Statement on Shan State Army launched a raid on the drug refinery of militia unit of Wan Zit tract, Nam

Zarn Township

4 March 2011 1. On 28 February 2011, Shan State Army raided and seized a drug refinery of militia unit of Wan Zit tract, Nam Zarn Township. This has been done in accord with the anti-narcotic policy of Restoration Council of the Shan State. This is not concerning with the ethnic problem to attack the ethnic Pa-O. RCSS/SSA does not have the policy to attack ethnics in the same homeland. 2. Burma army has always been planning for the ethnics and the Shan to have misunderstanding among themselves and fight one another. The Burma army uses persuasion and oppression methods on the ethnic ceasefire groups to be transformed into militia units under their command, and intentionally gives them encouragement and privileges of dealing with the drugs business. These are what Burma army has planned for the world community to see our national struggle in the wrong way and again created misunderstanding, fighting and unending ethnic problems among us. 3. In order not to have misunderstanding and ethnic problems as planned by the Burma army, and for the better understanding to occur among us, RCSS/SSA always extends opened arms to all the ethnics and all Shan including the groups deserted from SSA. We will continue our efforts for the understanding and establishment of unity among us. 4. However, if we, the ethnics in the same homeland, do not trust and recognize one another, and accept the Burma army policy to become the SPDC backed militia units in oppressing the people and being against the RCSS policy and tasks, we will not be able to accept it.

Central Executive Committee Restoration Council of the Shan State (RCSS)