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Counterfort retaining walls are similar to cantilever walls except they have thin vertical concrete webs at regular

intervals along the backside of the wall. These webs are known as counterforts.Triangular-shaped counterforts are added to the rear of abutment wall slab to provide further flexural rigidity and resist the lateral earth pressures by the depth of backfill material. Counterfort retaining walls:

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The counterforts tie the slab and base together, and the purpose of them is to reduce the shear forces and bending moments imposed on the wall by the soil. A secondary effect is to increase the weight of the wall from the added concrete. Can be precast or formed on site. Counterfort retaining walls are more economical than cantilever walls for heights above 25 ft.

Buttressed Retaining Walls A buttressed retaining wall is basically identical to a counterfort wall except for one thing. The support wall is on the outside of the retaining wall. They are visible. The buttresses add incredible strength to the wall system. For the retaining wall to fail or tip over, the buttresses would have to be crushed. The buttress concept was widely used in the construction of many cathedrals in Europe.

They can be spaced to create rooms. They do the exact same thing in a retaining wall. parking spaces. Depending upon the overall length of the wall. The buttresses can often be designed to be decorative in nature and covered with stone or some other material. you may have several buttresses. . you must give serious consideration to hiring an engineer. handball courts or any other functional space. Situations which demand this type of wall usually have tremendous loads which bear against the walls. the buttresses helped to stabilize them. Once again. if you intend to build one of these walls.Because of the height of the cathedral walls.

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