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F.A.S.T. Release Method (Scar Therapy) & F.A.S.T. Therapy (AIS-Lower Body) Seminar
Join International Instructor Marjorie Brook for Location: a three day weekend focusing on Broadview University Scar Tissue Release & AIS Lower Body. 1942 West 7800 South West Jordan, Utah The F.A.S.T. Release Method course is designed to
enlighten attendees on Fascia- What it is, Why it is important to us, and How it affects our daily lives. The lecture focuses on the physiological and psychological effects of scar tissue and adhesions, indications and contraindications of fascial release, and orthopedic and neurological considerations of fascial treatments. During the workshop anatomical and physiological principles of fascial restrictions are examined while learning a detailed 8-step approach to manual release of fascial adhesions including: techniques for lengthening all fascial layers, and increasing lymphatic and venous circulation to the tissues. There will be hands-on practice with a variety of scar tissue. FAST Therapy is a comprehensive approach designed to help an individual maintain balance and well-being This AIS course focuses on the lower half of the body. The lecture includes anatomy and common disorders from lower back, hip, leg and foot. Hands on instruction includes specific stretching protocols and body mechanics for both Client and Practitioner. Courses can be taken separately. These are practical hands-on workshops.

“I place Marjorie high among the best Active Isolated Stretching Practitioners in the world. She is a cutting-edge teacher, that students across the nation rate as exceptional” Aaron Mattes, MS, RKT, LMT Pioneer Active Isolated Stretching

Date: F.R.M.(Scar): May 6 2011 F.T. (AIS): May 7-8, 2011 Cost: By After 4/22/11 4/23/11 Scar: $150 $200 AIS: $325 $350 Combo: $475 $550 CEU: 8/12/24

"Marjorie Brook's course on treating scar tissue adds another valuable skill to the osteopathic tool-kit! The techniques are direct and make no apologies but they are very effective in removing long-standing obstacles to health and allowing better tissue health and mobility. Marjorie is an enthusiastic and experienced teacher and with her you are guaranteed a lively, entertaining and enabling course". Dr. Enda Butler, Osteopath, London, England British School of Osteopathy

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