Lanja pellam dengudu Caution: Dear friends this is am imaginary story… I write this for my as well as my reader's entertainment

. If u do not like wife fucking related or brutal fucking and rape related stuff pl do not read ahead…. This contains wild stuff as my name suggests… I am not married but I imagine heroine meena as my wife so I will be refering to meena as the wife in this story… If u like this stuff pl reply to me I want to make u ppl also enjoy The story: Blackmail and oral humiliation: I work for a major MNC and I committed a mistake in accounts. This resulted in a huge amount being missing in the accounts and my job can be saved only by my boss…..In these conditions, my boss organizes a party with families at a far off place… the party is in a large hotel with a huge hall… I take my wife there… as we r worried very much about my future, my wife and I were not in the right mood for the party.. my boss observed this… he asked my wife for a dance… while dancing "meena dear do u know in what kind of trouble ur husband is now?" Meena : yes sir Boss : hmm.. and do u know who can get him out of this trouble? Meena : he told me u could… please sir.. save my husband we will do anything to get out of this.. Boss : I was expecting that… see u will have to do whatever I ask u to for this week and then I will get your husband out of trouble.. Meena thought for a second but she had no choice.. she agreed. Boss : meena don’t worry I wont let your husband know about this…now that u have agreed come lets go… He pulled meena into a closet close to the hall… he closed the door and started fondling meena's big breasts…. She hesitated but she knew she could not do anything… he commanded " sit on ur knees and suck my dick bitch…"

Meena: sir please don’t call me such names I am a good wife Boss : Meena u slut… don’t u dare say anything I own u for this week… bloody bitch suck my dick filthy fucking slut Meena sat on her knees weeping silently lest the party'll hear her …what if her husband gets to know that she's sucking his boss's dick.. She saw his dick.. this is the first time she is looking at anyone but her husband's dick… meena was crying and she was sucking his dick… my boss held my wife meena by her hair and started fucking her face like it was a pussy…. After a long fucking and slapping his dick many times on meena's face he told her" meena I will remove my dick now.. u will tell me what a fucked up cock sucking bitch u r " Meena felt relaxed that atleast he is going to stop the assault on her face… she said " sir I am a filthy bitch who likes to suck cock" Boss; slutty fucking bitch take my cum and don’t let even a drop to spill… He shot huge loads of cum into her mouth keeping his dick 2 inches from her mouth… meena swallowed all of it… she felt her head reeling… He took her out of the closet. Boss: meena my slut today evening I will send ur husband away on a job.. u insist with him that u want to stay back… we can do what I want once that asshole is gone… and u will be my bitch… ok? Meena : ok sir (weeping ) Husband leaves and meena is humiliated: I leave the place after my boss assigned me a big job for the whole week. Meena wanted to stay back and have fun so I left her there… That night… boss : meena my slut I have arranged a nice sauna batch for us… get dressed up in this swimsuit and lets go.. Meena : sir this is a very short swimsuit and I never wear such things please don’t do this.. Boss: slut.. listen u r going to wear this and come with me now… or else!!! Meena started going in…boss : hey bitch meena u will have to change in front of me … do it now Meena hesitated… but she knew she had no option… she started removing her silky night gown in front of my boss.. she was feeling shy… tears falling down her cheeks… She had to be all nude before wearing the swimwear… my boss got a full view of her juicy breasts and her shaven pussy… I like shaven pussy and so she keeps her pussy clean all the time…my boss liked that They went to the sauna bath… to meena's horror, the whole office members were at the sauna.. All the women went home that day only male employees were there.. she was zapped… she started worrying what they are going to do to her… she knew her big nipples were visible from her dress… the boss

then took her into the water. The dress turned into a transparent once it got wet…she turned red with humiliation… she begged the boss for mercy… he was simply smiling at her…. After an hour of watching her that way they let her get back to her room…. When meena reached her room she found that there are cameras all around.. she ran out and hit my boss… he laughed and said he did not want to miss or forget even a moment of this episode and that the whole hotel has cameras and all that happened today is recorded… She cried and begged for mercy: please sir I can tolerate any more of this humiliation pl leave me… Boss: meena my slut… I will show mercy on u and u will realize I am very good in fact but after this week… haha … now suck my dick. Meena obeyed without argument… she took his 8 inch long dick into her hands and started licking it from top till his balls… she hated sucking dick and she never did that even to me…. She took the head of the huge dick into her mouth and started sucking it… after that she held the dick by the hood and started bobbing her head up and down …. After some time of this self humiliation, the boss stopped her… he held her by the hair and pulled it hard… she shrieked and looked up because he was pulling her hair… he slid his dick slowly into her mouth.. she knew what was coming… he is going to deep throat her… he inserted all the 8 inches into her throat… and then holding her face in that position, he started fucking her face again like a slut's ass… he did not care for what she thought… he treated her like a slut… he fucked her face like it was an ass of a bitch….. Finally after a long facial humiliation he pulled his dick out of her face… she was crying both due to the humiliation and due to the throat rape… Boss aimed his dick at her face and pulled her hair to make her face the camera in the lounge… he started cumming tonnes of load and filled her face with cum…. She has drenched in his cum… he shouted at her… :"tell the camera who and what u r u fucken bitch" Meena ; I am meena and I am the most fucked and raped bitch here and I love being humiliated… She started sobbing… he let her lie there like a toy and left For more parts please let me know ur comments Meena Gang Rape in the Hall: After the facial humiliation meena went to her room and cleaned up. She was crying uncontrollably imagining how her husband's boss who was once very nice to her raped her face and spilt his cum on her face using her like a toilet seat… she was humiliated and was more humiliated knowing that every moment was recorded… In 10 mins she got a call on the intercomm… it was the boss… she hesitated… slowly said : hello

Boss : hello meena .. did u enjoy the facial fucking ? Meena : (crying) u humiliated me like a prostitute sir.. this is not fair… Boss : haha baby… u r my bitc for this week.. so forget it… just do what I tell u or else u know what I can do.. now listen we have a nice party in the hall… lots of booze and lots of games lets go… it’s a bit=rthday party Meena ; I am in no mood for parties please leave me alone sir. Boss : bitch do what I say… wear a nice red plain saree don’t wear bra under ur blouse and shave ur pussy clean… we're going to have fun with u there Meena was horrified…. There were a total of 15 guys of the office there… if they are left loose they can tear her apart… she went into the bath and started thinking what happened in such a short period… she turned into a road side bitch from a respectable wife… But meena was soothed by the impression that maybe as all the guys respected her so much during their meetings with her previously they will stop this ordeal and kick the boss's ass out… so she dressed up in a red sari all plain and transparent (that’s the only one she had) and waited for her tormentor to return. Boss returned dressed up for a party… he kissed her full on the lips immediately as he entered the room… closing the door he raised her sari without hesitation and checked if she was clean … meena was clean They went to the party without a word… she waited for the boss to do something bad an for the rest of the guys to kick him… Suddenly she heard his voice… "frnds today is the day our dear friend Mr. Rao has completed 25 years in the company and also his birthday… so for this our friend's wife meena will give us a nice dance … a nude dance" She thought everyone will say no… but she heard lot of people whistling and urging her to start,… she tried to walk away… the boss held her by the hair… he pulled her into the hall center and said "frnds look she understands my and our friend's needs well. .. she knows we love to rape girls and so she is acting as if she does not like it … see she'll tell us what she likes… meena say it… u know u have to " Meena : I am a bitch (crying ) and I love to be raped and humiliated " Boss was happy that she repeated exactly what he asked her to on the way to the hall All the guys came to her and in no time they tore her sari off… she was standing all nude in front of the whole crowd… group of 15 guys and her husband's boss all of them who knew her well..She thought that

they all respected her.. she felt that all men are like that… they are looking for a chance to use her body… all of them started moiling her with their hands… She heard a voice saying stop it… with great relief she glanced back.. it was her husband's best friend and she liked him a lot for his physique and stature… he said " guys wait a min yar… u'll all get a turn lets do it in order… one after the other or max 2 at a time… youngest to eldest. now start off take her to the middle of the room and start off " Meena felt like she was mortified… even him? They dragged her by the hair into the middle of the room under a bright light and on a make shift dais… so that everyone can have a look… the first 2 guys were the youngest they reported to her husband and used to call her vadina….// friends I will use a bit of telugu from her for better fun// She felt humiliation to the core… everyone can see her nude body lying on the dais in front of them and the 2 young guys are going to fuck her there… The first guy took out his 6 inch cock and put it on her face and started rubbing it against her face… the other started sucking her boobs… she had 36 inch boobs with a huge cup size…. She started crying… this excited them further.. the one sucking her boobs started pinching one nipple and biting the other very hard… when she tried to shout, the one with his dick in her mouth held her hair tight and he started fucking her harder into her face…. She was gagging with his dick entering her throat again and again…then they stopped that.. the one with his dick in her mouth removed it and slapped her face with his dick… they turned her around and made her sit like a dog on her hands and knees… the one who was fucking her face till now entered his dick in one go into her pussy… her husband's dick was of same size but she could not take the pressure of getting it pushed in one go… he used to fuck her slowly..tears went down her cheeks.. the one who was hurting her nipples till now started raping her face… now meena was on all fours being fucked in pussy and mouth by 2 guys who report to her husband and call her vadina in front of the whole crowd… she was crying … she was being humiliated like a prostitute in a brothel.. Then the guy fucking her increased the speed.. she knew why and was praying god to free her of him and not to even give him idea of leaving his fluid in her pussy… her prayers were partly answered… he held her hair back and shouted "I am cumming bitch.. theesukove lanja naa sperm antha nee kukka puku lo vesa,… give birth to our joint child u slut meena" She cried in humiliation of the thought.. the one in her mouth shifted to her sloppy pussy… another guy took his place… he was big… 7 inches long… the guy in her pussy started raping her like anything.. he was ramming his piston hard and fast in great speed…she was being hurt… he was pulling her hair very hard making her look into the eyes of the person who was fucking her face like a pussy… the one in her pussy

said something to the other and he left her face… the one in her pussy told her "meena tell us u r the fucking bitch … nuvvu uru puku lanja vi ani cheppave " she did not react.. he hit her in the face very hard and she started bleeding over her eyebrow… Meena :nenu oka uru puku lanja ni mee andaritho denginchukunta Then the person put his dick back into her mouth…meena was being humiliated like a bitch in front of her husband's office colleagues….she was helpless and was being humiliated in front of everyone… The one in her mouth came in her mouth but pulled his dick out in time to shoot his cum on her face…she looked like a slut with cum on her face and a man fucking her in doggy style in front of a crowd… he cried like a baby and this excited the one in her pussy…. He rammed into her like a piston and pulled her hair so hard that she felt her face being stretched… she felt the blood rush into her face Meena was tired already and there were many more waiting to rape her and humiliate her… then he pulled out of her pussy and took her face near his dick and started cumming like anything on her face… lot of fluid covered her face… meena was feeling like dying… Then the real ordeal started… the boss said he wanted to complete the ceremony fast and so everyone should start off asap… he made meena lie on one person's dick and the person entered her pussy and the boss slid his dick into her anus in one go … meena shrieked and shouted and cried… everyone clapped at this…. The camera was brought close to her face to capture the moment when she cried out of pain and shouted…. Both started raping her like a toy… she was tired humiliated and disgusted… he cried and shouted in all the mixed emotions… then another entered her face… he raped her face… she was now being raped in 3 holes at the same time…. Meena the slut lost count of how many raped her after that…. But she knew that the boss did not cum in her ass he was still raping her ass like anything and pumping in like anything… she was mildly bleeding in the anus…. Then after all the persons had cum once on meena, the boss took his dick covered in stink from her own ass and asked her to lick it up… she hesitated but realised that she could not help it… she started sucking his dick… once satisified that it was clean he took his dick out of her raped face and came over her face,….. Now she thought that the ordeal was over and she can go/… she tried to stand up but was unable to… meena was so weak and her pussy and ass so hard fucked that she could not get her legs together to stand or walk… then the boss ordered all the come close to meena bitch… he ordered all to cum on her body once… Soon meena found 20 dicks surrounding her all pumping off like pistons… one after the other one after the other they all started cumming on her.. some on her face some on her boobs and some elsewhere… she was drenched in cum.. She felt disgusted… then they took her to the bathroom draggin her by the hair… she was crying and begging for mercy… in the batch room one after the other they urinated on meena the slut… some even made her drink her urine….

Finally came the boss… he put his dick into her throat and started urinating… taking so much urine from mouth she had her bladder full and she started urniating…he took his dick out and put some urine on her face also… They left her there to clean up and come Some one came in while she was taking bath sitting on floor because she could not stand and took her face by her hair and came on her face… then another and then another… she took bath this way for 3 hours with people coming and using her for their joy like a prostitute even lower…. Then came the boss with a dress in his hands… it was a plain dress and decent one…she wore it… he asked her to lick his dick once again with her dress on… she complied…his dick was limp now after he came in and on the slut meena 4 times… slowly he started fucking her face again while all others watched him… he then said meena I am cumming… u must swallow it all … she complied all the cum down her throat./… They then started their journey to another place in a bus… she was to travel with them The Bus Journey: Meena sat in the last seat trying to relax after all the rapes she had… she spread her legs to relax her muscles and was crying slowly tears dropping down her cheeks…. Some one came near her and softly touched her face and started massaging her face making her feel relaxed… she was grateful for whoever it was and started dozing off… she did not care to look at who it was… He then massaged her body also… she was getting her each body part relaxed… her neck her shoulders her boobs her hands then slowly her pussy an ass which were more than just sour… they were like torn apart…then came her legs The man was superb she could relax completely and thought " I could take another such session if this massage is completed" but realised what was she thinking of she was asking i her own mind for humiliation and torture….she woke up and found the boss massaging her body.. She thanked him… he only gave her a nice soft kiss on her lips and said "meena u r my fav bitch.. see I will show u how well u performed in the hall yesterday.." She watched it… she watched herself being raped humiliated and he asked her to comment on specifics … "meena tell me did u like this , dick?" Meena answered in yes to everything…he was slowly pumping his fingers into meena's pussy she realised that only when there was a sloppy noise from her pussy while she was watching it… she was hot… she could not believe this… she was cumming looking at herself being raped and humiliated…

She finally came and everyone was watching her cum looking at her own video… meena was cumming in front of them all…. They reached their respective places and slowly people started leaving the bus When her stop came she was left with the boss and the driver and cleaner in the bus. The bus halted on the road side in the outskirts.. she realised there was something wrong.. the three men were taking some seats outside and placing them by the road side… they seemed to have thought of some plan. She did not have the strength to fight them .. she thought of escaping them by running away from the emergency exit Suddenly someone grabbed her hair from behind and dragged her on the road tearing off her clothes partly.. she was feeling lot of pain in the head due to the hair pulling. She tried to resist but she understood soon that it was a waste… he threw her onto the bedding She saw 3 men.. the boss, the driver and the cleaner.. the boss said "there u have ur pay.. make full use of the bitch" The driver came to meena and tore off her clothes with ease. She saw the shapely muscles of the driver.. he was dark like a Negro and was well built. She was afraid at the look of him.. she cried for mercy.."please don’t do anything I am tired and can not take such a huge person like u" The driver did not even let her complete the sentence.. he lifted her legs and pulled apart her thighs and pushed his thumb into her pussy.. she cried in pain with the finger entering her dry pussy. He started fucking her with the finger and making her cum. When she was ready he pulled out his huge dick. It must have been 10 inches. She cried in fear. He did not even listen to her. He simply pushed it inot her mouth and started raping her cute sexy face. sHe was crying like anything. Then he threw her with her back facing him. Her boobs touched the bedding. He entered his dick into her pussy and started raping her hole barbarically pulling her hair back and clapping her butts. She cried and cried no one came to her rescue. Then he came on her butts. Pulled away the dick and left. She was lying there helpless.. then someone sprinkled cool water on her red and hard beaten butts.. she felt better… she looked back and found the cleaner.. "don’t worry it my job he said" she was about to raise but the cleaner hugged her and without meena noticing he removed the bedding below her.. she was on her bare butt on the road side.. half prepared road it hurt .. the tar was hot and sharp. He pushed her into doggy style her boobs touching the road. He started raping her pussy in that position. His dick was larger than that of the driver. It was about 14 inches and black. It entered her while and red ass.. he pulled the dick suddenly she was glad he did.. she cud not take that any longer. He pushed it inot her ass.. she cried like a slut on the road … she was crying desperately. He raped her on and on.. she was hurt badlt by the hot and sharp road on her soft boobs. He finally made her sit on her knees and dropped

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