CE1355 Concrete Technology

UNIT 1(CONCRETE MAKING MATERIALS) PART-A 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. What are the various types of cement? When will you recommend high alumina cement in preference to low heat cement? What are the sources of angular aggregate and rounded course aggregate? Angular aggregate gives better strength than rounded aggregate, why? List the various tests to be conducted on coarse aggregate? Differentiate between ordinary Portland cement and rapid hardening cement? What is mean by hydration of cement? What are the classifications of course aggregate? Why is it necessary that aggregate should be properly graded? Define ‘bulking of sand’? Write short notes on air entrained cement. Write short notes on hardness test on aggregate. What is meant by 53 grade cement? What are the initial and final setting times of cement. What are the deleterious substances in aggregate? What do you mean by bulking of fine aggregate? Differentiate between rapid hardening cement and slow setting cement. What is meant by aggregate? What are the sources of fine aggregate? What is meant by 43 grade cement? Define ‘flakiness of aggregate’? Discuss the thermal properties of aggregates. What are the chemical compounds that form Portland cement? What is meant by admixture? What are the admixtures used for water repellent.

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Explain the wet process in the manufacturing of cement? What are the tests used to find the shape of aggregates? What is hydration? Discuss the factor on which the rate of hydration depends? How compressive strength of cement is determined? Describe the thermal property of aggregate? List the Indian standard test of ordinary Portland cement and describe one of them? Explain the chemical combination of ordinary cement. List out the important physical and chemical test specified to be carried on cement. Describe the manufacture of Portland cement with the help of flow diagram Which shape of aggregate is considered the best for making concrete? Why Write the property of the following cement i. Rapid harden cement ii. Sulphate resistance cement iii. Quick setting cement Explain the following type of cement with their uses. i. Slag cement ii. Portland pozzolana cement iii. High alumina cement Explain bulking of sand. How does it affect the quantity of sand in volume batching? Discuss the various factors which influence the strength of concrete. Explain the water cement ratio law. Enumerate the various impurities in water having deleterious effect in concrete.




Explain flakiness and elongation index. 5. What are the methods available in measurement of air content in fresh concrete? Explain one of the methods in detail? Give relationship between modulus of elasticity and strength. 6. 24. 11. 15. What are the properties of fresh concrete? What are the factors affecting the workability of concrete? What are the methods of measuring the workability of concrete? Define workability of concrete. 11. 21. Name the different type of shrinkage. What are the properties of good concrete? How will you improve the workability of concrete? How will you avoid the segregation and bleeding of concrete? What is meant by compaction factor? Write short notes on flow test. 2. explain the water cement ratio law? Describe the procedure for measuring slump and compaction factor. 7. What is meant by segregation? What is meant by bleeding? Differentiate between segregation and bleeding What is the initial and final setting time of concrete? What is Gel/space ratio? Why the concrete will gains the strength with age? What are the elastic properties of concrete? What are the factors affecting the modulus of elasticity of concrete? What is the relationship between modulus of elasticity and strength? Define ‘creep’. 4. 3. 15.UNIT 2(CONCRETE) PART-A 1. 9. 8. 13. 12. 5. 19. 23. II. Corrosion inhibiting agents.B 7. What are the factors affecting shrinkage. M 3. 10. Give short notes on the following terms: i. What are the measurements of creep? What happens while temperature changes inside the concrete? Define ‘shrinkage’. 18. 10. 17. dry shrinkage. 13. 20. 16. 14. 25. How does flakiness and elongation affect the properties of fresh concrete? PART. Non destructive test on concrete. Discuss the various factor influence the strength of concrete. 6. E C . Carbonate shrinkage. What are the applications of soundness test in cement? Explain the procedure of soundness test? What are fines modules? Explain the method of determining the fineness modulus for course aggregate? Explain the procedure to determination of ‘ten percent fines value’? What is workability of concrete? Discuss the various methods by which workability of concrete is measured. S 1. 4. How does it affect the properties of fresh concrete? How the initial setting time of cement is determined? Discuss the significance of initial and final setting time of cement. 2. ii. 12. 8. 14. 9. 22. Describe about measurement of creep? List out the factor affecting creep? Define plastic shrinkage and explain briefly? Give short note on the following terms: I.

Pulse velocity test. 12. 2. 25. 15. M S 1. What are the essential components used for grout. What admixture used to achieve this? What is curing? How it is done? How it influence the strength of concrete? Explain about Rapid method. 13. What is meant by dynamic or vibration method? Write the two part of pulse velocity method. Rebounded hammer test. What is the concept of mix deign. 14. 22. 8. 3. 4. 7. Explain the properties of mix design by ACI method? Explain the significant of statistically control in concrete mix design? Briefly describe various types of concert mix design? Discuss the design mix and normal mix concretes? Explain the steps involves in IS coding method of concrete mix design? Write the short notes on non-destructive testing method? What are the properties of concrete in hardened state? Explain What are the requirements of water to be used for mixing of concrete? Explain the term grouting. 17. 10. 6. 5. ii. ? What is meant by mix proportion? Name the various types of concrete testing method? What is meant by non destructive testing of harden concrete? What are the requirements of water to be used for mixing concrete? Name the different steps in the method recommended by Indian standards for mix design. 24. 10. What are the variables in proportioning of concrete? Name the various methods of proportioning of concrete. 19.UNIT 3(MIX DESIGN) PART-A 1. 11. 12. 23. 9. Core test. 3. ii. List the factors contributing to variability in strength of concrete. Load test for flexural member. 4. 9. 2. How do you deign the pump able concrete? What is the target mean strength of mix design? What are the variables factors specifying a concrete mix? What are significance of statistical quality control in concrete mix design. 20. 18. 14. 6. 15. Describe about mix design for pump able concrete? Briefly explain about DOE method of concrete mix design? Explain the following i. What are the data to be collected in ACI method of mix design? What are the assumptions in ACI methods? Write the various types of concrete mix design. 7. 11. 13. 21. List out the steps for mix design based on rapid method? Give detail for the following tests: i. What are the techniques of measurement in pulse velocity through concrete? What are the factors affecting the measurement of pulse velocity. 8. What is the mix proportion of m20 grade concrete 5. Enumerate the flexural strength of concrete? E C PART-B . 16. What is the Stress-Strain relation of 1: 1 :2 mix What is meant by flexural strength of concrete? What is Rebound hammer method of non-destructive testing of concrete Write the limitation of rebound hammer method.

23. What are the properties of polymer impregnated concrete. 4. 7. 5. 16. 18. Polymer concrete. 6. 11. Fibre reinforced concrete. 2. Write the difference between high strength concrete and high performance concrete. 14. v. List the merits and demerits of using retarders. 6. 16. iv. Give the detail about high density concrete is used in the radiation shields. What are the advantages of fibre reinforced concrete? What is the difference between light weight and fly ash concrete? What are the types of polymer concrete? Write short notes on no fines concrete. ii. 5.UNIT 4(SPECIAL CONCRETE) PART-A 1. 15. 21. 10. 3. 25. What are the factors effecting the properties of FRC. Define grouting. 17. 22. 9. 8. Write the principle method of fabricating fiber glass reinforced concrete. What are the applications of FRC? What are the new developments in FRC? What is the monomer used in polymer cement concrete (PCC). 8. and explain shielding ability of concrete? Which type of concrete used to make light weight sandwich panels and pre-fabricated non-load bearing panels and explain briefly? 1. 13. 4. 24. 12. What are the applications of no fines concrete? What are the applications of sulphur-infiltrated concrete? What is the purpose of adding polythene film in interior sitting on grade for building structure? What is meant by lean concrete? PART-B Explain the Classification of Light weight concrete aggregates and describe it briefly Explain the properties of light weight aggregates and describe its mix proportion? Briefly explain the properties of structural light weight concrete. 11. 13. High density concrete. What is meant by high density concrete? What are the mix proportions of no fines concrete? What are the advantages of light weight concrete? What is meant by self compacting concrete? What is the workability required for SCC. Briefly describe the procedure for resin based repairs in concrete. Briefly point out the application of resin based materials in rehabilitation works. 20. What are the advantage and disadvantages obre reinforcement . What is polymer concrete explain its type? Explain the property of polymer impregnated concrete? Give detail about application of polymer f ready mix concrete? Write a short note on the following: i. 14. 15. 2. Define super plasticizer. 10. M S E C . 9. 3. Light weight concrete. Ready mix concrete. 19. 12. iii. What are the applications of polymer impregnated concrete. Give the different uses of light weight concrete and What are the fibre used in concrete and explain Glass reinforced cement Explain about current development in fiimpregnated concrete. 7. Write short notes on polymer concrete.

How can permeable formwork improve the quality of concrete? What are the major problems in pumping of concreting works? What are the problems if reinforcement is in contact with internal vibrator? What are problem of over vibration in fresh concrete. 5. 19. 11. What are the problems will encounter at certain temperature in hot weather concreting. 22. 13. 18. 16. 14. What are the four categories of curing? What are the different methods of transporting concrete What is meant by underwater concreting? What are the importances of curing the concrete? What is meant by batching and name the type of batching? What are the methods to mixing the concrete? List the method of special concreting. 21. What are effects in cold weather on concrete? What is meant by vacuum concrete? Define gunite or shotcrete. How can release agent help to separate form work from concrete? Write short notes on slip form? 6. 10. What are the steps involved in manufacturing of concrete. Application of ferrocement. 2. 10. Explain briefly the various NDT methods used in assessing the strength and quality of concrete. Distinguish between cold weathering and hot weathering concrete. 5. 14. 8. Under water concreting methods. 23. 17. What are the precautions should be taken to improve the quality of hot weather concrete. 12. 4. 7. What are the four categories of curing? How concreting is carried in extreme climates? What are the different methods adopted for under water concreting. S E C PART-B . 7. M 1. 2. 15. Explain the process of manufacturing of concrete Give brief detail bout transportation. 11. What are the effects of over compaction and under compaction? Write the procedure of dewatering of concrete. I.UNIT 5(CONCRETING METHODS) PART-A 1. 20. 3. placing and curing of concrete? Effect of cold weathering concrete? Give detail about vacuum dewatering? What is self compaction concrete? Briefly explain its mineral composition and mineral admixture. Air entrained concrete. 3. under which condition it is used? Briefly explain about special from work? What are the precautions taken while transporting concrete? What are the advantages of concrete pumping? Explain the various stages of manufacturing of concrete. 13. III. Define curing. 15. 24. Explain any one of the method in detail? What is curing? What is significant of prober curing of concrete explain briefly? What is the action of sulphate in ground water on concrete construction? Describe briefly the following. What are the general uses of shotcrete? Name the method of concreting in underwater construction. 25. 9. 4. II. 8. 9. 12. 6.

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