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Lodgement Receipt - Pay Anyone

Date: 28/07/2008

From account:
From: Access Account
Your/Business name: Hamid

Payment details:
To Payee: Transfering account
Account BSB: 305122
Account Number: 0262717
Account name: Hamid Reza Ravanbod
Message / Reference: khodam
Amount $: $1,000.00

Transfer details:
Transfer instructions: Pay no earlier than 28/07/2008
Lodgement number: 165275717
Receipt number: 463789

Important Information
This is your lodgement receipt confirming your transfer has been lodged for processing by us. When the
payee's account will be credited will depend on the policy and systems of the payee's bank.

Your receipt number will be indicated if you made an immediate transfer.

If you made a future-dated transfer you should log on to ANZ Internet Banking after the transfer date for
your receipt number and confirm that your transfer has been processed by us.;...%2Fo%2B%0D%0Ad7wtdpMpq%2Bz7XATkE%2BZDGQk%3D [7/28/2008 1:25:34 PM]