Committee to Save New York :60 Radio "McCall NYC” AVO: Former State Comptroller Carl McCall talks about

the budget crisis facing New York…. McCall: …What we see now is worse than it’s ever been. We’re now in a situation where we have been spending too much, borrowing too much, taxing too much, and that’s not sustainable. We’ve got to go in a different direction. AVO: In the last decade alone, New York’s lost 400,000 jobs. And 1.7 million people have moved away — that’s more than the entire population of Manhattan or the Bronx. But there’s hope. Governor Cuomo’s plan will balance the state’s budget and protect vital services…WITHOUT raising taxes. It’s a plan to move New York FORWARD. McCall: What it means is that people will want to invest here…. It means jobs can be created here so that we can have the kind of sustainable stream of income that will enable us to provide better services… to people as… we go forward. AVO: To lift our state, let’s lift our voices. Support Governor Cuomo’s plan – and visit today. AVO: Paid for by the Committee to Save New York, Inc.