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'48 THAI









Mr. Maung Maung General Secretary


P.O. Box 1270 GPO

Bangkok, 10501

11101 IUII~lLlmmltl~ 1 Uti

f.!.fMI ~l)I' ... GIU<AOll ')

tr \ft,¢r, ~I'(' all7 dh(-.t·(1~·,uti". itJ )'Oijt $"" '1WtiA or Cblllnl' '" J'KI' M4Qn. plo». JR ~rM.

CbtJ;nlrp An... Tde-pbOU !.dtm*

01 )III >Sltin


NONE NONE 722102193 SEP09

130,691 32,788


~ ... -
Mf~fBF.IlSII1l' NUMOIl:R PlUm OA'1'I!(I>MIY) I'IUIVh)'~ a~"""Q\ CURRf ... "'JT ~{n.'--~ ~WJ\RDS (SSUf!D Cl.DSISG BAI,J\XQ rAGE
RA02193 15/05/08 112,114 20,920 0 133,0311 1 OF 1
DATU rAATNtR fWGH'!' sr:tr~P. TR ... ~ .. CTION r'CTtl~9:lliNC'l! IlAM1!D TOTAL QtlAUI'YLI>C
28/02/08 TO 306 Q YANCON I 363 500 I 500
29/02/08 TG 521 Q BANCKOK I 1,357 ! 1,357 1,357
03/03/08 TO 522 Q CHlNNAI(MAORAS) INOlA I 1,357 '/3!)? 1,357
BANGKO 1,351
03/03/08 TG 303 Q BANCKOK 16.l 500 500
I YNfCOIi . - 1- - SCO-
18/03/08 . TG 114 H BANCKOK I 363 I 500 500
19/03/08 10 192 H CHIANG HAl 73 500 500
..,,, HorlC SON 500
19/03/08 TC 195 H MAE HONG SON 13 500 500
Cit lANG MAt I 500
19/03/08 TO 115 H CHIANG MAl I 363 500 i 500
31/03/08 TO 103 W CHIANG HAl 363 500 500
06/011/08 ! TG 103 W CHIANO HAl 363 500 !oOO
09/011/081 BANGKOK 500
TG 1117 J BANGKOK (35 919 919
11/04/08 TC 305 J BANGKOK 363 500 I 500
17/04/08 TG 416 J KUALA LUMPUR 735 919 919
19/04/08 , TC 916 H BANGKOK 5,9311 5,9311 I 5,9311
7.6/04/081 TG 911 H ! LONDON-HEATHROW ~,93q ',9311 5,931'
BANGKOK I I - i 5,934
CLOSING BALANCE 133,034 Any 2007 0 ptrlng mi 10S,SOD above,must be redoemed by June 30,200B. Sotho many Avords ovallablo In your nOVslotLOr.




* Actl~ltlos a ,tor the Print Date ,bove wll I appear o~ your noxt "iloago St~t •• ant.

for u, p to dala act I v; t 10$, check your account on I ; nt at www.thal;.irways.ccJal/rop

There are nov 0 Star AI Iionco air. Inos s rvlng 935 8 rpOrLs

in 160'countrf s. Silver and COld embers 'enJoy 81 I i8~ce-wlde

recognition on bonorlts, whl Ie 01 Royal Orchid Plusimombors

can accrue and redDell 8crOSt hll r rd's argctt netllorl<.




To Whom U May Concern:

[ amissuing t~~.5 letterto ca]latlefljllt]on to abuses (If paweraml nl;a~fe1itSm].ce by Maung MiElung General Secrem!t'Y of the Federerion of Trade UID![ons Burma (FTlUB), :~md Genera] Secretary of the Nailiona] Coalit~Oiili cf'the Union of'Burma (NCUB).

The deeisiae to-issue this statement 'i,l!fflS diffi"}IlJ!~t in I.~.ght of theadverse effects and OOFi!st:quel1ces it may have Uf(!]1J others. However, I believe h isimperativethat I speak out as the matters elaborated hereinare tndka'l:ive oflolJlJg standing problems wnhin fIUB which jeopardize tlh;e future ef the Burmese labor mevemem. My several a,fte4[llipts to rectify these matters ]:n1Ite:r:m:~Uy were unsuccessful, I fee~.t~]erefore that I hf!!ve ill [-es,po:ns~:b.ihl:y to expose these problems ~l1d to end a conspiracy of silence,

fn particular, I wish to dmw .atleDlrt]on to six long-staading features ,ofMa[ung MaUillg's ~eade:rs~~p which f1n:oontra.ry to the ideals of the: labor and. democracy movements'the non~de~.1!1iocrati!c selecnon or leaders.the arbitrary terminanen of d!~ss.e:l1ilitrn,~ members, malfeasence, divisive infI.glhiting. suspicious travels 1:0 Burma, and threats of violence and other aets of re-trjlbru:t~Oiili.

M<lllllug Mau[lg has served as the general secreta,ry of the fTUB since its founding ]]]J 199R, a po;s;itioFi! towhicb he OIppo,iFl!ted himself In MaT{:~h 2009,. eighteen years after its founding, FlUB held its first congress to elect executive members. However, me election wasa sham, Current CEC members Mid themner circleof FTUB th.a~ the COlJlJg;ress was jUS:I:a show 1iO obtain affilill,tio]lJ,.viih the I~ue-mlltio]])a:ll'mde Union Confederation (ITUe)_

The CO!l1g:ress failed 00 adhere to mtern:.'!!Jtioru:d]y accepted normsand procedures in electing leaders, There w-ere no credential ehecks of th~ rep:res;e:f.'I~at:ive ·of unions, nOli werepersons who voted requfred tobe memberser designatedrepresentaeiees fr,om[unim];Sk .As]t were, 1l'Iul:ny Central Executive CQfflllliUee: members fire notre;pn;~seFl!tat~ves .Qf {Ij]y union. nor have many 'eV'elr be~o]1jged to a. union, Ne]ilier emrent Vice President Ronnie Mauug TfuJa:_11 Lwin, ]]0] Assisram Gene-rna Secretary General Zaw Win AIl!i:ng we-re ever union members, Although Mallln:g Maru:ng and. mal Oowere lIIIi~O]]) urembers ]]]) 1988" therewas [iJO evidence that dtey still re-present these un]ioFl!S iEJ!Jt the-time of the e:lect]on.

CEC can.dfdates ran unopposed, Moreover. candfdates werenamed for only four ·of thefiv~ eEC poo;it~o]])s,wiith ]]:0' candidate designated for the position ef Treasurer. Sh.ort~y after the e:~ectiJOtDli, Ma!1~].g M!lll,lmgrelie:ved.me of my pashioFl! as :s~cre:ta.ryof[inanGe and devdnpme:nt, and appointed Ronnie Maung Than Lwin SiS Treasuter.in addition 10 his position as vice-president and. handed over 3111 ll1;e org~njzat]ona~. flnaaces performed byrrryse]f prim to th.~ Congress"

rbitrary uspen ion and Termination of Members:

ince February 2010, the Maung Maung has upended two fTUB member, who had ea h been m mber for I and 19 car each, and di mi cd a third Central ommittcc m mb r. Maung Maung elirninat d th s m mb rs be iause th y dar d to question him about financial improprieties and poor management deci ion. A fourth member who had been a member for

e enteen ea ha ub equentl re igned in prote t.

Although, FTUB is a trade union, the e members wer su pended and dismis ed , ithout regard for the procedures and norms practiced by international lab r union. Soon after these

us pen ion and di missal, Ei hwe in and I eparatel informed teve Benedict, IT s In

charg of ih Trade nion Right /Human Right d partmenl. Ho e r the TTUC ha taken no action n r clarified the matter.

In _009, Maung Maung topped talking t me after I openly questioned him in fr nt of other frUB m mber about hi financial and organizational d i ion. Although a member incc 19 1 I was suspend d from FTUB ind finitely without a stipend on 24th february 2010. Although an om ial in estigation should normall follov the suspension of a memb r none has been conducted. The official su pension letter I recei ed and m \ n tran lation i ana hed,

n 24,h ay 2009, Maung Maung dismissed Ei hv in in charge of women affairs and an

inland organizer. Maung Maung pro ided no fficial explanation for her termination, other than t\ 0 hort line a ing he had been reli ed of her dutie and that he as no longer as ciated " ith the FTUB. Maung Maung acted ind pcnderul ' and with complete di r gard [or FTUB' constitution, which provides that Central Commirt em mb r leered at th 2009 Congr s can onl be di mi sed at a subsequent ongress or at an mergenc ongress. The dismissal letter from Maung Maung i arra hed. hwe Sin had been a olunteer with TUB ince _004 and was

I ctcd t the C ntral Committe in 2009.

n 161h December 20 I 0, Maung Maung dismissed h Maung, secretary of the Multi National Departm nt. Maung Maung' onlv e: planation was that he to k the r p nsibility to appoint

ho Maung a th crctary, and h could no longer tak lien r pon ibilit , thcr fore h

Maung was dismiss d b th decision of th ntral Committe m ting. Cbo Maung's

di missal letter is attached. ho Maung had been a volunteer with the FTUB since I 9_.

On tb December 2010. Tin un ung, c rotary [or Migrant Affair re igned from th TUB in protest be ause the Maung Maung and Ronni Maung Than L\ in had sit! lined him and .. a implementing most migrant related acti ities and project independentl of him. ] Ie as

idelined becau e he challenged th Maung Maung and the member for running the FTUB

lik their 0\.\ pri ate organization. in Tun ung had been a oluntecr \i ith -TUB inc 199".

Maul!1lg Ma:u:l1ig~ makes all tn3!jOlf decisionsconcerningthe orgauizanon's fumre activitiesand Hnl!llflC]aJ[ matters independenfly of other members" o:.ft:e.:n fwHims to e-ven mform others of his decisions '[he maJQrtt,y ,of Central Executive Com~,1liI,~,ueeme~,1liIbers ri!either questien nor halve lihe CQu.mge to d~.sagree wHhom- amend Maung Maung's doc·]s]ons- WhenfTUB members daee to' question Mau]]g Maunghis trequent response is ·'1 built F1UB myself from scratch without 3JJlfyone's help, You can leave if y,ou do mot like what I do, Everyone is expendable."

S~nce its i[J)oept~:Qn" F11JB has been flWlnded exclusively by theillte~1].ational trade I):!!llu;m movement (i.e, ['Jue aJffi]iated national centers) and the National Endowmenr for Democracy (NED). AHhofLligh FTUB has been ope:mtim£ for almost 2:0 years, ml3ij or financial decisiens within the orgamiz:a,lti,ol] are sti II made :sO~ely by the Maung Maung atone, regardless of others views ~nd!l}pini(ns,.

Although I was <l:rpotnt:ed Se!Cr~Mry of finance end dev~lo'p:m.oo:l,. Matimg: Mau~s regarded me M amere bookkeeper' witlnn tile ,oFg~;[IiZil,tlon" and ofteu~.g,notred my suggestions aad advice, Neither I, nor other m!eml1teFS,v.rere ever able to fully a'OOOI.l~]t for the 01 rgan]zati 0]1' s finances as severel dJo:m)]'orgmMzations transferred funds directly ]]]to Ma:!.!rlg~ Mau~' s personal bank account

[ am aware of UllJ[merOil!]S instanees of MOJlllIng MOJl,mg"s malfeasance, a few of '~'Ihi!ch ~[ie elabcrated below

'[ • [ L .1 d . C di '-~ . none mstanee, .. was askedto prepare aJll expense summary <1131 .receipts .• nr an a.u " It assoeaarea

with the Ii~u.]d!ati{n:ll!offund!iug from LO Denmark. M;a~ul1g Mau.ng handedme a Thew scraps of paper E'~]' incurred expenses, Although they amounted to less then half .~.f the total amount, he teld me to to arram.~ the accounts ro ful.ty aceoune forall budgeted funds ofl95 million Thai Irnaht (ap:p[ox~.~.trli;i}.t€:.~y, usn $50.,0(0) in 2003_

During March 2{~04. ] was asked by the Maurn,g Maun:a,g to' make a fund request to the American O~-1Juer for Jntemational Lalbor Solidarity (ACILS) $0]' a lripto Northeast of Thailand under me pretence of observing a. Thai election. Maung Mamlg assigned me to travel to the site as aum indiependent election observer, In reality Lwas expected to assist the brother QfMal]ing Ma.l!.l!llg·S ladY tr~end Ms. Srilap, ]n Iris eleenon campaign for the position of provincial CEO [U Yasothon Province. (The brother wasa former Member of .P~d]aJmemt from Demecrat Pany of Thailand.) In aiMitlon to travel expenses, Mll;m.1lg Mllm.1lg also gave 30~}.OOO B<1Iht to his latty fr~end to be used. for the eleetioe ca.mp.a.]gn, which he billed >os «intemal organizing" fcrrlaibo[l):!!lliol] activities in Burma,

OJJ:li numerous other .McaS]UnS Mailing Mamn_g directed. me auIild other members ([Iotab~y T~rn 'fLU] Al!]ngancl Ronnie Mal,lj]g Thae Lwiu) to make frequent bank tmm'Sfers .(If FlUB funds lo his I.ady friend. These transfers were then claimed as orgoo.L;;ring expenses in Burma,

On one occasion, then Inrernatloma.lAffalls Secretary (Steve. Benedict) of Caaadian Laber Congress (CLC) esked Rij.nnie Maung Thau Lwin, FTUB's <l:d.miui.strahve executive (current

i e-presid nt to laborate how FTUB had us d CLC funding to organiz work rs insid BW111a. Ronnie Than L\ in as dumb founded. as he, as unaware that L funded FTUB for internal organizing.

In another in stance, Maung Maung cr ated an organization ailed "Burma Institute for Dem crac and De elopment (BIDD) registered in Washington O. . and In titute for De elopment in A ia IDA) in Thailand with S $500,000 donated to the FTUB b the plaintiffs of the Unocal litigation. He u d th e fund at h' Ow di crction (i.c. bu ring otc for hi

I etion at NCUB b I gi ing grants to differ nt organizations that or in NCUB I -tions). without an con ultation \ ith other FTUB members. He also mad se eral tran fers of funds to the account of his lad friend under the pretence of organizing activities, In 2009 at a meeting \ ith the current Vice Pre id nt and two thcr former ccretarics, 1 qu ti ned Maung Maung v h ther he could use th se funds \ ithout con ulting others. H bluntl stated "Yes 1 can",

Organizational integrit and unit :

FT B is dy: functional and di. united. Many of the entral Executi e ommittee members

back tab one an ther \ hene er the opp rtunity ari e . ne CEC member e pre ed hi

int ntion to pen: er through all of Maung Maung' abu biding hi lime to trike back and

get r enge. imilarly, oth r C C memb rs have xpressed their se re disappointment with Maung Maung s management and expressed their intention to eliminat him when the opportuniry ari es.

it is widel known that th aung Maung e'p cts blind praise and ob dience r gardless of his poor management decision and their longer term implication for the FTUB and its acti ities. It i ' .... ell kno n \ ithin the dem crati m ement that Maung Maung re ard people financially when h i prai cd or re i upport for hi de i ion 0 mu h 0 that Maung Maung j kno n as th ATM rna hine in Ma 'ot.

ra I pattern of Mauo MaUll

A fr qu nt flyer statement bearing Maung Maung's name and position as General ecn tary of the FTUB c1earl states that he tra elled to Rangoon on three occasions between F bruary and April 2008. A I was alarmed b the potential implication of thi tatement 1 hared it with R nni aung Than L\ in. Although he promi cd me that he would look into it h ha remain d sil nt.

1 urge people to in e tigate the eracit of thi taternent, TIle cop of the taternent i attached. h original tat m nt i a ailablc f r i wing.

Fear of Retribution:

Although three former FTUB membe have indicated their agreement \ ith thi letter the ha e refrained from co- igning out of fear for their Ii . I ha itn cd Maung Maung and c ral other eEe rn mbers mak in absentia threats against people who ha e upset them. Th s threats have included ha ing people fal el arrested through his friends in local lav enforcement agenci . F or th e rea on , J bel ie e the concern f m colleagues are \: ell funded.

1 n I ight of the fa ts presented in this letter I urg th following;

I. he matter of Maung Maung apparent travel to Rangoon houJd be full in estigated

and proper and immediate action taken.

2. Th TURfHR d partm nt of nue should inv stigat th unfair di missals and

suspension of Shv e Sin yunt Cho Maung, and my elf and th e matt rs resolved according to ITU the pr edure and norm.

h J ue, ITU ia-Pacifi ), th international Labour Organization and all national

labor cent rs that are supporting fTUB financial! and politicall should review their polic to support FTUB with the current CE members v rule it continu s to misus fund and go ern in an un on tituti nal manner.

In con lusion, I am prepar d to testify th facts stated her and others und r oath at any court of la or hearing. M sole reason for i . uing thi statement i becau e FT B and its executi es are doing a major dis ervice to the peopJe of Burma. Concerned partie hould al 0 hold FTUB and

it cxecuti accountabl if an harm i cau d to m elf or an of the three other per on

named in this 1 tt L I r quest help and assistance from all concern d parti s to bring an imm diate end t the FTUB'. injustice, hypo ris , corruption and abuse of democratic and labor rights.

inc rely yours,

av Tun

ecretary f Finance and De elopment (under uspen Ion ince _4th February 2010).


~. e:~~

~o.?S:~'1: ~

Multi National-

:>0 ? .. !~t~ ~~ FTUB ~mS ~~trn;~

~~mo.?t:G· .• C\Y.)~~~ ~ ~: ~9C"· ~~.



Federation of Trade Unions - Burma

Responsibilities & Rights

f)t()(n tional Coil(, ct Burma Offke - Japan 101·0062

3F. Sohyo Kalk n

3-2 ·11. Kanrl3' $mj9lldR i hlyoda· Ku T okyp Japan Te:: 81 35296 3{)10

Fax: 81 35296 7903

G(-n&~ ma~~~:oo:,!:

~t~~SC ~:).)<-n:~~<-tr: ~<ij8

011 ('l~~f~GO?J3(-xf3 Jllcxq~6~

'711 ~8:~~~:.

911 ~O"YX>~~~:I d~~OY.>o~~~:

11 8:~aB m~l& ~d)9') ~Q08: G4X).)t§ emai I ~:G"f).)'j:§8:1 a~:T.l~ §&xr~~tcS~~'J:r.XlcW:>'lP!3n!GO~~ Gd 6dO~~~:'l8O?O??~t S~G~T :~';J?(Qo ~~~~8:GCf't:y O?':JO~cr~~(QOO7 ~8:* ~:G~t: ~?: ~S~'i: O')~¥ OY)03'lS~8:§&:1

Gdcor8o;?6oo1§ro~0)~~8: ~:G~+: O)~ 3?~16 ~cu503cr;r> ~8:GOOJ~ mail foij'J:G'l:

o.nf98:1 ~W6u~'(~tj:crn: w8:~~.>: GU:~~~ 011 ~S:~rym~:&ilc-y8YS~~~m'J~~~:~§8:1

JII¥tBo:lcf)~8~§:pt§ ~§c<.Yf(~le>S~:~: ~§e?§~~q?~ ~~~~~ 't?cS~'XT.ijroS:G:J.)~U)5~: rJ:Y:):GU~ §6:

~II 3?~l6<\?6ct:q)~'lP: 'l60)~0??~ ~ Goo'Jc~~~<J?~~:G§')(r5Ja8:1 ~~ OJ~[§S'l? ~8~y~ot~ <Y.:l~~n-::S~:)j~G~9°o~5~:y::mG'l'l¥. oY.:lO~ .. ~ GCTY? ~Er.JS:

. orJ:)r..§p8€F~J.:J.J~1I

~3?~.s~:ro-S~¥:o.,)~ ( Finan e and De lopm III Od"2C:"'1~:3?OO~§~oy'>o+~x.,sC\)r8coS:

~~ rtiJIf-lG'l: ~ lc)o.;)900JJ3t'(C\)t§: Go.?§9~~11

~~ ~:G~¥rr.r:>: (Finance and D'v lopmcnt) rnD68G'l:y:~~u:nt&jS~~~:rp::S OO:aX)o)~1I

~~G~~D6S:GCf'1: §tl,)')~8c3?C\(50)ta'J:OJ~$MP~~l511



Internal matter I ot to b distribut d

I. entral E ecutive Committee Member Board em be

3. e retariat M rnb rs

4. In Charg s (0 partrn nt lIn Charge Committees

24th 'ebruary 20 10

ubje t : Temporary SliSP n ion of Zaw Tun from ecretary po ition for writing email that di credit as v ell a challenging the authority to di rupt the acti itie of the Federati n as General ecretary can no longer take respon ibility of hi acti n .

As mention d abo e, Zaw Tun has writt n mails that di cr dit th f ederation and f rwarding them to external per on and found that;

a. Za un h brea hcd hi right a a ecrctar '.

b. Fan arding the abo mentioned email to ext mal per' ns and international organization to discredit the Federation.

c. hallenging to di rup cea e the activitie of the Federation. nd as the

Gen ral ccretary \ ho appoint d Za Tun 1 informed the Central Executive Committee that 1 would no long r take re 'ponslbilities for Zaw Tun' a lions.

Additionall it i belie ed that Zaw Tun i inappropriate to continue in the capacity a Finane du ~ to hi health condiu n .

Therefore I hereh notify that Zaw Tun has been ternporaril suo pended from the po ition of Finance and Development e retarv,

A a r ult of th temporary u pc ion a the eel' ra f r brca h of hi right a a e r tary, from this day forv ard (241h February 2010) it is notified that;

J. The Central E,. cutivc ornmiu c u pend him temporaril from th p ition of ccrctary.

AI. 0 uspends th finan ial support recei es as a Secretary.

3. Not allowed entry to the Fed ration's office unl ss appro ed and to cease repr cnting the Federation.

igned MaungMaung G neral ccrera

Federation of Trade Union Burma c: ffice 0PY

Internal matter I ot to be di tributcd

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