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Posted by Oops!!

1. 1. World's richest Indian = Laxmi Niwas Mittal

2. World's Largest Steel Organisation = Laxmi Niwas Mittal Group, coz
this year it has acuired America's International Group.

3. Govt. hiked the FDI CAP in Domestic Airlines 4rm current 40% to 49%

4. Telecom and IT Minsiter = Dayanidhi Maran

5. Ernst & Young Enterpreneur of the year = Sunil Mittal ( Bharti

6. VSNL Chairman = Ratan Tata , VSNL Acquired Tyco Global Network

7. Star TV CEO = Peter Mukerjea

8. Deutsche Bank CEO & MD = Gunit Chadha

9. CII President = Sunil Kant Munjal

10. HDFC Chairman = Deepak Parekh

11. ICICI Bank CEO = K. V. Kamath

12. SBI Chairman & MD = A.K. Purwar

13. Kotak Mahindra MD = Uday Kotak

14. Sebi Chairman = G . N. Bajpai

15. IRDA Chairman = C. S. Rao

16. TV Today Network CEO = G Krishnan

1. Whose ad line reads "Where India Shops". (hint : apparels)


(2) It was in 1962, at Gouster, Virginia when the PNB with the aid of
National Banking Machines started this for the first time. What are
we talking about ?

(3) Power Compact with 'smart eyes' is _____________

(4) A Double Life is a book by which advertising guru ?

Alyque Padamsee

(5) In the name RJR-Nabisco, what does Nabisco stand for ?

National Biscuit Company

1.who is our chief vigilance officer?
ans. p. shankar
2.india has signed an agreement to purchase admiral gorshkov frm russia. this is
ans. aircraft carrier
3. which pakistan scientist was involved with leaking of nuclear know how to
other countries?
ans.abdul qadeer khan
4.dogri language is spoken by which states?
ans.j and k
5.the total strength of rajya sabha is not to exceed..
ans250 members
6.who is known as the ex-officio member of the rajya sabha?
7. who said"the directive principle of state policy do not matter'?
ans.sir ivor jennings
8.we hav borrowed the directive principles of state policy from the constitution
9.who won 2004 booker prize?
ans.alan hollinghurst
who is the new p.l.o leader?
ans. mr mehmood abbas

1)GE's technology centre in b'lore is named after whom? - Jack
2)Ranbaxy calls it 'Caverta', what is it popularly known as? -
3)Which Indian test cricketer is the representative of Musco
lighting in India? - Kapil Dev
4)Which country's PM receives the highest salary in terms of
dollars? -Japan
5)Zzapi Nercor is the mascot of which Indian pizza company? -
Pizza Corner
6)Top Gear is the retail outlet of which indian company? - IOC
7)Which search engine was first named Architext and created by
a group of Stanford University grads? - Excite
8)Who is the lowest paid CEO in the world? - Steve Jobs, Apple
computers, $1 annually

9)What is the name of Tainwala Chemicals' mosquito repellant
brand? - Casper
10)Which company is the official ice-cream supplier to
Wimbledon? - Wall's
11)Which was the first insurance company in India to start a 24
hour call centre? - Tata AIG
12)Rasik Dhariwal is the owner of which Gutkha company? -
13)Which Indian retail chain was started by former Carona
employee B.S Nagesh? - Shopper's Stop
14)Which company was first founded and registered in
Delaware, US as Quantum Computer Services? - AOL
15)Which is the oldest public sector bank in India? - Allahabad

and here goes my report on committees reports (CR) in the last two years
searched thru business standard archive section.
1. MH kania CR
A. stock exchange reforms on demutualisation.

2. Malegam CR
A. UTI reforms and scams

3. Joint Parliament CR (headed my M. tripathi)
A. Investigate the 2001 bse crash

4. Geetha Krishnam CR
A. on I&B expenditure, reforms etc

5. Mashelkar CR
A. Auto Fuel Policy

6. Amit Mitra CR
A. FM radio (26%fdi)

7. Naresh Chandra CR
A. Corporate Governance

8. Bhagwati
A. Changes to SEBI takeover policy...dont know exactly

9. Tarapore
A. Captical convertibilily

10. Abhijit Sen
A. Long Term Gain Policy

11. Santosh Mohan Deo
A. Electricity Bill 2001

12. What is the Indiamix scheme.
A. google it :).

World's oldest stock exchange=amsterdam stock exchange(1602!)

Largest global brand=Coca-cola

World's largest employer=Indian Railways(1,600,000 regular employees)

Which company reported the largest annual loss ever=AOL Time Warner
($98.7 billion on January 30, 2003)

Which single issue had the most investors=Unit Trust of India
(5.9 million in April and May 1992)

Largest oil company= ExxonMobil

Which film company was the first ever in Bollywood to raise money through an
initial public offering= Mukta Arts

World's highest paid CEO=Reuben Mark, CEO of Colgate-Palmolive( $148

Which nation has the largest national debt=Brazil

Microsoft=Steve Ballmer

TCS=S. Ramadorai

NASSCOM=Kiran Karnik

Satyam Computer Services =Ramalinga Raju

Kishor Biyani=Pantaloon

GE=Jeffrey R Immelt

Nokia=Jorma Jaakko Ollila

Time Warner Inc=Richard D Parsons

Oracle=Larry Ellison

Dr. Manmohan Singh was sworn-in as Prime Minister of India on May 22, 2004.

Cabinet Ministers

Arjun Singh - Human Resource Development
Pranab Mukherjee - Defence
P. Chidambaram - Finance
Shivraj Patil - Home
Natwar Singh - External Affairs
Sharad Pawar - Agriculture, Food & Civil Supplies, Consumer Affairs and Public
Laloo Prasad - Railways
Ram Vilas Paswan - Chemicals & Fertilisers and Steel
Ghulam Nabi Azad - Parliamentary Affairs and Urban Development
S Jaipal Reddy - Information & Broadcasting and Culture
Sisram Ola - Labour and Employment
Mahavir Prasad - Small Scale Agro and Rural Industries
P. R. Kyndiah - Tribal Affairs and Development of the Northeast
T R Baalu - Road Transport, Highways and Shipping
Shankarsinh Vaghela - Textiles
Kamal Nath - Commerce and Industry
H R Bhardwaj - Law and justice
P M Sayeed - Power
Raghuvansh Prasad Singh - Rural Development
Priyaranjan Dasmunsi - Water Resources
Mani Shankar Aiyar - Petroleum & Natural Gas and Panchayati Raj
Sunil Dutt -Youth Affairs and Sports
A Raja - Environment and Forest
Dayanidhi Maran - Communication and IT
Meira Kumar - Social Justice and Empowerment
K Chandrasekhar Rao -
Anbumani Ramdoss - Health and Family Welfare

Ministers of State (Independent Charge)

Santosh Mohan Dev - Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises
Jagdish Tytler - Non-Resident Affairs
Oscar Fernandes - Statistics and Program Implementation
Renuka Choudhury - Tourism
Subodh Kant Sahai - Food Processing
Kapil Sibal - Science & Technology and Ocean Development
Vilas Muttemwar - Non-conventional Energy Sources
Kumari Selja - Urban Employment and Poverty Alleviation
Praful Patel - Civil Aviation
Premchand Gupta - Company Affairs

Ministers of State

E Ahamed - External affairs
Suresh Pachauri - Personnel and Parliamentary Affairs
B K Handique - Defence and Parliamentary Affairs
P Lakshmi - Health and Family Welfare
Dasari Narayan Rao - Coal and Mines
Shaqeel Ahmed - Communications & IT
Rao Indrajit Singh - External Affairs
Naranbhai Rathwa - Railways
Rehman Khan - Chemicals and Fertilisers
K H Muniappa - Road Transport and Highways
M V Rajasekharan - Planning
Kantilal Bhuria - Agriculture, Food & Civil Supplies, Consumer Affairs and Public
Manik Rao Gavit - Home Affairs
Sriprakash Jaiswal - Home Affairs
Prithviraj Chavan - Prime Minister's Office
Mohammed Taslimuddin - Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises
Suryakanta Patil - Rural Development and Parliamentary Affairs
Mohammed A A Fatmi - Human Resource Development
A Narendra - Rural Development
R Velu - Railways
S S Palanimanickam - Finance
S Regupathy - Internal Security and Personnel
K Venkatapathy - Law and Justice
Subbulakshmi Jegadeesan - Social Justice and Empowerment
E V K S Elangovan - Commerce & Industry
Kanti Singh - Human Resource Development
Namo Narayan Meena - Environment and Forests
Jay Prakash Narayan Yadav - Water Resources
Akhilesh Singh - Agriculture, Food & Civil Supplies, Consumer Affairs and Public


MRF=Madras Rubber Factory
BPL=British Physical Labs
TIPS=Time Promotion Services
SUN Microsystems=Stanford University Network
DSP Merrill Lynch= D S Purbhoodas & Co

plz note that the CHAIRMAN of NASSCOM : Jerry Rao

and PRESIDENT of NASSCOM : Kiran Karnik.

1. He lost both his parents by 1856; he was then 10 years old. He grew
up in an orphanage known as Bruderhaus, and got trained in the

adjoining engineering factory, where Gottlieb Daimler, the technical
manager, spotted his talent. They worked together til l 1907 when he,
called ‘The King of Design Engineers,' left Daimler-Motoren-
Gesellschaft to set up his own business. Who is being referred to

Ans-Wilhelm Maybach

2. Which company's subsidiary is UltraTech Cement, and what was it
called earlier?

Ans--Grasim; L&T cement

3. This company, which is now facing a bid from a company half its
size, was founded by Cecil Rhodes. Its major shareholder is Vladimir
Potanin's Norilsk Nickel group, which holds 20 per cent of the
company. Its CEO is Ian Cockerill. Which is the company?

ANS--Gold Fields, which is facing a bid from Harmony Gold

4.This formulation was developed in 1965 by researchers at the
University of Florida to help the State's football team members beat
dehydration. How is the formulation known now?

ANS--Gatorade; the football team is called Gators

5. In 2002, US-based Tibco Software bought Praja, a company
founded by Dr Ramesh Jain and which other famous personality?

ANS--Dr C. K. Prahalad

6. Which company is focussing on long-term goals collectively called
the 'Garuda Vision'? (Clue: This has got nothing to do with
Indonesia's airliner Garuda!)

ANS-- Ranbaxy

7. "Know. Now." This is the base line of a brand, 150 years old, which
is in the business of providing information to its customers. Which

ANS-- Reuters

8. An easy one to end this week's quiz! What was created by Umesh
Rao, an artist with JWT, and Bobby Kooka in 1946?

ANS--The Air-India Maharajah; Kooka was Air-India's Commercial Director then

1. Also called blood diamonds, these are diamonds that usually
originate in war zones and are sold in order to finance the war
efforts of an invading army against a legitimate and
internationally recognised Government. What are they called?

ANS--Conflict diamonds

2. 'Idiots Price Our Devices'! This was one famous comment
among the many that were seen on the Internet when this
company launched a product nearly three years ago. Demand,
however, seems to have soared now. Which product are we
referring to? Also, which is the company?

ANS-- iPod (Apple) (The term 'iPod' can be worked out from the comment

3. M. P. Sharma, Dr Madan Vaidya Mishra and P. L. Agarwal.
Why are the three names in the news?

ANS-- They were the witnesses for Priyamvada's will

4. This bank was established in Lahore in 1943 by Rai Bahadur
Lala Sohan Lal, who also became its first Chairman. After
Partition, the bank's registered office shifted to Amritsar. Its
current head office is in New Delhi. Can you name this bank?

ANS-- Oriental Bank of Commerce

5. Easy! Can you name the company set up by Prince Charles in
the early 1990s to make organic food products?

ANS-- Duchy Originals

6. Japan's second and fourth biggest banks in terms of assets
have agreed to merge. The merged entity will become the
world's biggest banking group. Can you name the two banks?

ANS-- Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group (MTFG) and UFJ Holdings

7. In 1907, Eugene Schueller, a French chemist, developed a
hair-colour formula. Two years later, he registered his company
as 'Societe Francaise de Teintures Inoffensives pour Cheveux.'
How do we know it today?

ANS-- L'Oreal

Dec 29, 2006

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