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Musharraf’s regime and Bangladesh Politics

At last, Musharraf’s regime ends. In the present world, no other government

rather than a democratic one can stand for long; Mr. Musharraf failed to realize that, and
now faces a very bitter truth, and it is the reality. In our country, this perhaps is a lot more
true; the political history of our country says – no hierarchy, no autarchy, no autocracy
can be settled down here for a long period of time. Though nepotism is the heart of the
political culture of Bangladesh, yet, democracy is the only form of the government that
eases the people here. And it seems that it can’t be changed; it should not be tried to
change it, rather. At present, the people are being more conscious about their right, and
thus, the whole country is becoming a more democracy-friendly one than it was before,
and our politicians and governments should keep it in mind; they should respect the
people’s demands and desires, they should learn something from Pakistan; otherwise,
they all are to experience the same shame and bitterness like Musharraf does now.

- Sajeeb Sarker
Department of
Mass Communication and Journalism
University of Dhaka.