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Learn Macromedia Director...
Learn Macromedia Director...

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Published by: Ganesh Babu on Aug 24, 2008
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You can write a script that loops the playhead in frames 15 through 50 using the name of
the marker.

1Double-click the Script channel in frame 50, the last frame of the animation scene. The script
window opens with the default on exitFrame script already entered.
2Inside the default script, on line 2, type the following:


3In the Name text box at the top of the window, type AnimLoop, and close the Script window.
The new script cast member appears in the first available cast slot of the Cast window, and the
new sprite appears in frame 50 of the Script channel in the Score.
4Click frame 15 in the frame number bar in the Score, and click the Play button at the bottom

of the Stage.
The animation scene plays, and the playhead loops back to frame 15 when it reaches frame 50.
The animation of the tire bouncing repeats continuously.
5Click the Stop button at the bottom of the Stage.

Each of the scenes in your movie has a script that prevents the playhead from moving to
a different scene. Now you’ll add scripts to the navigation buttons so the user can move from
scene to scene.

Marker menu

Marker bar


Chapter 4: Building Your First Basic Movie

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