . Production Focus: The.specialists. urchase.on. the.•” so).construct.Menu”“CHOOSE.are.and.complete. at.that’ Others. Construction in Cities over.see.on. its.appear. Changing Construction’ Units in Cities Combat Units Only.Note.The Production Menu”“– production.appear. will.items.buildings.the.or. 70 “ Non-Combat Units Only.and.however.occupy.occupy.“Purchase”.(’’ll.a.message.the.original.disappear.the.the.then.Person).archer. If.a.the.that.but. Purchase“Garrison”.(” The City Build Menu

can. Working the Land’“work”’s.’ve.later.wealth.Wonder..’.can.units.constructed.( constructed..the.lost.a.within.has. can.or. two...’t.Menu.citizens.civ.that.may. Constructing Units so.more.Wonders..once.each.move.from.“Buildings”.for.from.) on.same.longer..’ 71“Units” Constructing Wonders There.Each.details Constructing Buildings Only.books”.Only.after.a.a.(“Wonders”’s.tile.(“on.resume.that.single.tiles’’

buildings.(“slots”.not. Engineer“scientist”.you.–.citizens.(beakers)’– allow.forth.“ Artist”’ve.provide.““Workers”’“” Citizens to Work the Land As. Merchant A..Artist..Scientists.a.your.tiles.far.improve.Library.points.improvements.a.provide.67. Improving the Land While.Universities.points.–.work.2.and.the.Screen”.is.are.cities. Artist wealth.Merchants.example. For. be.order. 72 .can.are.“improved”.is..Temples.wealth.(hammers) Scientist Specialists or... See.) There..Library.

city’’s. See...cannot.the.such.units.tiles.the.with. Attacking a City To.“Combat” City Combat 73””.– Defending a City’s.’s.will.Assigning Specialists”.city. it’“”“ Unemployed Citizens Attacking with Ranged Units Although.slot”’ strong.been.both.’“specialist..“garrisoned”“garrison” ensue.good.and.““’s.location..Combat”. Effects of Assigning Specialists Upon City Output to.not. city.“’ 74– Conquering a City When.surrounding..too.if.’’’s.point.a..can.wealth.cities. want.and.buildings.can’!’’s.annex.not.construct.below). Annexing the City buildings.( You.“’ getting. Destroying the City’’ Making the City a Puppet’’re.are. output.are. indesTruCTible CiTies“Happiness”.the.units.from.’’’” supporting.your.a.good.’ Changing Construction and Purchasing Buildings build.well. as.“Specialists”“specialists”.“The.maintenance..“Gold”.a.this.can.represent.the. any.Buildings.List” Specialists and Buildings Building Maintenance Building Prerequisites building.ivory.and.constructed.“ from.horses.improvements.People”.well. There’’ purchase.example.the.for.“Great.screen.building.buildings:.’ order.–“’ How to Construct Buildings’” you’ 75 .rate.People.10.on.orders.which.begin.67.resource.103.of.have.Menu”.

76 .chance...culture.are. destroyed.your. Palace Captured Cities’’ The.original.its...move...

is.and.(as.with. 77 .until..that.civilization.other. cave.enough.when.or.most.with.tiles.for.on.lot.well.language.losing..not.of.growth.tiles.written.civilization’“bonus”.assign.assign. not.(another.’s..a.specific. the.the..for.addition. Cities and Food A.the.“Resources” Getting More Food””.“ Best Food Tiles bonus resourCes Tiles.desert.many.lot.lot. of.“population”).is... “ Manually Assigning Citizens to Work the Land You.can.for. and CiTy groWTh–. oasis Tiles’“improve” usually.had.avoid.resources.or.paintings.determining.well. grassland and Jungle flood plains“work”.found.had.. 78 We Love the King Day“Resources”.to.(see. enough.a.produce.“ Workers.(If. food.much.surplus.affect.will. getting..“bucket” Maritime City-States If.) City Unhappiness Wonders and Social Policies 67%.your. or.a.produces..most.36)”.in.decreased.

you.from.excess.““Food”.as.City.a.corner.not.“Food”.”.City.growth.Growth.exactly.When.During.the.described.the.don’’ various.the.bucket..intake..other.(’s. The City Growth “Bucket” 79 Growth until.the.a.that..turn).can.increase.(Note.put.of.upper.of. Settlers and Food Production’’s.. The.its.they.will. all.As.left. production.turn.the.’s.

policies.your. Social Policies:. works.faster.Beethoven’s.” Most.( Great Artist: city’ • • •.” Getting Culture Your.culture.culture.that. Note.measurement.are.the.“claim”.policies.increase.“” •.city’“Patronage”.out.a.Info. •.long.of. Ancient and.Great.the.available). •.to.the..Bar.are.increases.the. Wonders: Some.territories.Hermitage.buildings.The.a.tiles. Acquiring Social Policies“ your.Your.are.particularly.“purchase” B examples.wonders.give.producing.and.commitment.allows. Y •.its.policy.number. uildings: Certain.Epic.tile.– Specialists: 80 .more. Expanding Territory’’s.. •.Certain.output.your.culture.“ our City-States:’ Ninth. get.producing.amount.the.or.(and.policies.“Landmark” Culture.latest.palace.upon.

new.)“”.on. buy.and.Each.(See.” 81 .by.Social.““Social.Defeat”.a.the.93.. Cultural Victory Remember.

not.. Increasing Beakers (and Speeding Up Research) Here.learn..are.pool.agriculture.tougher.from.– Advancing..stronger.when.addition.”.that.for.number.cities) beaker.speed.and.makes.a. each. 82 .your.disease.cities. In.the. you...your. overcome.claim. anCienT ruins’ weaponry.and.It.ways.critically.allowed.fought.single. sought.with.’ve.much. buildings.of.population..other.barbarians. again.’ Technology and Beakers Where Do Beakers Come From? Technology.forces. such.over. V.or..cities.“’s.“Choose.beakers. must.University.expended.enhance.output...other.the.buildings.get.Library.List”’’ll.increase.the.more.wish.civ.enough.for.them.and.of.Policies”’ See.acquisition.can.the.decide.construct. greaT sCienTisT A.your.learn.allows.boost.Agreements”. Library. start.research.becomes. Wonders“Social.other.of..Scientist.’“’ll...wonder.of.Techs”.Research”“““Great.details.provides.on.beaker.improvement.more. Choosing a Technology to Study and.5.People”. The raTionalisM branCh of soCial poliCies“Specialists” 83 . buildings” details.can.Civilopedia.citizen’s. This.93.research.on.details.“ to.enter.earn..gets.your.half. grants.

the.on.time...“Open.“unlocks”) Which Technologies are Available At.researching.husbandry. Changing Research” displays.(it.the.there.number...forth.a.’ve.Research.later)“Agriculture”.The Choose Research Menu that.lists. left. you’– animal. 84 .screen.prerequisite.To.before.learned.until.Technology.appear.that.(’t..the. techs. k Once.precursors.the.other.various.a.are.the.Choose.So..the.or. The Technology Victory 85– The.the.from.displays...until. Some. your.For.necessary.all.the.will.and.learned.It.know.Defeat” The Mighty Technology Tree’“Victory.of.achieves.of.civ.the.

be.connect. Time to Clear Land Remove Forest: 3.a.remove.actions.clear.cities.almost.empire. they.features.Although.action.that..receive.order.remove. and iMproveMenTs Workers in Combat’ learned.visible.which.and. Clearing Land Once.attack.are.. gold.of.action..provided.Click.the.They.lay.Worker.complete.bronze.–.– Remove Jungle: tiles.military.If.Once.other..units. gone.they.with. It’s.farms.attacks.the.Turns 86 Creating Workers Workers.not.promotions) Drain Marsh: 5.removed.and/or.territory.hover.learned.can.. military..built.unit.precious. The Worker Action Panel When.cities.displays.Workers.heal. gain.drain.marshes.mining.location.and..They.And.the.learned.have.just.idea.

a.between.between.. Roads and Trade Routes’“ Duration to Construct Time to Construct a Road Roads“trade.Railroads” How Much Time is Left?” route.tile.improvements.can’ Where Improvements Can Be Constructed Improvements.leave.involved.only.routes.marathon.the.can. 87 does. upon.can.any.complete. for..can. Leaving and Resuming an Improvement Project If.there.any.atop.Roads.civilization.projects.over.may.can’t.details.the.each.the.however. Constructing Improvements Roads.and..( games. they.amount.appropriate.“Trade.of.”

is.output..Turns Resources Accessed: Total Construction“Resources” Total Construction May Be Constructed: tech.mine. tech.constructed.the.most.13.The.marsh..silver..jungle.constructed. Technology Required: Mining May be Constructed: Mines.the...marsh...Farms.Turns Forest: w Jungle: Mines.The.also.the.learn.Turns Marsh: Technology Required:’s.36. 88 Jungle: Forest: Resources Accessed: Total Construction Marsh: Farms.may.removed. number..12..when.tile’ Total Construction Time: Duration of Construction: Improvement The.constructed..forested.tiles.once.but. Duration of Construction: 6. Mine Improvement Total Construction Time:.on.(acquired.Mines.the.removed..uranium.variety.tile’ Total Construction Resources Accessed: pasTure Technology Required: quarry Technology Required: Masonry Construction Time: luMberMill protection.any.required.. tile. Technology Required: Engineering Construction Time: 6.Sheep planTaTion Technology Required: Calendar Construction Time: 5.a.Turns Resource Accessed: Marble Trading Post The.tile.Husbandry Construction Time: Resource Accessed: Oil.resource.a.Turns Resources Accessed: 89 .neutral.owned..for..The Special Fort Improvement oil Well Technology Required: Biology Construction Time: 8.Turns Resources Accessed: Bananas.military.if.constructing.. enters.or.Turns May Be Constructed On: Defensive Bonus of the Fort: 50% CaMp Technology Required: Trapping Construction Time: 6.tile’’t.Dye.a. They.Gold.Technology Required: Trapping Construction Time:! Great People Improvements Great.made.built.Construct.temporarily.resources.the.built.current.them.Iron.if.–.’ the.may.improvement.they.production.tile.road.improving.special.Trading.Boats”.current.It.unit. Pillaging Roads and Improvements Enemy.that.improvement.repaired.a.details.“ Build Mine: Construct.gain.of.current. May Be Constructed On: Any.worker. improves.entirely.construct.or.the. road.output.when.can.People”.to.“pillage”.ice.pillages.improvement. Worker aCTion lisT Build Road:.a.roads.pillage.Post. Build Fishing Boats and Oil Platforms’s.and.improvement. 90 . who.consumes.any. Food....Roads. Build Build Trading“Work.tile.require.Boat) Repairing Roads and Improvements A.resources.passable.

in. Build Plantation: Construct.Jungle.order.allows.of. Repair: Remove Marsh: Order.’s.extra.of.clear.pillaging.tile. of.tile.of.resource...Quarry.on.are.any. Build Pasture: Construct.use.clear. Build Camp: until.tile. Quarries. Build Quarry: Build Oil Well: with.require.Furs.selected.continue.Lumbermills.current.the.the.Production.used.removes. Cattle...cancel.well.the..tile.benefits.and.selected.and.Worker. Remove Forest:.caused.Forest.covered..Marsh.lumbermill. Remove Jungle: Order.oil.Build Lumbermill: Build. Remove Route: Order. Automate Build: 91 .by.tile.tile.Plantation. offshore. Fishing Boats: boaTs 92 Build Offshore Platform:

Poli- 93 Acquiring Social Policies’.policy.and.better..military.your.civilization.and.each.for.will.have.the.each.represent.headlining.much.10.level.notification.policies.about.have.a.adopted) points. Policies.turn.borders? Policies.points. Will.ruler. with. There..your.policy.your.Unlocking.once.policies.a.Will.others.choose.unlock.10. e d Once.little.. a emocracy?.the.create.the.section.culture. a.Prince.available.more..government. tree.soCial poliCies uthoritarian.“Adopt” Social Policy Branches There.nature.Honor.unlock.the.notification.that..become.a.the. of. 94 Liberty Liberty.exploration.bonuses.provides. as.–.Barbarians.view. Capital.culture.10..once.Happiness..adoption.increased.chosen.some.unlocked).Barbarian.not.of.50%.the.adopt..only.branch..spend.( to.available.. Some.mode. Tradition’ Piety Piety.amount.empires.of.points.inside.the. Honor’ same.policy.bonus.their.individual.the. When. benefit.this.don’t.against. open. game.and.’s.Settlers.To.of.the.(”..slower.quantities.wishing.same.with.!.Liberty.5-turn.” the.same. Autocracy This.“ Rationalism Cultural Victory If.than.upon.branch.cost. Patronage 95’ the. Commerce Commerce.Rationalism.creating. Freedom Freedom.“ Order Players.production.the.well.of. achieve..25%. weight. large.Patronage.Order.33%.’re.( Maritime A.”“’s. at.unit’s.Points”’“Influence. give TheM uniTs You.Panel.on.bigger.foes.competing.“flavors”. Communicating with City-States In.then.may.noted..the.’s. city-state.undertake.pick.Missions”.can.can. you.go..and.start..different.ways.first.– CiTy-sTaTes Types of City-States Cultured!) greatly.negative!)“““missions”.Unit” 96– ignore.on.units. City-State Influence gold: The gifT ThaT keeps on giving! Militaristic V.98)‘em. give.degrade.won’ allies If.with.positive.missions. 97’t.City-State’’’ doing noThing–.doesn’’’“trespassing”..–.’’’ neuTral’re.or. friends they’ll.multiple..if.of.It.of.give.they’ War you.citystate’–’re.negative.with.’re.requesting.a.a.“friends”.them.small.and..personality.the.IPs.your.a. Trespassing Influence Levels perManenT War You’’ll.for.You.they’”.an.for.peace.always.on.get..that.(’ Missions Periodically.that.of.will. Diplomatic Victory You..and.route.or.perhaps.they’’s.for.this.Wonders.constructed.of.addition. you’ to.–.huge.for.or.too.. It’s.below).to.shockingly.civilization.“World.“Liberated”.clicking.) 98 Liberating a City-State If.“mission”.can.declare.perhaps..election.with. War of the City-States city-state. the.’“liberate”

have.points. •’re.a. generated.a.’s.16.General”’ 99 .Great.would.and.3.merchants.Kyoto.immediately. Engineer.same.for.can.Garden..are.enough.powerful.was.are.types.Special.of.Robert.“ create..each.Great.the.generate.turn..a.3.say.types.are..and.E.have.enough.names.points. Engineers.would.specialists.generate.of..People.10.’s.turns.increases.might. Great Peoples’ Abilities”.“”’s.types.first.Great.different:.and. There. They.the..Great.Andrew..Scientists..the.Engineer.expended.on.GP. Note.of.a.have..acquire.and.General. points.multiple.Engineer.points.people.kind.generate.are.and.expended.will.a. •.Artists.Great.Carnegie.generate.the..increases.Kyoto.”.and.and.After.Great. Generals.GP.get... cool.of.points.and. Note.can.have.a.turns.Person.After.Engineer.pooled..“Golden.rather..see.points.1.which.“Warrior.points.warriors.single.Pasteur. course.( that. •.Great.102).Lee.other.Great.Great.. Great.The.the.GP.both.abilities.have.(see.has.13.Artist.Engineers.Vinci.effect.the.have..differently.of.Great.that.) When..Improvement..amount.Great.expended.. greaT people Generating Great People Great.may.points.has.civilization.or.Great.five.People. points.needs.of.the.”.“flip”’s.extra.creates.and.that.People”.A.construct.used. can.your.effects.which.Age.Great..Person’s.terrain.Note.Special.a.resource.expended.“Moving.all).city.your.your.any. A.of.The.Artist.– Flipping.unless.immediately.any.Age.Merchant’s. require. A. 100 . there’“Culture.your. however).tile.’t.can.a. A.Artist’s.example.Bomb” (hammers) any..Special.territory.Ability.Improvement.later.number.can...difficulty.a.productivity..Special.pillaged.of..Great.a.will.surrounding.Improvement.the.“Golden. Great Artist speCial iMproveMenT: landMark speCial abiliTy: CulTure boMb provide.terrain).Great. the..become.will.or. each.1.territory.–’s. speCial abiliTy The.a.Person.each. golden age speCial iMproveMenT Each.have..“’re.conduct.of.Great Engineer speCial iMproveMenT: ManufaCTory’ choose.for.unit.This.can. the. –’t.a. speCial abiliTy: hurry produCTion Great Merchant speCial iMproveMenT: CusToMs house You.time.amounts.House.finish.from.a..have.that.on:.its..Great. speCial abiliTy: learn neW TeChnology 101 huge..create. to.a. speCial abiliTy: Trade Mission Great Scientist speCial iMproveMenT: aCadeMy You.’” worked.the. tile.bonus.Great..units.If.If. doesn’t.the.the.Further.The Great General The.automatithat.General.they.unit.other.the.when.that.) doesn’ other.(’ve.Warrior.other.Person’ XPs.Great. Moving Great People Moving Great People about. greaT general iMproveMenT: CiTadel The.Person.points. in.culture-bombed.a.stack.(the.applies.units.being.stack. for.effective. of.civilization.any. units.( by..acquiring.provides.Person’s. military.unit.stack. enemy. Great.’s.Great.can. speCial abiliTy: CoMbaT bonus they.say. earn.Citadel.but.unit.units.can.friendly. military.only.enemy.dies.(Workers....and.Settlers).points.unit.enemy.units. units.At.which. that.all.defensive.) enters.occupying..that. that.You.other.Note.unit.Great.) 102 .but.with.People.provides.Great.Brandenburg.(Workers.People.a.completing..Great.a.. These.. Natural Wonders •.work.buildings.a. It.“ Colossus.(the.when. Wonder)’ Ocean Tiles • River Tiles • 103’!).Gold!”–.can’’s.–’ Trade Routes •. Buildings Many. The Trading Post Construct.comes.Machu.and..output.and/ Wonders Some. route”’ gold.that.a.“ Where to Get Gold Terrain Types’re.on. Coast Tiles • Oasis Resources All.out.

is. Expending Gold There’s.“blockade” Unit and Building Maintenance Units.territory.Encampment Ancient Ruins An.a.more.naval.of..–“City-States” An.destroyed.possession) 104 .provide.) Road Maintenance You.or. Perform a “Trade Mission” City-States A.maintenance.give.must.perform. your.“”.tile.stuff.( Barbarian Encampment You’“maintenance.have.every.civ’ Pillage Enemy Improvements Pillaging.when.on.may. Capturing Cities”.as.lots.improvements.the.a..road.(–.costs”.both.spend.’ Diplomacy You.when.“trade.’s.sum.the.of.first.each. “Upgrade”.)– Note. older.the.amounts.a.Working.the.Purchase Tiles’ flaT fee A.unit.technologies.“upgrade”–.the.Fee” per Turn other.of.your.number.void.Manhattan...sum.“”.’s..etc. Buying Friendship with City-States If.. Upgrading Obsolete Units’ Diplomacy You.make.improve.over.also. can.will. Purchasing 105’ which.Swordsmen. Buildings or Wonders–.and.extend.war.example...a.upgraded.will.any.all.better. upgrade..and.and..(For.territory.reasons.the. A. and.and.of.example.purchased.“projects”–“!).display.given.powerful.’ than.allow.are.for.“plunder” Plundered budget.attack.the.extremely. gold.seriously. Running Out of Gold’ which.cities.! 106 .( Losing a City If.your.your.Beware:.your.

like..measure.happiness: • population.number.construct.of.civ.) Starting Happiness The. Raw Population: Your.the.get.Each.dip..grows.with..natural.within. happiness.buildings...doesn’t. What Causes Unhappiness The.of.civ’’s.civilization’ •. Number of Cities:.affect. •.population’s. Social Policies: Policies.give..the.cities. Annexed Wonders: Certain. Natural •.policies..Hanging.unhappier.the.annex. •.you’’s..the.( 107 •’ • Technologies: Technologies.the.. as.very unhappy’..increases. boost.don’ • Buildings: Certain.of.the.can.of. What Causes Happiness •.grows.much.unhappy.this.happiness. corner. Luxury’t.If.big.which..numbers.starts.Improve.unhappier.Luxuries).game’’t.reaches.fighting.and.words.from..first.produce.Piety.population..Coliseums.population.excellent.As. Happiness.determined.a.branch.of.

“very.pissed.and.unhappy.very.— Very Unhappy population.—. 108 .pleasant.Settlers.citizens’ Remember.icon.methods.population’s. slowed.unhappiness.permanent..” of Unhappiness Unhappy There.any.happiness..unhappy.”“unhappy.population.a. population.your.other. Effects of a Golden Age In.20th.” golden ages Entering a Golden Age 109 Age.Golden.trigger.the.such.When.In.are.the.create..A.Golden.length.acquires. shorter. and..of.and.more.each.triggered.When.a.some.the.drained.bucket.a.they.than.Golden.produces. ends.produces.Age: Expend a Great Person: and.civilization’s..The.the. Duration of the Golden Age Happiness Bucket:“happiness.the..that.”.Civilization“Golden.time.during.excess.3. expensive.civilization.have.however.(This.your.a.first.Wonders.the.for.of.”.amount. There.Civilopedia’ your. 110 civilization’s.another.World.. unlock.( National Wonders National.Program.civ..can.ceases.each. Losing the Construction Race gold..changed..the.are.entries.unique.“Science..Wonder.Great.SS.the.your.during.See..or.such.of. Also.can.doesn’“Culture” on.of.over. time.and.akin.bonuses... Capturing Wonders Projects’s.greatly.civilization. necessary.’s.strength.special.Epic.can. National.may.may Effects of Wonders A.forever.Wonders...and. World Wonders World.Wonder.are.People.well.per.completion.116.

units.badly. city-state.units.can.cities.and.or.–’’re.diploMaCy’s.)’t.civ’ You.or.civilization’s.fact.are. Who Can Conduct Diplomacy whose.and. Initiating Diplomacy To.can.hate.Sometimes.all. you’’’ V.others.diplomatic.warlike.all.Panel.relations.than. The. that.You.of..may. It’ 111 .and.’re.on.options: Negotiate Peace If.with.It.a.his.never.Clicking. Ask.up..bring.know… Discuss’re.You.these.a.appropriate..war.civilization.their.stuff.with.negotiate. Exit Trade You. 112 .it.the.button.other.war. •’ Demand the.Screen.topics.that.and.Diplomacy with Civilizations Declare War • • When..peace.leader’ against. •’ve..for.Borders..You.(”.on.into.When.more. civ’s.“Open. Open Borders Agreement Once.research.“Open.a.If.Pace.can’“Exit”’s.territory.“What.other’ war.If.” side.’“Propose””..matter.doesn’t.up.this. An. 113 renegotiated.Pact.require.lengths.nothing.on.partner.or.. button. ( Trade Screen Trade. return.the..discovered.will.have..your.decline.return.Open. Pacts.units.or.return.enter.or.side.rejects.number.might..divided.on.nullified.civ’s.set.civ..a.Open.lengths..automatically.) item. “ Defensive Pact”..lasts.for..a. Other Players You.has.same.player.payouts..price.costs.side.declare.negotiate.civs.’ The. without.interact.peace. Resources You.resource.the.You. 114 dire.units.through.another.also.circumstances.( If.of.Strategic.willing.or.turns)..Panel.are.and/or.declare.they’ Negotiating Peace While.You.deciding.Research Agreements Once.Open.the..don’ Trading Cities’“City-States”’ with..other..on.much. You.or. Negotiating with City-States Declaring War Only. City-States and Victory How to Lose City-States.of.civ.dominance..a. becoming.whoever.Civilization Another Civilization Wins If.civilization.’t. lose.were.Centauri.don’’.a.spaceship.else.capturing.– It’s. Losing Your Last City If.victory.ever-popular...Or.Civilization and defeaT 115 .cunning.“crush.cannot and.’’s.chariot”—.civilization.civilization.progress.wins.annoying.through. your.’ How to Win Domination’s.not.captured.’ original CapiTal all.wins.’! of.other.then.moving.worst..destroyed.They.resume.unit.the.then.destroying.position. spaCe ship parTs be..below.the.the.type.of. but.victories.count.can’t. 116 .a.reduce.2050 Arrives…) CurrenT CapiTal current.cities.would.original.wipe.can.another.and. r desTroying an original CapiTal–.are.any.added.can’’ and.units.Once.his.gets.has.Dropping.a.opponents’ V:’ Science Victory can’ve.done.cities.civs’

the.for.the.depends.(see. 117 Cultural liberator.must.the.below).’s.a.few.which.or.The.will.If.possesses..of.civs.that. liberaTion Who voTes?’’ Project” Diplomatic Victory When.The.You.unlocked.will.cannot.of.them.she.or.all.may.for.amount.puppet.continue.the. City-States.are.UN..a.of.a.victory..capture.this.been.or.civilization. which. city.If.relations.acquire.Nations.Construct.the.If.themselves..have.different.civilization...for.start.always.they. Leader.been..two““Globalization”–“branches” The End of Time

Your Score

In.many.Civilization V games, the.four.possible.victories:.Domination,.Science,.Diplomacy,.or.Culture..However,, civilization’s.“score.”. And.if.someone.does win.outright.before.2050, “Hall.of.Fame”.screen..Here’


Time to Victory Score,.you.receive.a.“score.multiplier.”.The.earlier.the.victory,. the.better.. You.earn.points.for: •. •. •. Your.population •. •. The.number.of.“future.techs”.you.possess •.

Map Size and Game Difficulty,. number.of.cities,,.the.more.everything’s.worth..(In.other. words, than.eking.out.a.marginal.victory.on.the.toughest.level.)

Your Current Score

You.can.see.everybody’s.current.score.on.the.Diplomacy.Panel..If. you.hover.the.cursor.over.your.score,.you’ll.see.where.your.points. are.coming.from..(That.doesn’’.scores,.however.),.you.then.get.the.’,.they.get. those.points..


seCTion 3: advanCed rules
air CoMbaT
By.the.Second.World.War,“force.multiplier”.in.combat,.and.the.nation.that.can.establish.air.supremacy.over.the.battlefield.has.a.huge.advantage.over.the.enemy.. Perhaps.most.importantly,,.and.with.the.advent.of.nuclear.ballistic.missiles, V.

Air Units V: helicopter.gunships,.missiles,.fighters,. bombers, Of.the.air.units,.missiles.are.essentially.“one-shot”‘em, and.they’ targets.on.the.ground,.if.not.intercepted..Anti-air.units.defend.against.fighters.and.bombers.

Helicopter Gunships
Gunship Movement

As.stated.above,,,.at.a.cost.of.1.MP. water.unless.they.embark.


Anti-Tank Bonus hefty.anti-air.assets.on.the.modern.battlefield).

Air Bases

With.the.exception.of.gunships,“based”,.nuclear.submarines,.and. missile.cruisers..Air.units.cannot.embark.(except.gunships)..If.on.extended.sea.voyages,.they.–.carrier,.cruiser,.or.nuclear.sub. Anti-air.units.and.helicopters.don’“based” other.units,.and.can.embark.

Base Locations
fighTers and JeT fighTers boMbers

sTealTh boMbers

aToMiC boMbers all Missiles,.on.missile.cruisers.and.on.nuclear.submarines.

Naval Unit Capacity

Missile Cruiser

nuClear subMarine

Air Unit Stacking
You.can.have.any.number.of.missiles,“stacking” Helicopters.and.anti-air.units.must.follow.the.standard.stacking.rules..


Air Range,.air.units.have.“range.” they.can.perform.“missions.”.It’s.also.the.distance.that.they.can.“rebase”.–,.a.fighter.unit.has.a.range.of.8..It.can.perform.its.missions. against.any.tile.within.8.spaces.of.its.current.base, carrier)


Fighters,.jet.fighters.and.stealth.bombers.have.a.special.“recon”.ability..At.the.start.of.their. turn,’’t.use.up.

Missions’s.turn,“missions.”.These.include.making. air.strikes.(ranged.attacks.against.ground.targets),.rebasing,.interception.(defending.against. enemy.air.attack).and.“sweeping”.(disabling.enemy.interception)..Some.air.units.can.perform.only.a.subset.of.these.missions.


Air Strike

Air Sweep


Air Strikes“air.strike”,,,.however,.the.attacking.unit.can.take.damage.from.the.attack..(In.another.words, tank,, Missiles.and.bombers.have.the.most.powerful.air.strikes..

121 Range: 10 Cost: 520 Technology cannot be’re.within.fighters..once.intercept.cannot. Air Sweeps When.60 Range: 10 Cost: 520 Technology Required:.strike.multiple.fighter.lose.automatically.Interception Fighters.damage.(“intercept” target.American.interceptor.perform. attacks.air.a.”.interception.jet.that..fighter. Bomber Strength: Ranged:.sweep”.on.can.can.).strike.set.extra.the.and.damage.units.might. take.Oil Special Abilities:“’t. Air Unit List B17 Strength: Ranged:.less.strike.a. air.receives...If.interceptions..air.ground..the.bonus.a.intercepted.Radar Resources“use.If.damaged.50%.combat.will.on..( Missiles Missiles.if.and.a.They.Oil Special Abilities: None 122’s.unit. Only.intercepting.Radar Resources

a.receives.Sweeps.Aluminum Special Abilities: Strength: Ranged:.terrain. Stealth Bomber Strength: Ranged: 80 Range: 20 Cost: 800 Technology Required:.and.and..Recons.100%. verses..Helicopters. Evasion.Sweeps.Helicopters.and.Recons.perform.Aluminum Special Abilities: Can.units.a.bonus.and.Air. Helicopter Gunship Strength: 50 Range: 6 Cost: 450 Technology Required:.Rocketry Resources Required:.combat.Aluminum Special Abilities: Can.and.versus.receives.Flight Resources Required:.Oil Special Abilities: Can.versus.costs.Lasers Resources Required:.Stealth Resources Required:.50 Range: 8 Cost: 420 Technology Required:.bonus. 123 ..perform.a.Recons.Tanks.and.receives.receives. Jet Fighter Strength: Ranged: 70 Range: 10 Cost: 600 Technology Required:.Intercept..

extremely.receives.Unlike.weapons.may.once.nuclear.are.whole.bombs.missiles.and.sure.for.last.’ Helicopters.used.of.atomic. An..or. 124 . Nuclear Missiles While. damage.done. nukes Nuclear.stationed.( you’ bombs.” Atomic Bombs perform.As.radius.destroyed.amount.damage.can.that.cannot.are. Special Abilities: A.carriers.of.atomic.missiles..extremely.they.a.absolutely.up.Flight Resources“ .has.which.direction.—.world.’–’s.bomb.hit.blast.bombs.balance.the..flying.this.missiles.Units.tiles.2..atomic.destroyed.nuclear.lose. As.will.a.a..“A-bomb” greater.nuclear.the.many.Zero Strength: 50 Range: 8 Cost: 420 Technology Required:..not..powerful.

a.unit.all.caught.units.Uranium Special Abilities: This. Guided Missile Strength: Ranged:.200 Technology Nuclear Missile Strength: N/A Range: 8 Cost:.bonus.damage.blast.850 Technology Resources Required:.Bombs and ICBM Unit List Atomic Bomb Strength: N/A Range: 10 Cost:.Receives.Uranium Special Abilities: This.and. surrounding.Fission Resources Required:.None Special Abilities: Range: 8 Cost:. Evasion.2-tile.massive.within. 125 .1200 Technology Resources Required:.

6 Range: 2 Movement: 2 Cost: 70 Technology Required:.None Special Abilities: Performs.Pace.Machinery Resources Special Abilities: on.units.Ranged:.twice. Chu-Ko-Nu Strength: 6.uniT lisT Archer Following.attack.are.attacks.attacks.Archery Resources Required:.Game. Archery Unit List Strength: 4.turn.of.Machinery Resources Required:..a..costs.12 Range: 2 Movement: 2 Cost: 120 Technology Required:.Unit.Ranged:.None Special Abilities: A.10 Range: 2 Movement: 2 Cost: 120 Technology Required:.military. 126 .All.Ranged. Crossbowman Strength:

performing.attack..Fusion Resources Special Abilities: Strength: 6.Unit.Unique.its.receives.after.None Special Abilities: A.+1. 127 .attacks. Technology Required:.Uranium Special Abilities: Can.attack.British. Armored Unit List Modern Armor Strength: 80 Movement: 4 Cost:. Performs.move.Oil Special Abilities: A.can.450 Technology Required:.Unique.Range.. Panzer Strength: 60 Movement: 5 Cost:.700 Technology Required:.12 Range: 2 Movement: 2 Cost: 120 Technology Required:.Lasers Resources Resources Required:.after.Machinery Resources Required:.after. Giant Death Robot Strength: 150 Movement: 3 Cost:.

None Resources Required:.after.can.construct.unit.Combustion Resources Required:.Oil Special Abilities: Can.special.move.None Special Abilities: Technology Required:.unit.water.None Special Abilities: Worker Movement: 2 Cost:.performing.special. 128 .attack.tile. improvements. Work Boat Movement: 4 Cost:.tile.a.89 Technology Required:.and.None Special Abilities: This.None Resources Required:.70 Technology Technology Required:.unit.Tank Strength: 50 Movement: 4 Cost:.Sailing Resources Required:.can.found. Civilian Unit List Settler Movement: 2 Cost:.special.

Interceptions.300 Technology Required:.against.receives.Replaceable.territory.None Special Abilities: Receives.+100%. . Special Abilities: Can.300 Technology Required:. Anti-Tank Gun Strength: 32 Movement: 2 Cost:.aircraft.receives.bonus.Replaceable.None Special Abilities: A.+20%.300 Technology Required:.Helicopters. Infantry Strength: 36 Movement: 2 Cost:. Foreign Legion Strength: 36 Movement: 2 Cost:.bonus.perform.Radio Resources Resources Required:.None Special Abilities: None 129 .outside.Parts Resources Required:. when..combat.fighting.French.300 Technology Required:.bonus.Parts Resources Required:.and.Replaceable.a.Gunpowder Unit List Anti-Aircraft Gun Strength: 32 Movement: 2 Range: 2 Cost:.and.aircraft..Tanks.

a.1.None Special Abilities: None Minuteman Strength: 16 Movement: 2 Resources Required:.aircraft.bonus.crosses.receives.American.440 Technology Required:.450 Technology Required:. Mobile SAM Strength: 40 Range: 2 Movement: 4 Cost:. Mechanized Infantry Strength: 50 Movement: 4 Cost:.a.Unique.Unit.combat.unit.Gunpowder Resources Special Abilities: Can.Helicopters.Computers Resources Required:.only..all.heal.Gunpowder Resources Required:. 130 .None Special Abilities: Special Abilities: Technology Required:.can. bonus.120 Technology Strength: 16 Movement: 2 Cost:.Unit.terrains.attack. Movement.point.air. combat.destroys..and.receives.

None Special Abilities: None Paratrooper Strength: 40 Movement: 2 Cost:.special.Gunpowder Resources Required:.unit.Gunpowder Resources Required:.None Special Abilities: A.“paradrop”.territory..up.Rifling Resources Required:.200 Technology Required:.120 Technology Required:.None Special Abilities: This.tiles.Musketeer Strength: 20 Movement: 2 Technology Required:.may.five.Radar Resources Required:. Rifleman Strength: 25 Movement: 2 Cost:.French.away.Unique.None Special Abilities: None 131 .Unit.friendly.350 Technology Required:. Musketman Strength: 16 Movement: 2 Cost:. from.

bonus.the.+50%. Technology unit.Working..None Resources 132 .against.destroys.and.a.converted.may.combat..Bronze...+100%.a.receives.and.Unique.None Special Abilities: A.Brute.Jungle.Unit. mounted.units.against. when.player’s. Jaguar Strength: 6 Movement: 2 mounted. Resources Required:.receives.Unit.another.Unit.if.playing.None Special Abilities: A.+100%. Immortal Strength: 8 Movement: 2 Cost:.Working.tiles..Melee Unit List Brute Strength: 6 Movement: 2 Cost:.bonus. Hoplite Strength: 9 Movement: 2 Cost:.60 Technology Required:.bonus.None Special Abilities: Resources Resources Required:.damage.None Special Abilities: Technology Required:.20 Technology Required:.2.Persian.the.

Iroquois. 133 .when.Working Resources Required:.Unit.Working Resources Required:. Mohawk Warrior Strength: 11 Movement: 2 Cost:.50 Technology Strength: 10 Movement: 2 Cost:.Civil.mounted. Longswordsman Strength: 18 Movement: 2 Cost:. against.None Special Abilities: Resources Technology Required:.Unique.Iron Special Abilities: An.fighting.bonus.Unique.. Legion Strength: 13 Movement: 2 Cost:.150 Technology Required:.Iron.forts.Roman.constructing.or.+100%.Iron Special Abilities: A.forest.receives.Steel Resources Required:.90 Technology Required:.a.German.Iron Special Abilities: and.bonus.Iron.

against.Generals.fighting. Samurai Strength: 18 Movement: 2 Cost:.and.Iron Special Abilities: A.mounted.terrain.combat.when. Spearman Strength: 7 Movement: 2 Cost:.very.Steel Resources Required:.against.a.units.100 Technology Required:.Iron Special Abilities: None 134 .Unit.150 Technology Required:.a.receives.None Special Abilities: Receives.None Special Abilities: Receives.a. Swordsman Strength: 11 Movement: 2 Cost:.likely. Resources Required:.50 Technology Resources Required:..bonus.+100%.Pikeman Strength: 10 Movement: 2 Technology Required:.Working Resources

it.after.attacking..25 Movement: 3 Cost:.first. 135 .in.attacks.The.move.the.40 Technology Required:.unit. Resources Required:.after.attacking.military. Chariot Archer Strength: 3..Ranged:.None.available.Arabian.attacks.Wheel Resources Required: Horses Special Abilities: Performs.and.Unit.150 Technology Required:.None Special Abilities: The. Mounted Unit List Camel Archer Strength: 10..Warrior Strength: 6 Movement: 2 Cost:. Cavalry Strength:.move.6 Range: 2 Movement: 4 Cost:.15 Range: 2 Movement: 3 Cost:.60 Technology Resources Required: Horses Special Abilities: An..Ranged:.Unique.Military.260 Technology Required:.ranged. performs.Science Resources Required: Horses Special Abilities: Can.

Companion Cavalry
Strength: 14 Movement: 5 Cost:.80 Technology Required:.Horseback.Riding Resources Required: Horses Special Abilities: A.Greek.Unique.Unit,.it.can.move.after.attacking.and.

Strength:.25 Movement: 3 Cost:.260 Technology Required:.Military.Science Resources Required: Horses Special Abilities: A.Russian.Unique.Unit,.it.receives.a.combat.bonus.when. fighting.damaged.units.and.can.move.after.attacking..

Strength: 12 Movement: 4 Cost:.80 Technology Required:.Horseback.Riding Resources Required: Horses Special Abilities: Can.move.after.attacking.

Strength: 18 Movement: 3 Cost:.150 Technology Required:.Chivalry Resources Required: Horses Special Abilities: Can.move.after.attacking.


Strength:.22 Movement: 4 Cost:.220 Technology Required:.Metallurgy Resources Required: Horses Special Abilities: Can.move.after.attacking..

Mandekalu Cavalry
Strength: 18 Movement: 3 Cost:.150 Technology Required:.Chivalry Resources Required: Horses Special Abilities: A.Songhai.Unique.Unit,.it.receives.a.+30%.combat.bonus. against.cities.and.can.move.after.attacking..

Naresuan’s Elephant
Strength:.22 Movement: 2 Cost:.150 Technology Required:.Chivalry Resources Required: None Special Abilities: A.Siamese.Unique.Unit,.it.receives.a.+50%.combat.bonus. against.mounted.units.and.can.move.after.attacking.

Strength:.22 Movement: 5 Cost:.220 Technology Required:.Metallurgy Resources Required: Horses Special Abilities: An.Ottoman.Unique.Unit,.it.can.pillage.tiles.without. expending.Movement.Points,,.and.can. move.after.attacking.


War Chariot
Strength: 3,.Ranged:.6 Range: 2 Movement: 5 Cost:.60 Technology Required:.The.Wheel Resources Required: None Special Abilities: An.Egyptian.Unique.Unit,.it.performs.ranged.attacks.

War Elephant
Strength: 6,.Ranged:.8 Range: 2 Movement: 3 Cost:.80 Technology Required:.The.Wheel Resources Required: None Special Abilities: An.Indian.Unique.Unit,.it.performs.ranged.attacks.

Naval Unit List
Strength: 60,.Ranged:.32 Range: 3 Movement: 4 Cost:.500 Technology Required:.Telegraph Resources Required: Oil Special Abilities: Performs.ranged.attacks.and.can.Indirect.Fire.

Strength: 30 Movement: 5 Cost:.520 Technology Required:.Flight Resources Required: Oil Special Abilities:


Strength: 15,.Ranged:.7 Range: 2 Movement: 6 Cost:.100 Technology Required:.Astronomy Resources Required: None Special Abilities: Sight.

Strength: 35,.Ranged:.22 Range: 2 Movement: 8 Cost:.380 Technology Required:.Electricity Resources Required: None Special Abilities: Performs.ranged.attacks.and.air.Interceptions,.can.see. submarines,,.receives.a.+100%.combat.bonus.against.submarines,.and.can.Indirect.Fire.

Strength: 30,.Ranged:.15 Range: 2 Movement: 5 Cost:.160 Technology Required:.Navigation Resources Required: Iron Special Abilities: Performs.ranged.attacks.

Strength: 5,.Ranged:.3 Range: 2 Movement: 3 Cost:.50 Technology Required:.None Resources Required: None Special Abilities: An.early.Barbarian.Naval.Unit,


ranged. Nuclear Submarine Strength: 30.units.up.see..receives.missile.up.Indirect.invisible.ranged.attacks.+50%.air.220 Technology Missile Cruiser Strength: 75. Resources Required: Aluminum Special Abilities: Technology Required:.60 Range: 3 Movement: 8 Cost:. interceptions..can.26 Range: 2 Movement: 4 Resources Required: Coal Special Abilities: Performs. 140 .submarines...Ironclad Strength: Range: 3 Movement: 6 Cost:.three.and. carry.other.Robotics Resources Required: Aluminum Special Abilities: Performs.Ranged:.combat.Ranged:...Ranged:.500 Technology Required:. bonus.Steam.

to.and.ranged.Ranged:.British.invisible.performs.Unique.ranged. 141 .60 Range: 3 Movement: 5 Cost:.Ship of the Line Strength: 30.attacks..Ranged:. Trireme Strength: 6.ranged.140 Technology Required:.and..4 Range: 2 Movement: 4 Cost:.attacks.a.attacks.+1.can.see.bonus.Unit.units.. performs.Sailing Resources Required: None Special Abilities: Performs..receives. Submarine Strength: 25. enter..Navigation Resources Required: Iron Special Abilities: A.17 Range: 2 Movement: 5 Cost:....submarines.Refrigeration Resources Required: None Special Abilities: Technology Required:.other.other.60 Technology Required:.Ranged:.

Science. SS Cockpit Movement: 2 Cost:.for.Victory. 142 .Robotics Resources Required: None Special Abilities: 3 required.for.for.700 Technology Required:.Nanotechnology Resources Required: None Special Abilities: 1 required.1000 Technology Required:.Satellites Resources Required: None Special Abilities: 1 required.Physics Resources Required: None Special Abilities: 1 required.Project Unit List SS Booster Movement: 2 Cost:. SS Stasis Chamber Movement: 2 Cost:.Victory.for. SS Engine Movement: 2 Cost:.a.Science.1000 Technology Required:.a.Particle.a.Science.Science.Victory.Victory.a.1000 Technology Required:.

.18 Range: 2 Movement: 2 Cost:.a.movement.+10%.attacks.cities.combat.“set.and..bonus. Siege Unit List Artillery Strength: 16.Indirect.bonus.attack. Ballista Strength: 4.must.ranged.versus.Unit.Roman.25 Technology Required:.100 Technology Required:.attacks.a..costs.up”.+10%.None Resources Required: None Special Abilities: Ignores. versus.terrain.32 Range: 3 Movement: 2 Cost:.cities.Dynamite Resources Required: None Special Abilities: Receives.Recon Unit List Scout Strength: 4 Movement: 2 Resources Required: Iron Special Abilities: A.. 143 ..420 Technology Required:..

and. Rocket Artillery Strength: 18.performs. ranged.attacks.attacks.. Catapult Strength: 4..“set..versus.Ranged:.ranged.must.a. ranged.cities.bonus.versus.combat.bonus.up”.Ranged:46 Range: 3 Movement: 3 Cost:..Rocketry Resources Required: Aluminum Special Abilities: Receives.600 Technology Required:.must.26 Range: 2 Movement: 2 Resources Required: None Special Abilities: Receives.Mathematics Resources Required: Iron Special Abilities: Receives.performs...+10%.combat.attack..250 Technology Required:.170 Technology Required:.versus.100 Technology Required:.Ranged:.up”.attacks. 144 .to.bonus.combat.Cannon Strength: 10.a.+10%.cities.cities.attack.a.and.20 Range: 2 Movement: 2 Cost:.Physics Resources Required: Iron Special Abilities: Receives.14 Range: 2 Movement: 2 Cost:.+10%.versus.“set..can.. Trebuchet Strength: 6.+10%.performs.and.bonus..cities.attacks.Ranged:. ranged.Indirect. Accuracy I Unit Types:..units.terrain..units.buildings.Air Prerequisites:..Bombardment.II Effects: 145 .Ambush.ready. Hills.strength.terrain.Melee.(anything.Ranged Prerequisites:.origin.abilities.. Accuracy III Unit Types:.Interception.combat.a.they. Ambush II Unit Types:.special.. Ambush I Unit Types:.types.Jungle).of. Prerequisites:..Air Effects: Effects: proMoTions Promotions.I Effects: their.strength.Accuracy..None Effects: +20%.a.I.may.Jungle)..given.strength. Accuracy II Unit Civilization V.ranged.are.II.ranged.’s.Accuracy.(anything.of.ranged.combat. Following.of.combat.(anything.not. each..armored.effects.terrain.

units.multiple.may.combat.Melee Prerequisites:.terrain.Forest.a..Barrage.Forest.or.for. Bombardment II Unit Types:.against.None Effects: Jungle).over.against.rough.from. Jungle).Forest.or. Bombardment I Unit Types:.I Effects: +20%.Ranged Prerequisites:.penalty..river..against.units. Jungle).Bombardment.terrain.ranged.ranged.units.attack. Blitz Unit Types:.None Effects: Prerequisites:.times.a.Naval Prerequisites:.(Hills.Ranged Prerequisites:.I Effects: +25%.II.( 146 .or.sea.units. Barrage II Unit Types:.strength.Ranged Prerequisites:.strength. Barrage III Unit Effects: +25%.II Effects: Eliminates.the.combat.Melee.Drill. Barrage I Unit Types:.Amphibious Unit Types:.rough.III Effects: Unit.Shock.or.combat.Ranged Prerequisites:.

Ranged Prerequisites:.Ranged Prerequisites:.Cover.Sweep.when.Ranged Effects: +25%.Melee Prerequisites:.Shock.when.Air Charge Unit Types:.when.friendly.II.against..Dogfighting.strength.None Effects: +25%.performing.Naval. Cover I Unit 147 Effects: +25%.against.unit Dogfighting I Unit Types:.II Effects: +25%.units.Drill.I Effects: +25%. Dogfighting III Unit Types:.against.a.defense.adjacent. Dogfighting II Unit Types:.Air Prerequisites:.None Effects: +15%.combat.when.units.wounded.attacks Cover II Unit Types:.II Effects: +20%..strength.strength.Bombardment.Barrage.combat.Bombardment III Unit Types:.Melee Prerequisites:.all.Sweep.Accuracy. Discipline Unit Types:.ranged.combat..II.combat.I Effects: +25%.Air.

II..Forest..I Effects: +20%.rough.on..interceptions.taken..Melee.strength.II Effects: Reduces..terrain.None Effects: Can.on.I Effects: +25%. Jungle).fighting.Melee Prerequisites:.strength.Ranged Prerequisites:.units.mounted.versus..II Effects: +25%.Barrage.Ranged Prerequisites:..fighting.Melee Prerequisites:. Jungle).fighting. Formation I Unit Types:.strength.Siege. Drill II Unit Types:.strength.Melee Prerequisites:..when. Embarkation Unit Types:. Evasion Unit Types:.terrain.Drill.II.Melee.Bombardment.(Hills.50%. Drill III Unit Types:..Accuracy.when..combat.into.II.or.versus.combat.on..when.damage.Drill.mounted.tiles.combat.II..Ranged Prerequisites:.combat.rough.or.Formation.(Hills.rough.embark. 148 Effects: +25%.(Hills. Formation II Unit Types:.combat.strength.Melee Prerequisites:.Melee.Shock. Jungle).water.None Effects: +20%.or.Forest.Drill I Unit Types:.or.terrain.units.

aircraft..attacks.I Effects: Ranged.territory Indirect Fire Unit Types:.I..Melee.intercepting.Movement.Ranged Prerequisites:. Himeji Castle Unit Types:.strength.combat.over.a.Great Lighthouse Unit Types:.Air Prerequisites:.II Effects: +25%.Accuracy.permanent. instantly.I.Sight Heal Instantly Unit Types:.Bombardment.I Effects: +25%. 149 ..performed.may.Ranged Interception I Unit Types:.and.None Effects: Instead.combat.aircraft.None Effects: +1.aircraft.. Interception III Unit Types:..None Effects: +25%.Melee Prerequisites:.combat.heal.promotion.+1.Naval Prerequisites:.unit.Air Prerequisites:. Interception II Unit Types:.None Effects: +25%.strength.when.

Sight. Nationalism Unit Types:.I Effects: +1..Melee.unit.Barrage.if.or.II Effects: Prerequisites:.None Effects: +25%.Scouting.action...Bombardment.III.Siege.Melee.Bombardment..Mobility.II.Shock.II Effects: 1.or.II...II.. Medic Unit Types:..Melee.Drill.Ranged Prerequisites:.I.II Effects: Unit. Mobility I Unit Types:.Ranged Prerequisites:.additional.performs.+1.III.Air.heal..Ranged Prerequisites:...will.or. March Unit Types:..None Effects: +15%.attack.Naval.Siege..every.adjacent..Targeting.per...Melee.III.Drill.Movement.Melee Prerequisites:.Shock.Movement Mobility II Unit Types:.Ranged Unit Types:.None Effects: +1..turn..Accuracy.strength.or. 150 .territory Naval Tradition Unit Morale Unit Types:..Ranged Prerequisites:.I Effects: +1.friendly.Mobility.

Siege.versus.will..Ranged Prerequisites:.Ranged Repair Unit Siege I Unit Types:.II Effects: +25%.... Scouting I Unit Types:.None Effects: +25%.strength.combat.II Effects: Unit.Drill. Siege III Unit Types:.cities.even.None Effects: +1.Dogfighting.Interception.Melee.Air..I Effects: +25%.Accuracy.range.operational.III.None Effects: +33%... Siege II Unit Types:..territory.range.Air Prerequisites:.or.Air Prerequisites:.I.performs.Melee.III.I Effects: +2..Siege.range.III.Combat.Melee.Air.friendly.II.for..strength.versus..Ranged Prerequisites:.Naval.I.+1.every..strength.cities.I.combat.visibility.versus.Recon Prerequisites:.combat.Strength..action.Siege.Interception. Range Unit 151 .Oligarchy Unit Types:.Air.Air Prerequisites:..cities.Ambush..for.turn.

.but.Bombardment..range.None Effects: +20%.I.or.Dogfighting.Air Prerequisites:.when. Sortie Unit Types:.Scouting II Unit Types:.Scouting. Sentry Unit Prerequisites:.Melee Prerequisites:.II Effects: Forest.Recon Prerequisites:.II.Movement.I. Shock I Unit Types:.Shock.fighting...extra.visibility.range.strength.Shock.strength. 152 .Interception.Hills.terrain.terrain.or.terrain.combat.Melee Prerequisites:.Shock.interception.Scouting..I Effects: +1.Melee.Melee...Targeting. Scouting III Unit Types:.when.II Effects: +25%.( Effects: Effects: 1. Shock II Unit Effects: +20%.turn. Shock III Unit Types:.Jungle).in.made.Melee Prerequisites:.Drill.

against.Naval.units.naval. Targeting III Unit Types:.Barrage.I Effects: Prerequisites:.Air Prerequisites:.Air Prerequisites:.None Effects: Heal.or..friendly.Melee Prerequisites:.per.Naval.outside.or.units.Naval Prerequisites:.outside.HP.if.combat.up.will.units 153 .Ranged Prerequisites:.when.HP.Naval Targeting II Unit Types:.Survivalism.strength.friendly.I Effects: +20%.1. Volley Unit Types:.Defense.None.strength.Targeting. Survivalism II Unit Survivalism I Unit Types:.naval.against.territory.strength.and.may..Melee Prerequisites:.additional.II Effects: +50%.Survivalism.II Effects: A.units.combat.against.Defense.I Effects: +25%.Accuracy.II.I Effects: +20%.II Effects: +20%.turn.Interception.Targeting..turn.fortified.strength.territory.combat.every.performs.I.Supply Unit Types:.Targeting.combat.action.heal.even.versus.naval. Survivalism III Unit Types:. Targeting I Unit Types:.

1 Great People Points:.each.1.of.Merchant..Service Cost:.wonders.Wonder lisT Angkor Wat Following.Point Effects: Effects: Great People Cultural Output:..requirements. World Wonders Tech Requirement:.increased. 154 .450 Cultural Output:.of.a.every.Ages.reduced.50%.Points Effects: Big Ben Tech and.Science Great People Points:.of.550 Cultural Chichen Itza Tech Requirement:.of.Cities..Civil.Points Effects: Free.purchasing.1 Great People Points:.25% Brandenburg Gate Tech Requirement:.2.Economics Cost:.700 Cultural Output:.and.the.reduced.1.Theology Cost:.Golden.Gold.the.including.

1 Great People Points:.Policies.Writing.all.1000 Cultural Effects: Unhappines.150 Cultural Output:. Cristo Redentor Tech Requirement:.Gold.The Colossus Tech Requirement:.from.1 Great People Effects: Culture. Cost:. Cost:.a. along.from.worked.1. The Forbidden Palace Tech Requirement:.Artist.located.1 Great People Points:.Must..50%.number.Telegraph Cost:.built.water.1 Great People Cultural Output:.1.600 Cultural Output:.Point Effects: +1.of.Scientist.reduced.Merchant.of.Radio Cost:. The Great Library Tech Requirement:.Happiness. 155 .cities. Eiffel Tower Tech Requirement:.a.Point Effects: Gain.1.1 Great People Points:.Points Effects: Cultural Output:.

300 Cultural Output:.Cities.bonus.territory.130 Cultural Output:.your.Naval.generate. The Hanging Gardens Tech Requirement:.1 Great People Points:.City. Cultural Output:.Artist.2.Engineer.1 Great People Points:.Point Effects: Great People Points:.Strength..4 Great People Points:.units.Point Effects: Great. 156 .1.The Great Lighthouse Tech Requirement:.1. The Hagia Sophia Tech Requirement:.all. Cost:.and.1 Great People Points:. Cost:.1.Point Effects:. The Great Wall Tech Requirement:.Point Effects: Enemy.Coast.Points Effects: along.+1.for.faster.Construction.Movement.all..+3.People.Population.Happiness.Sailing.Combat.spend.Chivalry Cost:. Himeji Castle Tech Requirement:.a.Movement. Cost:.200 Cultural Output:.existing.Sight.Engineer.350 Cultural Output:.territory.

the.1.Merchant.1 Great People Points:.Point Effects: Cost:. 157 .2.more.more. Notre Dame Tech Requirement:.Point Effects: +5.Capital.Points The Oracle Tech Requirement:.1.of.Happiness.a.a.Social.50%.Point Effects: +20%.500 Cultural Output:.Mountain.700 Cultural Kremlin Tech Requirement:.Scientist.from.a.1 Great People Great People Points:.Point Effects: All.all.Defensive. Machu Picchu Tech Requirement:. The Louvre Tech Cultural Output:.1.Buildings.Policy.near.Artist.effective.Points Effects: 2.Great.4 Great People Points:.Must.1 Great People Points:.City.Currency Cost: 550 Cultural Output:.150 Cultural Output:.appear.Acoustics Cost:.Archaeology Cost:.Gold. two.Scientist.are.Artists.Philosophy Cost:.tiles. Effects: +1.2.400 Cultural Cost: 650 Cultural Output:.Great.1 Great People Points:.Masonry Cost:.Points Effects: A. The Porcelain Tower Tech Requirement:.produced.appears.1 Great People Points:.50%.175 Cultural Output:.Point Effects: Worker.speed.Engineer.+33%.Culture. Statue of Liberty Tech Effects: Gold.Points Effects: An.increased.1200 Cultural Output:.Production.every. Sistine Chapel Tech Great People 158 .is.Parts Cost:.additional.Pentagon Tech Requirement:.built.Wonder.gained.Radar Cost:. Cost:.1 Great People Points: 3. The Pyramids Tech Requirement:.Merchant.reduced.1 Great People Points:.1200 Cultural

159 ..Points Effects: Length.Globalization Cost:.8 Great People Points:.700 Cultural Output:. Sydney Opera House Tech Requirement:.1.Ages.increased.Stonehenge Tech Requirement:.Policy.1000 Cultural Cost:. United Nations Tech Requirement:.Calendar Cost:.Points Effects: Choose.triggers.1000 Cultural Output:.Artist.Printing.2.1 Great People Points:.Point Effects: +8.2.Engineer.Points Effects: Cost:.1 Great People Cultural Output:.Artist.Golden. Taj Mahal Tech Requirement:.1 Great People

where.built.this.this.existent.of.the.110 Cultural Output:.the.Working.receive.0 Building Required:.1 Building Required:. 160 Heroic Epic Tech Requirement:.Russian.1 Building Required:.Iron.Barracks..this.where.Production. Cost:.City. National College Tech Requirement:.Units. National Epic Tech Requirement:.310 Culture Output:.the. Cost:.Philosophy Cost:.Great.Krepost Effects: All.People.Culture.built.1 Building Required:. Ironworks Tech Cultural Effects: Effects: Cost:.constructed.120 Cultural Output:. Cost:.1 Building Tech Requirement:.City.specific.170 Cultural Effects: +25%.generation.National Wonders Hermitage Effects: +50%. Cultural Output:.Siamese. an..Capital.this. 161 .+2.Science.None. Palace Tech University Tech Requirement:.Defense.built...a.Wat Effects: connected..extra.Production.0 Cultural Output:.+2.. Effects: Indicates.. Building Cost:.for.1 Building Required:.the.roads.Technology.additional..

Merchants Effects: +25%.and. Effects: +15.0 Specialist Slot:.all. extra.None.0 Specialist Slot:.the.building lisT Armory Tech Requirement:.Market.Krepost.the.Academy.Bazaar.grants.Bronze.Land.. Bazaar Tech Requirement:.of.a.provides.Units.a.Production.Military. Barracks Tech Requirement:.Russian.3 Specialist Slot:.each.Working Cost:.3 Specialist Maintenance:.EXP.Merchants Effects: An.Gold.Arabian.None.Working Cost:.130 Maintenance:.requires..Gold.more.Iron.Building..XP.Units.None.1.City Arsenal Tech Requirement:.the.120 Effects: +15.or.350 Maintenance:..of.Land.near.copy..Resource. Effects: +20%.220 Maintenance:. 162 .Luxury.Currency Cost:.requires.1 Specialist Slot:.a.for.Railroad Cost:.or. Bank Tech Requirement:.City.Banking Cost:.

163 .+2.Chivalry Cost:.0 Specialist Slot:. Circus Tech Requirement:. Effects: +3.Horses.An.and.requires.doubles.the. Castle Tech Requirement:.captured.None.Culture. Burial Tomb Tech Requirement:.have.improved.Building.Combat.City.150 Maintenance:.Horseback.amount. City.3 Specialist Cost:.Happiness.a.Construction Cost:. Effects: of.Happiness.5. Colosseum Tech Requirement:.City.200 Maintenance:...present.the.or.but.Theology Cost:.must..3 Specialist Slot:.Museum.Unique.of.None.600 Maintenance:.of.the.Egyptian..3 Specialist Slot:.None.a.None.City.The.if.Gold...source. Effects: Specialist Slot:..enemy. Effects: +4.output.this.150 Maintenance:.Riding Cost:.120 Tower Tech Requirement:.Walls.receives.Happiness. Effects: +7. Ivory.a.requires.but.culture.

120 Maintenance:.City.Iron.300 Maintenance:.must.a.Food. each..200 Maintenance:.or.City.150 Maintenance:.that.Great.must.Courthouse Tech Requirement:.Occupied..City.Engineers Effects: +50%.a.from.Power Cost:. Effects: Eliminates.5 Specialist Slot:.1 Specialist Slot:.consumes.tile.Lake.+2.Theology Specialist Slot:.Lake.requires.Workshop.gains +15%.None.Longhouse.People.generation.120 Cost:. 164 .River..present.2 Specialist Slot:. Garden Tech Requirement:. Effects: +15%.built. and.Land.Unique.either.Lake.border.requires.nearby.Units. Effects: Specialist Slot:.None.Artists Effects: +25%.Optics Cost:. Forge Tech Requirement:. Factory Tech Requirement:.. or.the.Production.source.River.for.Food.1.Steam.along.worked.Unhappiness.Casting Cost:.Metal..Building..or..None. Floating Gardens Tech Requirement:.a.

consumes. Harbor Tech’s. Effects: +1.Requires.Unique.400 Maintenance:.+25%. Effects: 50%.naval.Krepost..Granary Tech Requirement:.None.Working Cost: 80 Maintenance: 1 Specialist Slot: None.Building.3 Specialist Slot:.on.Food...1.Pottery Cost:.. Naval.None.Russian.2 Specialist Slot:.Route. Hydro Plant Tech Requirement:.Capital.for.City.bordering.80 Maintenance:.Units..needed. 165 .with.a.Production..less.1 Specialist Maintenance:.coast.Trade.600 Maintenance:.Biology Cost:.the.Land.and.Compass Cost:.None.Food.border.a.for.every.increases. Krepost Tech Requirement: Bronze.3 Specialist Effects: Effects: Hospital Tech Requirement:. growth..XP.Units.Plastics Cost:.City. Effects: A.the.a.. located.for.

located.Penicillin Cost:.each..Iroquois.The.every.Merchants.Science. Effects: Specialist Slot:.Gold.Food.Scientists Effects: +1.Tiles.City.less.the.80 Maintenance:. Market Tech Requirement:. 166 .from.present.Production.2 Specialist Slot:.growth.for.Engineers Effects: An.Casting Cost:.1 Specialist Slot:. Effects: +25%.provides..120 Maintenance:.Forest. Lighthouse Tech Requirement:. Effects: +1.Requires.from.None.0 Specialist Medical Lab Tech Tech Requirement:.Optics Cost:.1 Specialist Slot:.None.Food.80 Maintenance:.Unique.Currency Cost:.+1.Building.must.80 Maintenance:.for.worked.Citizens.needed. Longhouse Tech Requirement:.the.500 Maintenance:..2..

Monastery Tech Requirement:.60 Maintenance:.Incense.Mughal.that.+3.worked. Military Base Tech Requirement:..Barracks.350 Maintenance:. Effects: Specialist Slot:.Silver. Mint Tech Requirement:.source..Russian.of.450’s.and.120 Maintenance:.Military Academy Tech Requirement:.extra.Krepost.None.120 Maintenance:.Fort.Military. Effects: +12.None.1 Specialist Slot:.Land. Effects: +15.Telegraph Cost:.Theology Cost:.. Cost:.and.None. Monument Tech Requirement:.. Effects: Each.a.2 Specialist Slot:.XP. Gold.Science Effects: +2.provides.None.Culture.Culture.0 Specialist Slot:.of.or.3 Specialist Slot:.nearby.from.Currency Cost:.Units.or.for.None.all. 167 . Specialist Slot:.Opera.Science.City.3 Specialist Slot:.gains.must.the.Artists Effects: A.that.City.Defense.Culture.Chivalry Cost:.Songhai.with...Archaeology Cost:.Philosophy Cost:.Mud Pyramid Mosque Tech Requirement:. the.350 Maintenance:.3 Specialist Specialist Nuclear Plant Tech Requirement:. Observatory Tech Requirement:.City.after.Building.120 Maintenance:.180 Maintenance:.and.Indian. Museum Tech Requirement:.+5. 168 .Walls..1.None.Culture.Flight.Astronomy Effects: +5. Effects: Specialist Maintenance:..+9. Effects: +25%.None..requires. Maintenance:.a.. Mughal Fort Tech Requirement:.Fission Cost:. Effects: An.consumes.

Unique.Science.80 Maintenance:..+2.or.provides.Banking Cost:.requires.Scientific.220 Maintenance:.Unique.for..every.and.Science.Theory Cost:.Citizens.present.220 Maintenance:.Building.that.Plastics Cost:..Building.. Satrap’s Court Tech Requirement:.a. Effects: +50%. 169 .in.Acoustics Cost:.0 Specialist Slot:.Gold.present.Tomb.Scientists.2.Persian.a.Happiness.3 Specialist House Tech Requirement:.either.+25%.600 Maintenance:. Research Lab Tech Requirement:.Writing Cost:.350 Maintenance:.requires.City. Public School Tech Specialist Slot:.None.Burial.Scientists Effects: Chinese.Scientists Effects: +100%.+4.Merchants Effects: A.the. Paper Maker Tech Requirement:....3 Specialist Slot:.Temple. Gold.a.a. Effects: +5.Science.3 Specialist Slot:.

and.Resources...Production.None.have.requires.Ecology Cost:.must.from. Stable Tech Requirement:.. improved. improved.Horses.City.Production.border.City. Effects: +25%.must.Sea.Requires.nearby.Sea.present. Effects: +25%.100 Maintenance:.a.Happiness.or.The.6 Specialist Slot:.None.least.present.Riding Cost:.Media Specialist Slot:.Parts.that.450 Maintenance:.Seaport Tech Requirement:.Mass.Resource.the.on.of.Production.600 Maintenance:.3 Specialist Slot:. Effects: +4.have.2 Specialist Slot:.source.None.located. Effects: +50%.140 Maintenance:.Aluminum. Solar Plant Tech Requirement:.but.Production. Spaceship Factory Tech Requirement:.Theatre.must. Effects: Cost:.of.Robotics Cost:. 170 .3 Specialist Slot:..of.450 Maintenance:.None. Desert..consumes. Stadium Tech Requirement:.a.

Jungle. Theatre Tech Walls Tech Requirement:. University Tech Requirement:.either.Library.requires.or.Tiles.a.worked.Education Cost:.Defense.Masonry Cost:.present.Satrap’s. Effects: Temple Tech Requirement:.Press Cost:.Printing.Stock Exchange Tech Requirement:.and.Philosophy Specialist Slot:..None.that.650 Maintenance:.Electricity Cost:.200 Maintenance:.300 Maintenance:.Paper.Maker.Science.100 Maintenance:.2 Specialist Slot:.Requires.Happiness.the.1 Specialist Slot:.a.+2.2 Specialist Slot:.Gold.Science.Artists Effects: +3..City...City..5 Specialist Slot:. Effects: +5.or.120 Maintenance:.Culture.Monument.from.requires. 171 .the..Scientists Effects: +50%.Merchants Effects: +33%.Court.a.None.

.construct.120 Maintenance:.with..cannot.must.City.None.Production.River..The..Unique.Wat Tech Requirement:.100 Maintenance:..a.Siamese.+3.Engineers Effects: +15%.Culture. Workshop Tech Requirement:.Production.180 Maintenance:.City.. 172 .border.the.Science. Cost:.Engineers Effects: +20%.Economics Water Mill Tech Requirement:.Casting Cost:.2 Specialist Maintenance:.Scientists Effects: A.on.Wheel Cost:.provides. Effects: +2.2 Specialist Slot:.2 Specialist Slot:.and.Metal.2 Specialist Slot:. Windmill Tech

the.786.for. Leader: Harun al-Rashid (763..Harun.disciples.ruling.a.. Africa.the.the.—..Rightly.known..and. Unique Trait Trade Caravan: +2.reign. the.his.632.Empire. that. The..powerful.—”).his.also. traits.least. Harun.the.he.a.roughly.the.and. 173 .– Unique Building Bazaar north.and..Mohammed’s.detailing.Balkans.Route.North.that.cultural.of. Unique Unit Camel Archer“Aaron.came.was.a.Islamic.Mohammed’ V...power.its.CivilizaTion lisT Arabia Following.political.

collapsed.1397.).central.dominated.the.helplessly.not.mighty.and. greatness.was.a.his.Montezuma.warrior.(–— most.the.The.mighty.empire.certainly.of. Unique Trait Sacrificial Captives: Gains Culture for the empire from each enemy unit And.culture.external.nation.his.his.were.grow.improve.Aztecs.victory.of.civilization.were.practices.hundred. Spanish.are.for.armies..under.Montezuma.empire.rise.propel.required.and. rapidity.nation.Montezuma..bloodiness.helped.sun.North..Today. Unique Unit Jaguar Replaces Warrior Unique Building Floating Gardens Replaces Watermill 174 .I.but.But.religion..pre-Colombian.indeed.roughly.the.II.barbarity.their.face.a.AD) A.sacrificing.. height.his.and.thirsty.his.architecture.prosper.said.such.their.and.confused.. Leader: Montezuma (c. ever.inward.–... Unique Trait Art of War: Effectiveness and birth rate of Great Generals increased.of.most.recently.gunpowder.entirety.looked.”–.has.male-dominated.’ Like.survived.a.foreign.only.two.few.and.the. person.and.some. China..important.has.movable.the.its.all.power..“–.paper.China.was.rights. living.innovative. of.centuries. area. Unique Unit Chu-Ko-Nu Replaces Crossbowman Unique Building Paper Maker Replaces Library 175 .625. China Leader: Wu Zetian ( credited. Ramesses.the. Egypt Leader: Ramesses The Great (’ Unique Unit War Chariot Replaces Chariot Archer Unique Building Burial Tomb Replaces Temple 176 .course.some.He.– building.on.’ oldest. Unique Trait Monument Builders: +20% Production speed of Wonders.twenties.

body..following.’”..America.recovered.” In.” Unique Trait Sun Never Sets:.+2 MPs for all ocean-going naval England’“ era.self-promotion.the.Empire. quarter.and.and..AD) Unique Unit Longbowman Replaces Crossbowman Unique Unit Ship of the Line Replaces Frigate 177 .early.most..Indian.the.Beautiful.“I.. the.of.the.unerring.century.while.remains.entire..was.and.expanded.history.a.island.“–.women.her.struggles.globe.lost.and.largest..the.force.continued.I.of.established.of.and.Great. Although.20th. World.Great. survival.of. England Leader: Queen Elizabeth I ( they.little.population. feeble.the.remarkable.and.have.the.dominate.a.and.desperate.the. (’s.late.Pacific.of.largest.the.the.years.prestige. seriously..the.’’– brilliant.and.Army.Europe.ultimately.flourished.been.the.great.France.the.power.core.English..general.dominance.astounding. Today. France Leader: Napoleon Bonaparte (1769.catastrophic..on.with.power.the.this.Bonaparte. out.and.them).count.coasts.he.Western.Mediterranean.astonishing.AD) It.Roman.the.on.of..Great.of.1821.he.if.his.union.and..Western.most.of.depending. Unique Trait Ancient Regime: Provides +2 Culture per City until Steam one. destroyed.Channel. Unique Unit Foreign Legion Replaces Infantry Unique Unit Musketeer Replaces Musketman 178

on.almost.good.into.had.the. there’s a 50% chance of gaining 25 Gold and a Barbarian unit joining your side.power..more.firm.of.and.during.political.Europe.also.its.weak.continental.and.its.have.history.young.thousands.Chancellor.for.come.brief.with.“Germany” for.technological. Unique Unit Landsknecht Replaces Pikeman Unique Unit Panzer Replaces Tank 179 .Germany While.of.Empire.created.its...was. Unique Trait Furor Teutonicus: When a Barbarian encampment is”. rebounded.years.Bismarck.brilliant.the.a. founded.that..AD)“Germanic”.it.on.Germany.rival.known.“–.various.known.–.Europe.–.unified. loose. Leader: Otto Von Bismarck (1815.long.political.has.and.. dominate..An.France.bad.20th.single-handedly. diplomat.confederation.its.

.degree.the.. Greece Leader: Alexander the Great (’s.of.credited.across.warriors.are.of. and it recovers at twice the speed as for other civilizations.Hellenic.’s. the.throughout.most.’ Classical.effect.culture.years.look.western.conquests. Romans.. Unique Unit Companion Cavalry Replaces Horseman Unique Unit Hoplite Replaces Spearman 180 .across.single.forms. reach.greatest.into..could..throughout.still.first..Near.Classical. Unique Trait Hellenic League: City-State influence degrades half as slowly as’s.the. Alexander. Greece.Hippocratic. has.and. great.Macedonian.democracy.the.allowed.of.– time..treatise. Having.tyranny.AD) Mohandas.and.civil.survived.acknowledged.of..downtrodden.tactics” and Unhappiness from total population is halved.–.also.that.brilliant..India.find.history.“ the.nonviolent.emerged.” can.The.or.the.planet. India Leader: Gandhi (’s.just. Unique Trait Population Growth: Unhappiness from number of Cities is doubled.was.rightful.through.’ (Build fewer.and.a. bigger cities!) Unique Unit War Elephant Replaces Chariot Archer Unique Building Mughal Fort Replaces Castle 181“Christ.India.’ Dutch.Cayugas..and.the.Confederation.the.legendary. Unique Unit Mohawk Warrior Replaces Swordsman Unique Building Longhouse Replaces Workshop 182 .their.medicine.20.into..Onondagas.of.never.Song of Unique Trait The Great Warpath: Units may move through Forest and Jungle tiles as if they were roads when in friendly territory..of.population.came.formed.all.believed.of..“Ayonwentah”) Hiawatha.history. Leader: Hiawatha (c.according.American.. through...usually. According.Little.— tribes. natural.five.Longfellow’s.form.centuries.accomplished.the.language.hold. What.the.six).that..managed.agriculture..the..also.and.possessing.the.Iroquois.—.conquer.the..the.enemies.union..themselves.Iroquois.the..who.Mohawks..French.of.the.Oneidas.a. AD.Hiawatha.taught.manufacturing.about. Ieyasu.been.late. 17th.sea. Unique Trait Bushido: Units’ attack and defense strengths remain at full.a.was.16th.professional.and.the.narrow.Western.lead.kingdoms. Japan Leader: Oda Nobunaga (–.Japan.small.a. — For.Nobunaga.century...Plate.Japan.and.job.islands.Pacific.the.the.of.many.would.huge.and.general.his.AD) Oda.into.1582.. Unique Unit Samurai Replaces Longswordsman Unique Unit Zero Replaces Fighter 183 .effort..the. even when the unit is damaged.warlord.–.economic.would.brutal.–.feudal.arising.— In.of.which.Both. would.plate.politician.

.six.. Middle. chunk.death.its. there’s a 50% chance of instead converting it to your side and earning 25 Gold.13th.“The.destroyed.—“The.the.—.indeed..those.respected.all.It.famous.this.he.into..of.was.Magnificent.wealth. for.It.Africa.empire.of..Egypt.of.modern.At.and.fully. unknown.the.not.magnificent.a. Turk.Grand.During.beat.fair.It.and.expanded.prowess.greatly.Africa.was. “The.on.start.that.Suleiman.the.worthy. Unique Unit Janissary Replaces Musketman Unique Unit Sipahi Replaces Lancer 184 .kingdom.1566.possessed.the.fear. it.across. the.the.Rome.taking.Ottoman.Empire’s.Europe.Suleiman.– (and.of.for.alike..Ottoman.Turkey).had.of.continents.and. At.Christian.rule.some. Leader: Suleiman the Magnificent (1494.of.took.deserves.of.the.In.alongside.honor.known.earning.Although.his.” Unique Trait Barbary Corsairs: Whenever you destroy a Barbarian naval envied. Suleiman.thrived.non-Muslim..“The.across.time.the.. centuries.conquered.Anatolia.riches..Islam.Empire.Persia..”.and.ruling. the..Ottoman Empire The.and.He.his.mighty.””–.leader.genius.with.his.hadn’t.remain.the. Persia.roads.were.about.Egypt.power.many.Achaemenian.Born.– as.Alexander..of.’s.two.internal.BC.Empire.a.At.who.Persian.Balkans.Court Replaces Bank 185 .after.the. increasing. during.that.with.campaigns...implemented.treated.own.but.(governor) Persia Leader: Darius I (550.a.and.lawgivers.—.fairness.better.Although. have.citizens. Unique Trait Achaemenid Legacy: Golden Ages lasts 50% Units receive a movement bonus and a +10% attack and defense strength bonus during a Golden some.Achaemenian..the.the.reign.empire.successful.. kings.subjects. Unique Unit Immortal Replaces Spearman Unique Building Satrap’s.a.its.the.Medes..and.policies.the.At.ungainly.satrap. Unique Trait The Glory of Rome: +25% Production bonus when constructing a building (in another city) that already has been constructed in the religion.Romans. Rome Leader: Augustus Caesar ( Rome.their.(and.Augustus’.England.– greatest) ideas.their.first.any.two.survival.was. and.much.a.cultures.and. policies.warrior.history.civil.culture.if. The..The..almost. hundred. Unique Unit Ballista Replaces Catapult Unique Unit Legion Replaces Swordsman 186 .AD) and.BC..century.while.kept.and.Peace).of.Empire.(Roman.the.centuries.basin.great.Romans. innovators.not.and.empire.smoothly.14. flourished.history.same.portions.age.overseeing.that.

enigma..a.monarchy.– grindingly.empire.part.Winston.100.latter.uniquely.Russia..through.lead.said.could.century.and. Iron and Uranium deposits are doubled.the.making.Russian..the.the. Unique Unit Cossack Replaces Cavalry Unique Building Krepost Replaces Barracks 187 .the.Germany..she. French.great.–.once.Queen. Russia Leader: Catherine the Great ( beautiful.her. fascinating.of.history..nearly.mystery.miles..the.enough. both..its.and.born.Europe.communist.human.that.riddle. be.Churchill.a..centers.historically. and Unique Trait Mother Russia: Resources provide +1 Production.and.of. the.on.of.has.a.Catherine.thinking..England.of..square.Europe.with.of.thousands.Mongols.–’ In.its.rule.a..influence.great.united.Laos..storied.of.The.brilliant.”.to.of.avoidance.famine.English.his.entertaining.and.Southeast.revolution.inaccurate.European.and.mountains.AD) In.and.leader.I..long..may.beautiful.reality.years.A.empires.ancient.occupation.of.and.and.and.Thailand.every.Myanmar..forests.prince.and.other.seen.and. Unique Unit Naresuan’s Elephant Replaces Knight Unique Building Wat Replaces University 188 borders.over.twenty..highly. Siam Leader: Ramkhamhaeng ( viewed.of.Siam’s. Unique Trait Father Governs Children: Food and Culture gifts from friendly City-States are increased by 50%.small.Malaysia.–.of.rise.– mysterious.“ romanticized.between.. more.interesting.the.named.Asia.and.expanded.flood.cover.and.a.unimportant.much.a.inherited.and.“Ramkhamhaeng” which.a.centuries.1440.near.the.AD) 1493–1528).invaders.” Songhai Leader: Askia (– Unique Unit Mandekalu Cavalry Replaces Knight Unique Building Mud Pyramid Mosque Replaces Temple 189 .important.independence. Civilization: “ Unique Trait River Warlord: Receive double the standard amount of Gold when destroying Barbarian encampments and when pillaging Cities.a.early.vassal.the.who.fell. Songhai.The. Embarked units can defend themselves..West.

One..can.Washington.and.that. powerful.that.’s.born.see.possesses.the.Although.everything.Possessing.a.United States of America die.the.was.Bomber Replaces Bomber 190 .weapons. civilization.destroying.would. George.formed.Benjamin. 21st.“super-power” Unique Unit Minuteman Replaces Musketman Unique Unit B17.and. planet)“Father.”. Leader: George Washington (–.war.Washington.on.Washington.the.Colonies. Unique Trait Manifest Destiny: Increases Unit sight and provides a discount on tile George.’””.screen.Game” From.. From. the.Multiplayer. Setup.of. just.leaders.MulTiplayer CivilizaTion v Multiplayer Menu Local Games Multiplayer.a.don’ the.denoted.any.taken.list. pace.your..Browser.list.a. options.populate. for.leader’“Host.Staging.over.Game.those.will.can.“’“’ll.“Refresh””“AI”.in) create.or.on. (“Multiplayer” you’ 191 Note.. “’’s.for.alliances.used.can.hosted.are. 192“ Chat You.other..If.of.on.’ game.during.a.process.HUD. you’d.of.notification.internet.browser.can. to.Overlay.the..Staging.via.from..Staging.They’’ Friends List” the.choose. and.the.“Open. Auto-Matchmaking and Browsing for Games”.down.a.exists.from.other.all.While. Games’’’ and Loading Games’s.can.controls.”.Screen.the.“ 193 .day.playing.the.are..From.reconnect.a.Hosting.Setup.a.available: Map Size Duel Tiny Small Standard Large Huge Number of Players Number of City-States 2 4 4 8 6 12 8 16 10 20 12 24 Game and Map Sizes to.account.type.the.’t.quickly.move.of.mods.. Browser.’ game’ keyword.. has..mod’s...a.have. 194’s..“Enabled” a.Civ yet.information.Mods.Language) downloaded.of. and Rating– Civilization V way).how.modders.need.installed.that.bring.most..doesn’ with.all.Mods”.Menu.on.access.“Browse. damage.and.“Like” F .easily.“Mods”..its.aren’t. accessible.Napoleon’! them.a.bring.view.can.“Online” XML The. Browsing.

you..uploading.account.the.Player”.downloaded.your.updates.the.the.mod.SDK’’ your.“’re...mods..the. 195’ve.the.if.the.accounts.have.a. Mods in Single Player Click.upload.the.information.ModBuddy.and.internet.your.assigned. To. Automatic Mod Updates game.automatically..ID.. Tutorials and Examples Uploading a Mod and The World builder sdk tab.the. These.or.the. one.important.will. When.upload..extensive.can.Civ V’s

CrediTs Firaxis Games Design Team Sid Meier Multiplayer Leads Jonathan Tanner Justin Randall Scott Lewis Character Lead Brian Busatti AI/Gameplay Programmers Systems Programmers Dom Cerquetti Ken Grey Greg Osefo Don Wuenschell Structure Lead Arne Schmidt Unit Lead Original Creator of Civilization Designed By Jon Shafer Tom Symonds Interface Lead Effects Lead Todd Bilger Steve Egrie Russell Vaccaro III Additional Design and Gameplay Ed Beach Scott Lewis Graphics Programmers Joshua Barczak John Kloetzli Marc Meyer Kiran Sudhakara Marek Vojtko Marc Olano Todd Smith Principal Terrain Artist Artists Aaron Anderson Jerome J Atherholt Michael R Bates Kevin Bradley Brian Busatti Greg Cunningham Taylor Fischer Nathan Gordon Arthur Gould Jason Guy David Jones Suzana Kilic Alex Kim Jonathan Mack Gregory Marlow Ryan Murray Jason Pastrana Dan Perry Brian Theodore Production Team Producer Lisa Miller Dennis Shirk Multiplayer Programmers Modding Programmers Shaun Seckman Associate Producer Additional Production Clint McCaul Michelle Menard Tools Programmers Eric Jordan Scott Ramsey Sergey Tirapolsky Justin Boswell Dan Goodman Katie Hirsch Steve Houchard Michelle Menard Daniel Selnick Bob Thomas Writers Michelle Menard Paul Murphy Additional Programmers Programming Team Programming Lead Brian Wade Tim Kipp Systems Lead AI/Gameplay Lead Ed Beach Art Team Art Lead Concept Artists Marc Hudgins Sang Han Graphics Lead Dan Baker Dorian Newcomb Chris Hickman Alex Kim Additional Art Interface Lead Marc Meyer Animation Supervisor Lead Animator Tools Lead Bart Muzzin Erik Ehoff Ed Lynch Piero Macgowan Jack Snyder Art Wiesen 196 .

Opening Cinematic Digic Pictures Paul Murphy Mike Lemon Patrick Miller Opening Cinematic Script Audio Team Michael Curran Michael Curran Paul Heitsch Geoff Knorr Roland Rizzo Ian Smith Frankenstein Test Group Abyss ainwood AlazkanAssassin arcan bernie14 Bob Thomas bobT C.Roland ChrisWithers claudelu colonelmustard dacole Dale DanQ danthrax Dominae ekmek freakmon GeneralMatt Gogf Grey Fox Gyathaar Hugin Impaler[WrG] jdog5000 jmoskie jobe Kael karadoc KillerClowns Locutus loki1232 Lord_Phan magnus333 Meredith Ming monoha Nikis-Knight Nikolai Nolan Audio Department Manager Sound Designers Music Michael Curran Geoff Knorr Paul Heitsch Roland Rizzo Ian Smith Additional Music Lyric Settings Michelle Menard Dom Cerquetti Ken Grey Don Wuenschell notyoueither OgreBG Opera Peachrocks Pfeffersack Primax rah robin-uiowa Scott-DTA seZereth SirPartyMan snafusmith snoopy369 Solver TheMeInTeam totallycres Valkrionn Velociryx vondrack WarningU2 Wilboman xienwolf yin26 Ztaesek Audio Programmers Firaxis Management CEO / President Steve Martin Sid Meier Quality Assurance Team QA Manager QA Lead Testers Grant Frazier Michael Argo Justice Avery Matthew Beach David Cerny Daron Carlock Jim Crawley Pat Glascoe Scott Wittbecker Creative Director Studio Art Directors Seth Spaulding Steve Ogden Director of Software Development Steve Meyer Executive Producer Barry Caudill Director of Marketing Kelley Gilmore Peter Murray Marketing Associate 197 .

Interactive Marketing Elizabeth Tobey Greg Laabs Gamespy Drew Curby Andrew Textor Manager Music & Talent Licensing Lydia Jenner Fork VFX Powered by Fork Particle Producer Community Manager Director. 2K Games is a Division of 2K. Product Development Greg Gobbi Director of Product Development John Chowanec Director of PD Operations Kate Kellogg Director of Creative Production Jack Scalici Senior PR Manager Charlie Sinhaseni Nvidia Support Intel Support Yannis Minadakis Michael Katz Aaron Davies John Bartkiw Chris Boyd Neil Kaethler Alfred Reynolds Jason Ruymen PR Manager Jennie Sue International PR & Marketing Assistant Erica Denning Global Events Manager Karl Unterholzner Valve Support Art Director. David Ismailer VP.O. Marketing Production Jackie Truong Microsoft Support Chuck Walbourne Steve Lowther V.Human Resources Director Shawn Kohn Special Thanks Office Manager Donna Milesky IT Manager Matt Baros Joanne Miller To all of our families and loved ones! Thank you for your patience and support! Published by 2K Games. SVP Marketing Sarah Anderson VP Marketing Matt Gorman Josh Scanlan VP International Marketing Matthias Wehner Tom Bass IT Technician Special Projects Susan Meier Director of Marketing Global Director of Public Relations Markus Wilding AMD Support Steve Bell Bill Bilodeau Thomas Fortier Evan Hart Brian Harvey 2K PublishinG President Christoph Hartmann C. Tiffany Nagano Ben Chang Assistant Producer Production Assistants Casey Cameron Andrew Dutra Shawn Martin Aerial Photographer Marketing Production Assistant Ham Nguyen Director of Technology Jacob Hawley 198 .O. a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software. Garrett Bittner Jr. Creative Services Lesley Zinn Web Director Gabe Abarcar Seth Jones Senior Manager of Creative Production Chad Rocco Web Designer Senior Manager.

VP Business Development Kris Severson Lead Tester Griffin Funk 2K International General Manager Neil Ralley VP Sales & Licensing Steve Glickstein Lead Tester (Support Team) Sean Manzano Andrew Webster Strategic Sales and Licensing Director Paul Crockett Peter Welch Senior Tester International Marketing Manager Lia Tsele VP. Mateo Baker Licensing Director Claire Roberts Martin Moore Video Editor Web Content Manager International Marketing Assistant Tom East Kenny Crosbie Jr Video Editor Michael Howard Licensing/Operations Specialist Xenia Mul Director In-game Media. 199 . Marie Assistant Localization Manager Arsenio Formoso External Localization Teams Around the Word Effective Media Synthesis International Srl Synthesis Iberia Localization tools and support provided by XLOC Inc. Promotions and Partnerships Shelby Cox 2K International Product Development International Producer Sajjad Majid Associate Manager of Partner Marketing Dawn Burnell Localization Manager Jean-Sebastien Ferey 2K Quality Assurance Alex Plachowski Special Thanks VP of Quality Assurance Quality Assurance Test Manager (Projects) Grant Bryson Alexis Ladd Compliance Manager Lori Durrant Todd Ingram Chris Jones Jana Kubanski Eric Lane Merja Reed Jay Ruiz Rick Shawalker Madeleine St. Counsel Director of Operations Dorian Rehfield Ruben Gonzalez Sara Lane Justin Waller International Product Manager Warner Guinée Emily Britt Quality Assurance Team Rick Alvarez Chad Bert Steve Capri Ariel Ceballos Alex Coleman John Dickerson Keith Doran Anthony Franco Andres Garcia Ricky Hernandez Jonathan Keiser Davis Krieghoff Jason Mitchell Tyler Muelrath Matthew Porter Matt Priddy Matt Proudfoot Angie Ricci Dio Rochino Jess Sparks Dung Trinh International PR Manager International PR Executive Matt Roche Director of Analysis and Planning Phil Shpilberg Video Production Manager J.

com/musiccredits Rita Čepurčenko Costin Anghelescu Václav Dvořák František Eret Petr Typolt Petr Hlaváč Anna Jírovcová Pavel Kutman David Šroubek Jiří Škoda Eva Rohanová Václav Riedlbauch Hana Šimečková Hana Kutmanová David Voráč Lucie Hůlová Second Violin Libor Kaňka Martin Pachner Ludvík Sklenář Jaroslav Kořán Miroslav Kosina Vlastimil Zeman Anna Vaňková JindřichVácha Jiljí Teringer Milan Machačka 200 .Jan Kotzmann Assistant Engineer .civilization5.Tomáš Kirschner Chorus Master .2K International Quality Assurance QA Manager Ghulam Khan Take-Two International Operations Anthony Dodd Martin Alway Cat Findlay Nisha Verma Robert Willis Denisa Polcerova OriGinal scOre recOrdinG Philharmonic of Prague Conductor .Cenda Kotzmann Librarian .Andy Brick Concertmasters .Stanislav Mistr QA Supervisor Sebastian Frank Hugo Sieiro Wayne Boyce Lena Brenk Mastering Engineer Localization QA Project Lead Localization QA Technicians Anthony Busselier Alba Loureiro Andreas Strothmann Antonio Grasso Fabrizio Mariani Florian Genthon Giovanni De Caro Javier Vidal Jose Minana Karim Cherif Luigi Di Domenico Oscar Pereira Stefan Rossi Tirdad Nosrati 2K Shanghai General Manager Julien Bares Liu Jing Production Director Producers Liu Shan Ren Ye Qing Yi Zheng First Violin Art Director Senior Artist Li Ying Jun Xu Jie Lead Animator Animators Yin Ji Shen Yi Xin Wu Xiao Tang Yi Fan Design Team James Crocker Tom Baker 2K International Team Agnès Rosique Alex Bickham Ben Seccombe David Halse Fabrice Poirier Jan Sturm Jean-Paul Hardy Luis De La Camara Burditt Olivier Troit Sandra Melero Simon Turner Snezana Stojanovska Stefan Eder For a complete listing of the Civilization V music credits.Petr Pycha Sound Engineer . please visit: www.Rita Čepurčenko & Miloš Jahoda Orchestral Music Contractor and Producer .

Alan Melkus Jan Nykrýn Stanislav Kodad Eduard Vaníček Vladimír Zajačik Jiří Zajíc Jindřich Moravec Kamila Puteaney Monika Boušková Basclarinet Bassoon Gražina Biernot Andrea Soukupová Marie Matějková Martina Kritznerová Věra Váchová Romana Hýžová Kateřina Kotešovcová Darina Glatzová Miroslav Plechatý Svatopluk Čech Lumír Vaněk Petr Němeček Altos DoubleBassoon Horns František Langweil Pavel Douba Tomáš Kirschner Petr Hernych Cello Dana Sedmidubská Štěpánka Pýchová Michaela Štefáčková Marie Šmaterová Jana Dvořáková Jana Drábková Ludmila Hudečková Romana Soukupová Miloš Jahoda Jaroslav Matějka Pavel Běloušek Richard Žemlička Petr Malíšek Marek Elznic Věra Anýžová Petr Šporcl Roman Stehlík David Havelík Tenors Trumpet Marek Zvolánek Svatopluk Zaal Jan Fišer Trombone Bass Jiří Novotoný František Zazvonil Petr Klíma Bronislav Palowski Tomáš Hinterholzinger Luboš Moravec Tomáš Fiala Dušan Růžička Viktor Byček Michal Foršt Basses Martin Zelenka Michal Novák Jan Buble Lukáš Verner Václav Hoskovec Aleš Benda Radomír Žalud Jan Prokop Basstrombone Petr Čihák Tuba Harp Karel Malimánek Stáňa Ramešová Flute Tympani Michal krůšek Tomáš Hanzl Miroslav Vácha Martin Vacula Wouter Tukker Jan Socha Vladimír Hambálek Jiří Sejpal Svatopluk Čech ml.Kateřina Gemrotová Martin Šandera Vlastimil Zeman Martin Tupý Oboe Liběna Sequardtová Jan Hodánek Sopranos Viola English Horn Clarinet Jan Mach Vlastimil Mareš Zdeněk Zindel Vladimír Bažant Tomáš Duda Oldřich Smola jun. Jiří Svoboda Ivan Hoznedr Narrator – Morgan Sheppard Son – Rick Pasqualone Cultural Advisor – Vanessa Aspillaga Economic Advisor – Nancy Linari Military Advisor – RF Daley 201 . Actors Robert Heger Martin Klimánek Percussion Piccolo Jiří Skuhra Miroslav Kejmar ml.

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Oligarchy None Oligarchy None None None None Citizenship Citizenship Collective Rule Effect +1 Food per turn in the Capital City +33% Production when building Wonders +33% growth rate in Capital City -33% Unhappiness production in Capital City Gold cost for buying land reduced by 50% +33% combat strength to units within the empire’s borders +50% construction rate of Settlers +25% construction rate of Workers New cities start with 50% Food necessary to gain a second citizen +1 Happiness for each city connected to the Capital with a trade route +1 Culture in every City +1 Production in every City +25% combat bonus versus Barbarians. and a notification sent when new Barbarian Camps are spawned within revealed territory +15% combat strength for units in a tile next to other military units -1 Unhappiness for each City with a Garrison Military Units gain double XP from combat Gold cost of Upgrading Military Units reduced by 50% A Great General appears outside the Capital City +2 to Happiness Gain 2 free Policies Honor Honor Honor Honor Honor Honor Piety Piety Piety Piety Piety None None None None None None Classical Era Classical Era Classical Era Classical Era Classical Era None None Discipline Warrior Code Military Caste None None Mandate of Heaven. Reformation None 50% of excess Happiness added to the amount of Culture per turn Amount of Happiness required to start a Golden None Age reduced by 25% Organized Religion Immediately enter a 6-turn Golden Age 203 .CharTs and Tables poliCies Policy Name Tradition Tradition Aristocracy Landed Elite Legalism Monarchy Oligarchy Liberty Liberty Citizenship Collective Rule Meritocracy Representation Republic Honor Honor Discipline Military Caste Military Tradition Professional Army Warrior Code Piety Piety Free Religion Mandate of Heaven Organized Religion Reformation Branch Tradition Tradition Tradition Tradition Tradition Tradition Liberty Liberty Liberty Liberty Liberty Liberty Required Era None None None None None None None None None None None None Required Policies None None Aristocracy.

Policy Name Theocracy Patronage Patronage Aesthetics Cultural Diplomacy Educated Elite Philanthropy Scholasticism Commerce Commerce Mercantilism Merchant Navy Naval Tradition Protectionism Trade Unions Rationalism Rationalism Free Thought Humanism Scientific Revolution Secularism Sovereignty Freedom Freedom Civil Society Constitution Democracy Free Speech Universal Suffrage Order Order Communism Branch Piety Required Era Classical Era Required Policies Effect -20% Unhappiness produced by Population in nonOrganized Religion occupied Cities None None Scholasticism Aesthetics. Allied City-States will occasionally gift you Great People +25% more Influence gained from Gold gifts to City-States Allied City-States provide a Science bonus equal to 33% of what they provide for themselves +25% Gold output in the Capital City Purchasing items in cities requires 25% less Gold +3 Production in all coastal Cities +1 Movement and +1 Sight for Naval combat units +1 Happiness from each Luxury Resource Maintenance paid on Roads and Railroads reduced by 20% Immediately enter a 5-turn Golden Age +2 Science from every Trading Post +1 Happiness from every University Gain 2 free Technologies +2 Science from every Specialist +15% Science while the empire is Happy -50% Unhappiness produced from Specialist Population -50% Food consumption by Specialists Culture doubled in all Cities with a World Wonder +50% Great People production rate -25% of Policy Culture costs +33% City Combat Strength +25% construction rate of Buildings +5 Production per City Patronage Patronage Patronage Patronage Patronage Patronage Commerce Commerce Commerce Commerce Commerce Commerce Rationalism Rationalism Rationalism Rationalism Rationalism Rationalism Freedom Freedom Freedom Freedom Freedom Freedom Order Order Medieval Era Medieval Era Medieval Era Medieval Era Medieval Era Medieval Era Medieval Era Medieval Era Medieval Era Medieval Era Medieval Era Medieval Era Renaissance Era None Renaissance Era Secularism Renaissance Era None Renaissance Era Free Thought Renaissance Era None Renaissance Era Humanism Renaissance Era None Renaissance Era Renaissance Era Renaissance Era Renaissance Era None None Civil Society Constitution Renaissance Era None Industrial Era Industrial Era None Planned Economy 204 . Scholasticism None Philanthropy None Trade Unions Naval Tradition None Mercantilism None Influence with City-States degrades 25% slower than normal Minimum Influence level with all City-States is 20 Quantity of Resources gifted by City-States increased by 100%. Happiness from gifted Luxuries increased by 50%.

-50% Unhappiness in Occupied Cities Wounded military units inflict +25% more damage For 20 turns. Oil. Sheep None None Ice Oil Iron. Uranium. Incense. Coal. Incense. Whales. Uranium. Horses. Silver. Wine. Silver. Marsh Cattle. Cotton. Marble. Aluminum. Coal. Oil. Gems. Forest. Gold. Sheep Iron. Wine. Forest. Militarism None Militarism None Police State. Marble. Flood Plains Gold. Cotton. Uranium Iron. Forest. Gems. Aluminum. Jungle Marble. Gold. Aluminum. Pearls. Gold. Horses. Fascism Effect +25% attack bonus when fighting in friendly territory -50% Unhappiness from number of Cities -10% Gold maintenance cost of Buildings Other players’ City-State Influence Points decrease 33% faster -33% Gold Maintenance cost for Units Quantity of Strategic Resources produced increases by 100% Gold cost of purchasing units reduced by 33%. Silver.Policy Name Nationalism Planned Economy Socialism United Front Autocracy Autocracy Fascism Militarism Police State Populism Total War Branch Order Order Order Order Autocracy Autocracy Autocracy Autocracy Autocracy Autocracy Required Era Industrial Era Industrial Era Industrial Era Industrial Era Industrial Era Industrial Era Industrial Era Industrial Era Industrial Era Industrial Era Required Policies None Socialism None None None Populism. Wheat. Oil Iron. Ivory. Gems. Oil. Forest Uranium. Oasis. Uranium. Sheep None Iron. Aluminum. Gems. Furs 205 . all Military Units receive a 33% attack bonus Terrain Terrain Base Terrain Coast Desert Food 1 0 Production Gold 0 0 1 0 Combat Modifier 0% -33% Movement Cost 1 1 Possible Features Found Ice Possible Resources Found Grassland 2 0 0 -33% 1 Hill Mountain Ocean Plains Snow Tundra 0 0 1 1 0 1 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 +25% +25% 0% -33% -33% -33% 2 Impassable 1 1 1 1 Fish. Sheep Iron. Deer. Coal. Gems. Jungle Uranium. Deer. Cotton. Marble. Marble. Horses.

Uranium. Dyes. Deer. Fuji Oasis Old Faithful Rivers Rock of Gibraltar Food 0 -3 2 1 0 0 0 1 0 2 -1 0 3 0 0 0 Combat Production Gold Modifier 2 -3 0 1 2 2 0 -1 2 0 0 2 0 2 0 2 3 -3 0 0 3 3 0 0 3 1 0 3 1 3 1 3 0% -33% -33% +25% 0% 0% 0% +25% 0% 0% -33% 0% -33% 0% 0% 0% Movement Cost Impassable 2 1 2 Impassable Impassable Impassable 2 Impassable Impassable 2 Impassable 1 Impassable All Remaining Points Impassable Possible Resources Found None None Wheat. Gems. Spices None None Oil. Bananas. Dyes.Terrain feaTures Feature Terrain Features Barringer Crater Fallout Flood Plains Forest Grand Mesa Great Barrier Reef Ice Jungle Krakatoa Lakes Marsh Mt. Sugar Uranium. Silk None None None Oil. Uranium. Sugar None None None None None 206 . Furs.

Keyboard ShortcutS Action General Hotkeys Civilopedia Economic Info Military Info Diplomacy Info Social Policies Screen Tech Screen Notification Log Victory Progress Demographics Strategic View Quick Save Quick Load Hex Grid Menu End Turn Next Unit Previous Unit Zoom out Zoom in Capital City View Capital City View Capital City View Zoom in Zoom out Show resource icons Yield icons Game Options Save Load End Turn General Units Move Mode Explore (Automated) Alert Sleep Do Nothing Hotkey F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 F11 F12 G Esc Enter Period Comma + Insert Home End Page Up Page Down Ctrl-R Ctrl-Y Ctrl-O Ctrl-S Ctrl-L Ctrl Space M E A F Spacebar Action Delete the Unit Attack Ranged Attack Set Up Artillery Fortify until healed Air Units Rebase Mode Air Strike Mode Air Sweep Intercept Nuke Mode Civilian Units Found City Build Improvements (Automated) Construct a Road Construct a Railroad Route to Mode Remove Jungle Clear a Marsh Construct a Farm Construct a Trading Post Construct a Camp Construct a Farm Construct a Mine Construct a Plantation Construct a Quarry Construct a Pasture Construct a Fort Construct a Well Create Fishing Boats Create Offshore Platform Remove Forest Cancel Last Mission Construct a Lumber Mill Citadel Hotkey Delete Ctrl-A B S H Alt-R S Alt-S I N B A R R Alt-R Alt-C Alt-C I T H I N P Q P Ctrl-F O F O Alt-C Backspace L C 207 .

Aztec Unique Unit Ignores Terrain Cost Can found a new City Bonus vs Mounted (100) May not melee attack.Persian Unique Unit Combat Bonus in Jungle (50). Heals 2 Damage if kills a Unit.uniTs Unit Name Cost Ancient Era Units Archer 70 Brute 20 Chariot Archer Galley Hoplite Immortal Jaguar Scout Settler Spearman Trireme War Chariot War Elephant Warrior Work Boat Worker 60 50 60 60 40 25 89 50 60 60 80 40 30 70 Combat Type Archery Melee Mounted Naval Melee Melee Melee Recon Civilian Melee Naval Mounted Mounted Melee Civilian Civilian Ranged Combat Combat Strength Strength Range 4 6 3 5 9 8 6 4 N/A 7 6 3 6 6 N/A N/A 6 N/A 6 3 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 4 6 8 N/A N/A N/A 2 N/A 2 2 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 2 2 2 N/A N/A N/A Resources Movement Required 2 2 4 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 4 5 3 2 4 2 None None Horses None None None None None None None None None None None None None Technology Required Archery None The Wheel None Bronze Working Bronze Working None None None Bronze Working Sailing The Wheel The Wheel None Sailing None Notes May not melee attack Barbarian replacement for the Warrior May not melee attack. may not melee attack. and no defensive bonuses Barbarian vessel. Heals at Double Rate. may not enter deep ocean Bonus vs Mounted (100). cannot enter deep ocean May not melee attack. Indian Unique Unit None May create Fishing Boats and Offshore Platforms May create and repair land-based Improvements 208 . and no defensive bonuses. no defensive bonuses. rough terrain penalty. rough terrain penalty. Egyptian Unique Unit May not melee attack. Greek Unique Unit Bonus vs Mounted (100).

must set up to range attack No defensive bonuses. may attack twice. Arabian Unique Unit May not melee attack. no defensive bonuses. +1 Range . German Unique Unit May not melee attack. can move after attacking Roman Unique Unit Iroquois Unique Unit None No defensive bonuses. bonus vs cities (10). Songhai Unique Unit 100 Siege 4 18 2 2 Iron Mathematics Catapult Companion Cavalry Horseman Legion Mohawk Warrior Swordsman Medieval Era Units Camel Archer Cho-Ko-Nu Crossbowman Knight Landsknecht Longbowman Longswordsman Mandekalu Cavalry 100 Siege 4 14 2 2 Iron Mathematics Horseback Riding Horseback Riding Iron Working Iron Working Iron Working 80 80 90 80 80 Mounted Mounted Melee Melee Melee 14 12 13 11 11 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 5 4 2 2 2 Horses Horses Iron Iron Iron 150 120 Mounted Archery 10 6 6 18 10 6 18 18 15 10 12 N/A N/A 12 N/A N/A 2 2 2 N/A N/A 2 N/A N/A 3 2 2 3 2 2 2 3 Horses None None Horses None None Iron Horses Chivalry Machinery Machinery Chivalry Civil Service Machinery Steel Chivalry 120 Archery 150 50 120 150 150 Mounted Melee Archery Melee Mounted 209 . can move after attacking. bonus vs Cities (30). no defensive bonuses. bonus vs cities (10). Roman Unique Unit May not melee attack. may not melee attack.Unit Name Cost Classical Era Units Ballista Combat Type Ranged Combat Combat Strength Strength Range Resources Movement Required Technology Required Notes May not melee attack. limited visibility. combat likely to produce Great Generals. can move after attacking. limited visibility. Chinese Unique Unit May not melee attack No defensive bonuses. and can move after attacking Bonus vs Mounted (100). Greek Unique Unit No defensive bonuses. weak to Pikemen. can move after attacking. British Unique Unit None No defensive bonuses. must set up to range attack.

bonus vs cities (10). Japanese Unique Unit May not melee attack. bonus vs Mounted (50). American Unique Unit French Unique Unit None Renaissance Era Units Cannon Caravel Cavalry 250 Siege 10 15 25 26 7 N/A 2 2 N/A 2 6 3 None None Horses Chemistry Astronomy Military Science Military Science Navigation Gunpowder Metallurgy Gunpowder Gunpowder Gunpowder 100 Naval 260 Mounted Cossack Frigate Janissary Lancer Minuteman Musketeer Musketman 260 Mounted 160 120 Naval Gunpowder 25 30 16 22 16 20 16 N/A 15 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 2 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 3 5 2 4 2 2 2 Horses Iron None Horses None None None 220 Mounted 120 Gunpowder 120 Gunpowder 120 Gunpowder 210 . Russian Unique Unit May not melee attack Heals all damage if destroys a unit. must set up to range attack +2 extra Sight. bonus vs cities (10). can move after attacking All terrains cost 1 to move. no defensive bonuses. no defensive bonuses. can move after attacking. must set up to range attack May not melee attack.Unit Name Naresuan’s Elephant Pikeman Samurai Cost Combat Type Ranged Combat Combat Strength Strength Range 22 10 18 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Resources Movement Required 2 2 2 None None Iron Technology Required Chivalry Civil Service Steel 150 Mounted 100 Melee 150 Melee Trebuchet 170 Siege 6 20 2 2 Iron Physics Notes No defensive bonuses. no defensive bonuses. Ottoman Unique Unit Penalty on Defense. limited visibility. no defensive bonuses. can move after attacking Penalty vs Mounted. can move after attacking. Siamese Unique Unit Bonus vs Mounted (100) +20% Combat Strength when fighting in open terrain. no defensive bonuses. combat very likely to produce Great Generals. combat bonus against damaged enemy units. may not melee attack Penalty vs Mounted. +25% combat bonus when attacking. limited visibility.

can move after attacking. can see Submarines. Air Recon. +1 Extra Sight. no defensive bonuses. limited visibility Indirect Fire.Unit Name Rifleman Ship of the Line Cost Combat Type 200 Gunpowder 140 Naval Ranged Combat Combat Strength Strength Range 25 N/A N/A 30 17 2 Resources Movement Required 2 None 5 Iron Technology Required Rifling Navigation Sipahi Industrial Era Units Anti-Aircraft Gun Anti-Tank Gun Artillery Battleship Carrier Destroyer 220 Mounted 22 N/A N/A 5 Horses Metallurgy Notes None May not melee attack. Bonus vs Helicopters Bonus vs Tanks Indirect Fire. Air Sweep. Bonus vs Aircraft (100). must set up to range attack. +1 extra Sight. Ottoman Unique Unit Interception (100). may not melee attack Interception (100). Bonus vs Helicopters +20% Combat bonus outside friendly territory. no defensive bonuses. Bonus vs Submarines (100). may not melee attack 300 300 420 Gunpowder Gunpowder Siege 32 32 16 60 30 35 N/A N/A 32 32 N/A 22 2 N/A 3 3 N/A 2 2 2 2 4 5 8 None None None Oil Oil None Radio Replaceable Parts Dynamite Telegraph Flight Electricity 500 Naval 520 Naval 380 Naval Fighter Foreign Legion Infantry Ironclad 420 Air 300 Gunpowder N/A 36 36 25 50 N/A N/A 18 8 N/A N/A 2 N/A 2 2 4 Oil None None Coal Flight Replaceable Parts Replaceable Parts Steam Power 300 Gunpowder 220 Naval 211 . weak against ranged attacks. British Unique Unit Penalty on Defense. Bonus vs Cities (10). may not melee attack. no movement cost to pillage. French Unique Unit None May not enter deep ocean. may not melee attack Carries up to 3 Aircraft Units Indirect Fire. Interception (40). +3 Extra Sight.

interception (100). may not melee attack Penalty attacking Cities. Air Sweep. may enter ice tiles. does massive damage to Cities and Units within blast radius Penalty vs Naval. Bonus vs Fighters. may not melee attack 850 Bomb N/A N/A N/A N/A 50 N/A 60 60 70 N/A 10 10 10 8 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 6 Uranium Oil Oil None Aluminum Nuclear Fission Radar Radar Satellites Rocketry 520 Air 520 Air 200 Bomb 450 Air Jet Fighter Mechanized Infantry Missile Cruiser 600 Air 440 Gunpowder N/A 50 60 70 N/A 25 10 N/A 3 N/A 4 7 Aluminum None Aluminum Lasers Electronics Robotics 520 Naval 212 . Bonus vs Helicopters None Indirect Fire. no defensive bonuses. can move after attacking. weak against ranged attacks. no defensive bonuses. bonus vs Tanks. +25% combat strength vs Cities. -50% damage from interceptions. American Unique Unit Penalty vs Naval Cannot be intercepted. Air Sweep. can carry 3 missiles. limited visibility. Bonus vs Helicopters. unable to capture cities Interception (100). Air Recon. hovering unit.Unit Name Panzer Cost Combat Type Ranged Combat Combat Strength Strength Range 60 N/A N/A Resources Movement Required 5 Oil Technology Required Combustion 450 Armored Submarine 380 Naval 25 60 3 5 None Refrigeration Tank 450 Armored 50 N/A N/A 4 Oil Combustion Zero Modern Era Atomic Bomb B17 Bomber Guided Missile Helicopter Gunship 420 Air 50 N/A 8 N/A Oil Flight Notes Penalty attacking Cities. Ignores terrain costs. can move after attacking. no defensive bonuses. weak against ranged attacks. German Unique Unit Is invisible to other units. limited visibility. Japanese Unique Unit Evasion (50). Air Recon. can see Submarines. Interception (100).

One of the spaceship parts required for a Science Victory. Penalty vs Naval. Evasion (100). can carry 2 missiles. no defensive bonuses. may not melee attack. does massive damage to Cities and Units within blast radius Is invisible to other units. no defensive bonuses.may enter ice tiles. bonus vs Helicopters Penalty attacking Cities. can see submarines. bonus vs aircraft (100). One of the spaceship parts required for a Science Victory. Air Recon Penalty Attacking Cities. bonus vs Cities (10). limited visibility. no defensive bonuses. 3 are needed to complete the spaceship. limited visibility One of the spaceship parts required for a Science Victory. bonus vs Submarines (50). can move after attacking Evasion (50). can move after attacking One of the spaceship parts required for a Science Victory. 213 .Unit Name Mobile SAM Modern Armor Nuclear Missile Nuclear Submarine Paratrooper Rocket Artillery Cost Combat Type Ranged Combat Combat Strength Strength Range 40 80 N/A N/A N/A N/A 2 N/A 8 Resources Movement Required 4 4 N/A Aluminum Aluminum Uranium Technology Required Computers Lasers Advanced Ballistics Computers 450 Gunpowder 700 Armored 1200 Bomb 500 Naval 30 70 3 6 Aluminum 350 Gunpowder 40 18 N/A 46 N/A 3 2 3 None Aluminum Radar Rocketry 600 Siege SS Booster SS Cockpit Stealth Bomber Future Era Giant Death Robot SS Engine SS Stasis Chamber 700 Project N/A N/A N/A 150 N/A N/A N/A N/A 80 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 20 N/A N/A N/A 2 2 N/A 3 2 2 None None Aluminum Uranium None None Robotics Satellites Stealth Nuclear Fusion Particle Physics Nanotechnology 1000 Project 800 Air 1000 Armored 1000 Project 1000 Project Notes Interception (100). may not melee attack May paradrop up to 5 tiles from friendly territory Indirect Fire.

5 Defense to city. it provides +15 XP for all Land units and reduces the Culture cost of buying new tiles by 50%. provides 1 extra of Luxury Resources near city.buildings Name Cost Ancient Era Buildings Barracks 80 Floating Gardens Granary Krepost Library Monument Paper Maker 120 100 80 80 60 80 Maintenance 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 0 3 3 5 1 0 1 2 Technology Required Bronze Working The Wheel Pottery Bronze Working Writing None Writing Masonry The Wheel Iron Working Philosophy Horseback Riding Construction Mathematics Optics Philosophy Horseback Riding Philosophy Specialist Slots Notes +15 XP for all Land Units +15% Food. city must border coast Artist +5 Culture. +2 Food for each worked Lake tile. doubles amount of Gold given to the enemy if City is captured +3 Happiness. +1 Science for every 2 Citizens in the City +2 Culture Chinese Unique Building. Aztec Unique Building +2 Food A Russian Unique Building. Arabian Unique Building +7. +4 Gold +5 Defense +2 Food. Songhai Unique Building +25% Production of mounted units. Requires Monument +25% Gold. Requires Walls +15% Production of land units. city must have a source of improved Horses nearby +3 Culture. Requires Barracks or Krepost +2 Culture and +2 Happiness. city must border a Lake or River. City must have a source of improved Horses or Ivory nearby +4 Happiness Eliminates Unhappiness from an occupied City +1 Food from Water Tiles. City must border a River +15 XP for all Land Units. requires Iron nearby Scientist Scientist Walls 100 Water Mill 120 Classical Era Buildings Armory Burial Tomb Circus Colosseum Courthouse Lighthouse Mud Pyramid Mosque Stable 130 120 150 150 200 80 120 100 Temple 120 Medieval Era Buildings Bazaar Castle Forge 120 200 150 Artist 0 3 2 Currency Chivalry Metal Casting Merchant 214 . +1 Science for every 2 Citizens in the City.

Name Garden Harbor Longhouse Market Mint Monastery Mughal Fort University Wat Cost 120 80 80 120 120 120 180 200 200 Maintenance 2 3 2 0 0 2 3 3 2 2 0 3 3 2 3 3 0 2 5 2 3 3 3 2 Technology Required Theology Compass Metal Casting Currency Currency Theology Chivalry Education Education Metal Casting Banking Military Science Archaeology Astronomy Acoustics Scientific Theory Banking Navigation Printing Press Economics Railroad Radio Steam Power Biology Workshop 100 Renaissance Era Buildings Bank 220 Military Academy Museum Observatory Opera House Public School Satrap’s Court Seaport 350 350 180 220 350 220 140 Specialist Slots Notes +25% Great People generation. +25% Production of Naval Units +1 Production from each worked Forest Engineer tile. +2 Science from worked Scientist Jungle tiles. +2 Culture. City must border a Mountain +5 Culture. Requires Walls. requires Library. Requires Market. Burial Tomb. Requires 1 Coal -50% Food needed for City Growth Artists Scientist Merchant Theatre 300 Windmill 180 Industrial Era Buildings Arsenal Broadcast Tower Factory Hospital 350 600 300 400 Engineer Engineer 215 . Iroquois Unique Building Merchant +25% Gold Each source of city’s Gold and Silver worked produces an extra +3 Gold +2 Culture from nearby Incense and Wine +9 Defense. City must Artist border a River or Lake Forms a naval trade route with the Capital City. Persian Unique Building +2 Production from Sea Resources. Requires Barracks or Krepost +5 Culture. Paper Maker +3 Culture. City cannot be on Hills +20% production of Land Units. provides Gold after Flight is learned. Requires Market or Bazaar +15 XP for all Land Units. Requires Opera House +50% Science. Indian Unique Building +50% Science. or Mud Pyramid +50% Science. Siamese Scientist Unique Building Engineer +20% production of Buildings Merchant +25% Gold. +50% Science. Requires University or Wat +25% Gold. +2 Happiness. Requires Museum +50% Production. Requires Temple. City must have at least one improved nearby Sea Resource +4 Happiness. Requires Military Academy Doubles Culture. Requires Colosseum +15% Production.

Requires Hospital +25% Production. Requires Theatre Modern Era Buildings Hydro Plant Medical Lab Nuclear Plant Research Lab Solar Plant Spaceship Factory Stadium 600 500 600 600 600 450 450 3 3 3 3 3 3 6 Plastics Penicillin Nuclear Fission Plastics Scientist Ecology Robotics Mass Media 216 .Name Military Base Stock Exchange Cost 450 650 Maintenance 4 0 Technology Required Telegraph Electricity Specialist Slots Notes +12 Defense. City must border a Desert +50% Production of Spaceship Parts. Requires 1 Aluminum. Requires Castle or Mughal Fort +33% Gold. Requires 1 Uranium +100% Science. Requires 1 Aluminum -25% Food needed for City Growth. Requires Public School +25% Production. Requires River. Requires Bank or Satrap’s Merchant Court +1 Production for every tile bordering a River. Requires Factory +4 Happiness.

Requires City to be on coast Enemy Land Units must spend 1 extra Construction Movement Point when inside your territory Theology +33% generation of Great People 217 . +5 Happiness Gold cost of upgrading military units reduced by 50% +33% Culture in all Cities +1 Production for every Specialist in all Cities +8 Culture empire-wide Free Social Policy Immediately enter a Golden Age +1 Gold from worked water tiles.Wonders World Wonders Name Angkor Wat Big Ben Brandenburg Gate Chitchen Itza Cristo Redentor Eiffel Tower Himeji Castle Machu Picchu Notre Dame Pentagon Sistine Chapel Status of Liberty Stonehenge Sydney Opera House Taj Mahal The Colossus The Forbidden Palace The Great Library The Great Lighthouse The Great Wall The Hagia Sophia Cost 300 700 550 450 1200 1000 600 550 500 1200 650 1200 120 1000 600 150 600 150 130 350 300 Culture 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 8 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Great Person Points +1 Engineer +2 Merchant +2 Scientist +1 Engineer +2 Artist +2 Merchant +2 Engineer +1 Merchant +1 Merchant +2 Merchant +2 Artist +3 Engineer +1 Engineer +2 Artist +2 Artist +1 Merchant +1 Artist +1 Scientist +1 Merchant +1 Engineer +1 Artist Required Technology Theology Economics Military Science Civil Service Telegraph Radio Chivalry Currency Education Radar Acoustics Replaceable Parts Calendar Globalization Printing Press Effect Culture cost of acquiring new tiles reduced by 75% in every city -25% Gold cost for purchasing items in cities Free Great General Length of Golden Ages increased by +50% Culture cost of adopting new Policies reduced by 33% +8 Happiness empire-wide +25% combat strength for all units in friendly territory +20% Gold from Trade Routes. must be built within 2 tiles of a mountain. Bronze Working Requires City to be on coast Influence with all City-States increased Banking by 50% Writing Free Technology +1 Movement and +1 Sight for all Naval Sailing Units.

Name The Hanging Gardens The Kremlin The Louvre The Oracle The Porcelain Tower The Pyramids United Nations

Cost 200 650 700 150 400 175 1000

Culture 1 4 1 1 1 1 1

Great Person Points +1 Artist +1 Scientist +2 Artist +1 Scientist +2 Scientist +1 Engineer +2 Merchant

Required Technology Mathematics Acoustics Archaeology Philosophy Education Masonry Globalization

Effect +1 Population in all existing Cities, ‘+3 Happiness Defensive Buildings are 50% more effective 2 free Great Artists appear near the Capital Free Social Policy A Great Scientist appears near the City Worker construction speed increased by 50% Completion triggers voting for the Diplomatic Victory

National Wonders
Name Hermitage Heroic Epic Ironworks National College National Epic Oxford University Palace Cost 310 110 170 120 120 260 0 Building Required in all Culture Cities 0 Museum Barracks or Russian 1 Krepost 1 Workshop or Longhouse 1 Library or Paper Maker 1 Monument 1 University or Wat 1 None Required Technology Archaeology Iron Working Chemistry Writing Philosophy Education None Effect Doubles output of Culture in this City All new Units in this city receive the Morale Promotion +20% Production +50% Science +25% Great People generation in this city Free Technology Indicates the Capital City. Cities connected by a Road to the Capital produce additional Gold. +2 Production, +3 Science, +2 Defense, and +2 Gold

Name Apollo Program SS Booster SS Cockpit SS Engine SS Stasis Chamber

Cost 1200 800 800 800 800 800 1500

Required Technology Rocketry Robotics Satellites Particle Physics Nanotechnology Atomic Theory None

The Manhattan Project Utopia Project

Effect Allows the building of Spaceship Parts 3 Required for the Science Victory 1 Required for the Science Victory 1 Required for the Science Victory 1 Required for the Science Victory Allows the building of Atomic Bombs and Nuclear Missiles Unlocks after fulling exploring 5 Social Policy Branches. Building triggers a Cultural Victory


Name Food Bonus Resources Bananas 1 Cattle 1 Deer 1 Fish 2 Sheep 1 Wheat 1 Strategic Resources Aluminum Coal Horses Iron Oil Uranium 0 0 0 0 0 0 Production Gold 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 2 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 Can be Found on Jungle Grasslands Forests, Tundra, or Hills Coast Grasslands, Plains, Deserts, or Hills Flood Plains, Plains Plains, Desert, Tundra, or Hills Grasslands, Plains, or Hills Grasslands, Plains, or Tundra Grasslands, Plains, Desert, Tundra, Snow or Hills Jungle, Marsh,Desert, Tundra, Snow or Ocean Forests, Jungle, Marsh, Grasslands, Plains, Desert, Tundra, Snow or Hills Grasslands, Plains, Desert Jungle, Forest Forest, Tundra Jungle, Grasslands, Plains, Desert, Tundra, Hills Grasslands, Plains, Desert, or Hills Desert or Plains Plains Grasslands, Plains, Desert, Tundra, or Hills Coast Forest Tundra, Desert, or Hills Jungle Flood Plains, Marsh Coast Grasslands, Plains

Improvement needed Plantation Pasture Camp Fishing Boats Pasture Farm Mine Mine Pasture Mine


Revealed by Electricity Revealed by Scientific Theory Revealed by Animal Husbandry Revealed by Iron Working

Offshore Revealed by Biology Platform or Well Revealed by Atomic Mine Theory Plantation Plantation Camp Mine Mine Plantation Camp Quarry Fishing Boats Plantation Mine Plantation Plantation Fishing Boats Plantation

Luxury Resources Cotton 0 Dyes 0 Furs 0 Gems Gold Incense Ivory Marble Pearls Silk Silver Spices Sugar Whales Wine 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0


Name Tile Yields Worker Improvements Camp None Farm +1 Food Fishing Boats None Fort Lumber Mill Mine Offshore Platform Oil Well Pasture Plantation Quarry Trading Post

Improves Resources Ivory, Furs, Deer Wheat Fish, Whales, Pearls

Prerequisite Techs Can be Built on Trapping Agriculture Sailing

Defensive Bonuses +1 Production +1 Production None None None None None +2 Gold

Forests, Tundra, Plains, Hills Grasslands, Plains, Desert Coast Grasslands, Plains, Desert, None Engineering Tundra, Snow None Engineering Forests Iron, Coal, Aluminum, Grasslands, Plains, Desert, Mining Uranium, Gems, Gold, Silver Tundra, Jungle, Snow, Hills Oil Refrigeration Ocean Jungle, Marsh,Desert, Tundra, Oil Biology Snow Grassland, Plains, Desert, Horses, Cattle, Sheep Animal Husbandry Tundra or Hills Bananas, Dyes, Silk, Grasslands, Plains, Desert, Spices, Sugar, Cotton, Wine, Calendar Forests, Marsh, Flood Plains, Incense Jungle Grasslands, Plains, Desert, Marble Masonry Tundra, or Hills Grasslands, Plains, Desert, None Trapping Tundra None None None None None None Grasslands, Plains, Desert, Tundra, Snow Grasslands, Plains, Desert, Tundra, Snow Grasslands, Plains, Desert, Tundra, Snow Grasslands, Plains, Desert, Tundra, Snow Grasslands, Plains, Desert, Tundra, Snow

Great People Improvements Academy Citadel Customs House Landmark Manufactory +5 Science

Defensive Bonuses, 3 damage to adjacent None enemy units +4 Gold +4 Culture +3 Production None None None


Name Ancient Era Agriculture Animal Husbandry Archery Bronze Working Calendar Masonry Mining Pottery Sailing The Wheel Trapping Writing Classical Era Construction Horseback Riding Iron Working Mathematics Optics Philosophy Medieval Era Chivalry Civil Service Compass Currency Education 440 400 340 250 440 Cost 20 35 35 55 70 55 35 35 55 55 55 55 100 100 150 100 80 100

Prerequisite Techs Leads to Techs


Pottery, Animal Husbandry, Archery, Farm Mining Agriculture Trapping, The Wheel Horses, Pasture Agriculture Mathematics Archer Spearman, Hoplite, Immortal, Barracks, Krepost, Mining Iron Working The Colossus, remove Jungle Pottery Theology Stonehenge, Plantation Mining Construction Walls, The Pyramids, Quarry, clear a Marsh Masonry, Bronze Agriculture Mines, remove Forest Working Sailing, Calendar, Granary Agriculture Writing Work Boat, Trireme, The Great Lighthouse, Fishing Pottery Optics Boats Horseback Riding, Chariot Archer, War Chariot, War Elephant, Floating Animal Husbandry Mathematics Gardens, Water Mill, build a Road Animal Husbandry Civil Service Trading Post, Camp Paper Maker, Library, National College, The Great Pottery Philosophy Library, Open Borders None Masonry The Wheel Bronze Working The Wheel, Archery Sailing Writing Civil Service, Horseback Riding, Currency Philosophy, Trapping Optics Mathematics Theology Engineering Chivalry Metal Casting Currency, Engineering Compass Theology, Civil Service Colosseum, The Great Wall, bridges over rivers Horseman, Companion Cavalry, Stable, Circus Swordsman, Mohawk Warrior, Legion, Armory, Heroic Epic, Iron Catapult, Ballista, The Hanging Gardens, Courthouse Lighthouse, Embarking Mud Pyramid, Burial Tomb, Temple, National Epic, The Oracle, Research Agreements Knight, Camel Archer, Naresuan’s Elephant, Mandekalu Cavalry, Mughal Fort, Castle, Himeji Castle, Defensive Pact Treaties Pikeman, Landsknecht, Chichen Itza, +1 Food for Farms along fresh water Harbor Market, Mint, Bazaar, Machu Picchu Wat, University, Oxford University, Notre Dame, The Porcelain Tower

Banking Chivalry Astronomy Chivalry Astronomy, Acoustics, Banking


Education Education. Oil. Philosophy Education Navigation Compass.Name Engineering Machinery Metal Casting Physics Steel Theology Renaissance Era Acoustics Archaeology Astronomy Banking Chemistry Economics Fertilizer Gunpowder Metallurgy Military Science Navigation Printing Press Rifling Scientific Theory Industrial Era Biology Combustion Dynamite Electricity Flight Radio Railroad Cost 250 440 250 440 440 250 650 1300 650 650 900 900 1300 680 900 1300 900 650 1425 1300 Prerequisite Techs Leads to Techs Mathematics. Telegraph. Eiffel Tower Arsenal. Coal Archaeology. Railroad. Well Tank. Physics Construction Engineering Iron Working Engineering. The Kremlin Museum. Printing Press Chemistry Physics. The Forbidden Palace Cannon. Sipahi Cavalry. Rifling Biology. Observatory. Seaport Theatre. Chivalry Gunpowder Banking. Destroyer Carrier. Railroad 222 . Chemistry Astronomy Printing Press Physics. Chu-Ko-Nu. The Hagia Sophia Opera House. Metal Casting Metal Casting Calendar. Scientific Theory Replaceable Parts. Fort Crossbowman. Scientific Theory Machinery. Ship of the Line. Gunpowder Gunpowder Education Scientific Theory Biology Navigation Economics Military Science. Zero Anti-Aircraft Gun. Hermitage. faster embarked movement. Minuteman. The Sistine Chapel. The Louvre Caravel. Forge. Machinery. Physics Economics Metallurgy Dynamite Navigation. Bank. Military Academy. Panzer Artillery Stock Exchange. Steel Gunpowder Economics. Broadcast Tower. Taj Mahal Rifleman Public School. Steam Acoustics Power Archaeology. Brandenburg Gate Frigate. Fighter. faster road movement Longhouse. Metallurgy Rifling Steam Power Unlocks Lumbermill. Biology. Aluminum. Ironworks Windmill. Steel Printing Press. Lasers Combustion Refrigeration. Garden. Radio Radar Radar. embarking across oceans Satrap’s Court. Samurai Monastery. Dynamite Fertilizer. Cossack. Angkor Wat. Janissary Lancer. Longbowman. Big Ben Farms without Fresh Water yield increased by 1 Musketman. Workshop Trebuchet Longswordsman. Musketeer. Mass Media Combustion 1680 2200 1900 1900 2200 2200 1900 Hospital. Steam Power Replaceable Parts Electricity Steam Power Electricity Atomic Theory. Fertilizer Military Science Dynamite Chemistry.

Jet Fighter Stadium Atomic Bomb. Mobile SAM Solar Plant Mechanized Infantry United Nations. Satellites None Future Tech Future Tech Nanotechnology 223 . Nuclear Plant Medical Lab Research Lab. Stealth. Advanced Radar. Replaceable Parts. B17 Bomber. Advanced Ballistics Globalization. Rocketry Nuclear Fusion Lasers Nuclear Fusion Nanotechnology. Cristo Redentor Nuclear Missile The Manhattan Project. Pentagon Spaceship Factory. Foreign Legion. Hydro Plant Bomber. Statue of Liberty Ironclad. Military Base. Infantry. Lumber Mill Production yield increased by 1. Rocket Artillery. SS Booster. Apollo Program SS Cockpit. Guided Missile Stealth Bomber A repeating tech which increases your Score each time its completed SS Stasis Chamber Giant Death Robot SS Engine Advanced Ballistics 3350 Atomic Theory Computers Ecology Electronics Globalization Lasers Mass Media Nuclear Fission Penicillin Plastics Radar Robotics Rocketry Satellites Stealth Future Era Future Tech Nanotechnology Nuclear Fusion Particle Physics 2600 3000 3000 2600 3350 3000 2600 3000 2600 2600 2600 3350 3000 3350 3350 4000 3300 3600 3350 Globalization Computers Particle Physics Stealth. Combustion Electricity. Military Science Electricity Lasers. Offshore Platform Anti-Tank Gun. Missile Cruiser Helicopter Gunship. Factory. Paratrooper. Combustion Ballistics Radio Computers Atomic Theory Advanced Ballistics Refrigeration Ecology Refrigeration Ecology Radio. Mass Media Plastics. Robotics. Railroad Electronics Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Fission Robotics Unlocks Submarine. Penicillin Steam Power Scientific Theory. Nuclear Fusion Particle Physics Satellites. faster embarked movement Battleship. Lasers Computers Particle Physics Radar Satellites Particle Physics. Nuclear Fission Combustion Electronics. Penicillin Telegraph Ecology Flight.Name Refrigeration Replaceable Parts Steam Power Telegraph Modern Era Cost 2200 1900 1680 2200 Prerequisite Techs Leads to Techs Electricity Plastics. Uranium Nuclear Submarine. Flight Rocketry. Sydney Opera House Modern Armor.

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67–74 Captured....Missions...208 Combat.Combat...73 Defending.96 City-State..War.77 City-States..218 Culture.24.73 Food..a...60.98....7.7 Unit... 58..54.67 Unemployed..Cities....Advisor.Units.36 Buildings.. City....Advisor.185 B Barbarians..173 Aztec..Combat.47.54 Attacking.75..Panel.189 United.18.171 City..States.Combat..50 Getting....a...73 Units.Growth.General.Citizens..the.80.69..71.70 Where..Web.During..117 Civilization.Combat. 102 Melee.18 Arabia.180 India....95.City-States.187 Siam.64...184 Persia..93..182 Japan..Strength.Maintenance.19.58 Bonus.61 Combat.59....202 Turning.68 City...183 Ottoman..with.Bonus.Strength.....combat.19.55.19 Advisor. 70.181 Iroquois..19 Diplomatic.Banner..18 Rome...80 230 .216 City...75 How.. C Cities....and.57.Cities..58.Cities.175 Ranged...Units.Culture.160 Specialists.. 59.67...159.66 Barbarian..66 The..War.14...of.resources....58 Terrain.63..Prerequisites.Strength.Buildings....V..of..54 Great.112 Egypt.56..69.73..and.Through..63..Screen...60 Movement.Combat.65 Bonus..75 National.Wonders.45.73 Conquering..Combat...17.Advisor.Site.Combat..Off. 218 Negotiating..59 Tutorial..Build.of..83.Land..86 Zones..177 France.12 Civilopedia.115 Communicating.24 City..80 Cultural.Advisor.Control..27 Advisors.List.75 Building......110 Combat.67 Working.Buildings...73...54 XP...201 Workers.96 Civilizations.67 The.67..An.Weapons.Advisors.Council.54..List.Bomb..179 Greece.City-States.Bonuses.57.and.190 Who.the..96–98 City-State.Combat.Encampments..65 The..73.Against..60.79.114 Ending.55...74 Construction..173 Diplomacy..61 Acquiring.176 England..Bonus.81..Combat...City...CityStates..index A Achievements....Units.63 Bonuses Combat..208 Siege...75 Unique.178 Germany..Growth.City.73.47 Combat...Victory...98 City-States..60...City..Construct.73 Combat.64.94 Encampments.196 Culture.186 Russia.Combat.54–64..19 Combat.69.79.19 Military.Statistics.Victory.77.Banner..162 Building.53 Credits.59..69.Build..with.Barbarians..70 Defending.XP...Damage..215.End.171 City.6 Advisor..70 Declaring. 156.72 114 Types..End...46.55.Votes?.75 Building...List.Of..201 Science.27 Contacting.a.3.67..210 Combat.Strength.105 Combat..59....Combat..73 Working. 72.City.77 How..65.68.Strength..174 China..Bonuses..with.Against..List.68.188 Songhai.63 Naval..71 Citizens.65 Barbarian..Empire.Cities.......56.Victory...55.119–125 City.163.117.66 War.Influence..

..Maintenance.a. 134..with.Moves.107 Healing. 90.98..Combat.89 Indirect..24..Improvement.53 Movement.21.100.. 107 Rivers..26 Mine......175.Fire.49..Peoples’......23 Open.28 Feature...124 O Obscuring.Scientist..Scene.23 I Improvements..114.Ages.28 Ice.80.104.54.Post..105.51 Illegal.117 Load..140.Fort.....21 Mods.192 Internet/Steam.194 Movement How..Trade.Railroads...99 Great..210..52 Movement.51..History.9..89 Trading..Values..People....99 Generating.of.87 Constructing..Overview.220 Great..10 Leader..Improvement.90 Mine...86 Building..49 E Economic.Panel.122...26.72..60.18 Choose.32 Fallout..88 Pillaging..14.121..11..Movement..Traits.City.103.64.221 Options..Maintenance.111.118.....25 Difficulty..58 XP...Improvements..191..57...See..109 Great.Screens.Type..194 Maintenance...114 Negotiating.Map..52 Multiplayer.Borders..War..154.....101 Great.75 Unit.Improvements..Merchant..111 Negotiating.Level..Roads.98..96.28 Flood.Improvements.Improvements.192 Local.D Defeat.149.11 Military.72.8.Leader..67....99...68...26 Initiating..136.Peace. 100.War.115 Defending Defending...13..Size..54.28 Marsh.Overview.73 Defending....7..Points... 101..Abilities.90 Repairing.Improvement.114 Diplomacy.26 Experience.83.53 Road..23.10.Lose.. 114 The.24 Game.99.72....118 Diplomacy.. 105.Great.16 Leader...People. Special. 143.and.18 World.114 Declaring.....24.25 Nukes.. 137 Multiple-Turn.Production.14.Terrain.Engineer.Points.212.149 N Natural.Info....5 Interception.61.56...Plains..Pace....and.35..Promotions F Features.51..People.22.93...139.102.28 Forest.23.28 Fog.Games..Unit.16.144.209..Overview.103 Golden..To.11.Move.87 Farm.211.Orders..Unit....Diplomacy.115 How. M Main...City-States.103..Games..9.a..191 H Map.99..Map..62 Hurry....63 Demographics.101....28 Oasis.3.118 Diplomatic.158 L Leaders.15 231 ..191 Chat.99 Great..45..Roads.Quality..213 Installation.88 Mini.Menu.107 Notification.General.112.Artist.104 Great.People.104 Building..and.Improvements.113 G Game..Improvement.....24.97.51 Naval......20.During..Leader.25..28 Jungle.98..for.193 Map.Roads. 217 Great....100 Great.69 Main.8..126 Gold.Move..88 Great.113.....11...Screen...

of.Unit.. 192.47.98.Wonders.46 Wonders.Turns.Time.110 Project.98.of.List.Resources..82 Victory.Control.Boat.From?.143 Unique...35..Victory.List....17 Turn.46 Unit.Unit.47.110 Combat..Statistics..15.Action.70 Constructing.Abilities....69 Non-Combat..108.93.. 95..States..36.17 Tutorials.70 Production.13 Settler...114...Research.Up.76.Unit.74 T V R Railroad..24 Speeding..93.Agreements...132 Natural.List. Unit..126 Wonders..191. .Barbarians..64..176 Civilian.XP.85 Cultural..List..22 Your.46 XP....4 Technology....145 Gaining.223 Strategic.47.See..54 Air..107.List.of.55 Unit.126 Worker. 82 218 Terrain..Unit..Game.8.63.Unit.129 National.46.See.8 Social.77.17 Single.50..93..64 S Save.85 The..23.Unit.Chart.42..25 Three...81.10 Siege..78..95 Workers.94..92 Unit..116 Terrain...Wonders....Movement..80..55.45 Effects.and.101.Win.Peace.59.38...218 Social.55 Work.47.93–95.91..Come..48 208 Workers...98....Units.Social.Structure.Units.End.Combat..103... 221......55.159..103.58 National.Unit.Tree.Policies.Boats......45..List.161 Gunpowder..Requirements..92.Units.56.70 World.Games.. Creating..List.Combat.18 Work.61 Simultaneous..93 Cultural....118 Turn-Based.47.145 Puppet..List.178.List.List.83.160 Melee.Wonders.95..Maintenance..117.71 Constructing..135 Purchasing..Weapons..215.80.Cost.219 Natural.83.Score..Victory. 128...95....Promotions W U X Z Zones.Research.219 Roads..52 Research.83–85 Research..63 Promotions....Branches...War..105 National..47.223 Research.of.Wonders..211....90 Railroads.55.P Palace..110..115 Technology..54 Declaring.79...128.46..94...Unit..Progress.45 Promotions.114 Units Ending.List.Workers.Wonders..21 System...85 City-States.217 Naval..Victory.21 Social..7.80.Action.......Promotions.Game...54.List.List.List.........35.145 Unit..208 Setup..Policies.84..86 Unit. Armored.195 War Against..Characteristics.78.Promotions.Victory..Wonders..Research..Beakers.6.218 Steam..118 Defending. Diplomatic.68 Production.114 Archery..107 Acquiring.82–85 Changing...59.....Knowledge. 214.View..Policies...Special..Screen...5..140...Unit.51.82.46...81.164..Panel.138 Wonders.110.....86 Unit.Victory..a.Units.List.Do.Improvements Ruins.90 Unit.84 Choose.List.128 Capturing. 107 Strategic.Units...Resources.86 Luxury.47.142 World.16.Unit.154 Recon..Policy.War.107 Mounted.122 Negotiating.99.Menu.28 Technology.145 Unit....Types..Wonders...Screen.Screen.Victory.Info...80.127 107..117 Victory...Resources.82 Resources Bonus...195..53 232 ..Games.154 Wonders.Unit.Menu.115 Technology.63.Player.218 Where.28 How.

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