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Exercitii cu vorbirea directa si indirecta

Exercitiul 1:

1. He said the weather had been fine the day before. 2. He said he had seen that film a week
before. 3. He said she would go shopping right then. 4. He said he had spent his holiday at the
seaside the year before. 5. He said he thought it was going to rain the next day. 6. He said he
didn’t remember where he had bought that dictionary. 7. He said he was very busy on that
day. 8. He said John had left for Sinaia two days before. 9. He said he had gone to England
two years before. 10. He said he was going to have a nap that afternoon. 11. He said if he had
enough money he would buy a car the next year. 12. He said if he had been at home he would
have answered the phone.

Exercitiul 2:

1. He told/asked/ordered me not to drive so fast. 2. He told me to open the door. 3. He told

me to read that text. 4. He told me to write him a letter when I got to England. 5. He told me
not to cross the street on a red light. 6. He told me to be careful with his books. 7. He told me
not to smoke so much. 8. He told me to take that pill. 9. He told me not to interrupt him when
he was speaking. 10. He told me to ring him up when I arrived home.

Exercitiul 3:

1. He asked me if I would help him. 2. He asked me if I could come to tea that afternoon. 3.
He asked me if the train had left. 4. He asked me if I knew what that word meant/means. 5.
He asked me if my mother had been at home. 6. He asked me if I had bought that book the
day before. 7. He asked me if I drank coffee every day. 8. He asked me if 1 had been at the
library the day before. 9. He asked me if I had lived in London for a long time. 10 He asked
me if I could speak English. 11. He asked me if I would like a cake. 12. He asked me if I
could lend him a book.

Exercitiul 4:

1. He asked me how long I had been learning .English. 2. He asked me what I was going to
do the next day. 3. He asked me how long it took me to reach my office. 4. He asked me when
I would be back. 5. He asked me where I would spend my weekend. 6. He asked me who that
man was. 7. He asked me why it was so dark in that room. 8. He asked me when the rain had
stopped. 9. He asked me which of those cakes I preferred. 10. He asked me how I had