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Published by Ganesh Babu
Learn Macromedia Director...
Learn Macromedia Director...

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Published by: Ganesh Babu on Aug 24, 2008
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The final effect to add is to make a short sound play when users click any of the video control
buttons in the sound and video scene. This sound file is small; there is no compelling reason not
to import the file directly into your Director file. Then you will add a play function to each of
the scripts that are attached to the video control buttons. This command plays the new sound cast
member in the second sound channel.

1Select File > Import.

2In the Import Files dialog box, navigate within your Director MX folder to Tutorials/Basics/
3Select the file named button.wav, and click the Add button.

4In the Media pop-up menu, select Standard Import.

5Click the Import button.
The new sound cast member appears in the Cast window in the next available cast slot.
6In the Cast window, select the RewindScript cast member.

7Click the Cast Member Script button in the upper right corner of the Script window.

8In the Script window, create a new line after the first line of the handler.

9On the new line, type the following Lingo:


The (2) specifies the second sound channel.
10Close the Script window, and save your movie.

11Repeat steps 6 through 10 for the PlayScript and PauseScript cast members.

You have now completed authoring your Director movie. You can play the movie and move from
scene to scene with the navigation buttons that you created. You can control the playback of the
digital video with the bitmap graphic buttons that you added. Next, you will publish the movie to
play on the web.

Publishing your movie


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