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Maldonado for Congress Contribution Form

Maldonado for Congress Contribution Form

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Published by abel_maldonado_8

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Published by: abel_maldonado_8 on Mar 04, 2011
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Abel Maldonado for Congress

Contribution Form Fax Number (831) 324-4276
□ Yes, I/we would like to “max-out” by contributing $2,500 for the primary election and $2,500 for the general election, for a total of $5,000 □ Yes, I/we would like to contribute $ ________________. In addition, I/we would like to: □ Host a fundraiser □ Host a meet and greet □ I am a citizen or permanent resident in the United States. Your Name* Company Name Address* Phone Fax Occupation* Signature * Employer* Spouse’s Name Title City State Zip Email Address Spouse Occupation Spouse Employer □ I Endorse Abel

Spouse Signature (if joint contribution)

Contact Information Abel Maldonado for Congress Team Campaign Chairman: Peter Newman Campaign Staff (831)-206-6460 (831) 601-0201 peter@abelmaldonado.com abel@abelmaldonado.com Please make checks payable to: Abel Maldonado for Congress


Abel Maldonado for Congress P.O. Box 5325 Santa Maria, CA 93456
□ Mastercard □ Visa □ Amex

Please charge $___________________ to my:

Credit Card #________________________________ Exp. ____________ Verification Code___________ Name as it appears on card if different from above: ______________________________________ Billing Address________________________________________________________________________
Contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. All contributions are subject to the limitations of the Federal Election Campaign Act. Only personal and PAC checks or personal credit cards are acceptable. Individuals can give $2,500 to the primary and $2,500 to the general election. A couple can give $5,000 to the primary and $5,000 to the general election. Qualified federal PACS may contribute $5,000 per election and nonqualified federal PACS may contribute $2,500 per election. CONTRIBUTIONS MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED FROM CORPORATIONS, LABOR ORGANIZATIONS, FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CONTRACTORS OR FOREIGN NATIONALS UNLESS THEY ARE RESIDENT ALIENS (GREEN CARD HOLDERS). FEDERAL LAW PROHIBITS REIMBURSING DONORS FOR THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS. Paid for by Abel Maldonado for Congress

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