Hi guys! Hope all is well! I want to introduce you to a youth movement called “What About Us?

”, which is making plans to host a very crucial Presidential debate where all t he presidential candidates will be drilled to know what they are about and what they have to offer Nigerians. Renowned author Chimamanda Adichie has joined in a s our moderator, and Ebuka Uchendu will be the host of the show. However, we need to make a lot of noise to promote this show amongst other yout hs throughout the nation so that all youths can be part of this very crucial pro cess. We need to get the message out that the Nigerian Youth are organized and s tanding up as one asking "What About Us?!?!?!?" So here's what's going to happen, we will be pushing for a “donate your status” driv e. This is something that needs to be spread across everyone's social networks, to all family, friends, colleagues etc. Tomorrow, Friday March 4th we will be asking everyone to donate their status, an d their profile pictures. Our request is simple: What: Campaign to Support “WHAT ABOUT US?” How: Dedicate profile pictures and social network statuses to “WHAT ABOUT US Your Status should read: “Your Vote is Your Voice. Before You Vote, Ask "What Abo ut Us?" (This is the status that everyone's facebook, twitter should read) Attached is the image that should be uploaded as EVERYONE'S avatar. (Facebook & Twitter & BB messenger profile picture) Thank you guys, we are creating a youth movement for the advancement of our dear country Nigeria!!