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The Real Way To Make Money Online cust88

The Real Way To Make Money Online cust88

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Hidden In Plain Sight Secrets To Making Money Online

By Ryan Parenti

Build Online Wealth

LEGAL NOTICE: The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in the creation of this report, notwithstanding the fact that he does not warrant or represent at any time that the contents within are accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet.While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, the Publisher assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein. Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples, or organizations are unintentional.In practical advice books, like anything else in life, there are no guarantees of income made. Readers are cautioned to reply on their own judgment about their individual circumstances to act accordingly. This book is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting or financial advice. All readers are advised to seek services of competent professionals in legal, business, accounting, and finance field. You are encouraged to print this book for easy reading.

Important Resell Rights Information NOTE: You May Sell Or Give Away This Report in Any Way But Not Alter It Please read these terms carefully: [YES] You May Sell and Convey Master Resell Rights To This Product. [YES] You May Sell and Convey Basic Resell Rights To Your Customers. [YES] You May Resell This eBook For Personal Use. [YES] You May Add This Product Into A Paid Membership. [YES] You May Add This Product Into A Paid Package. [YES] You May Sell This Product On eBay Or Any Other Auction Site. [YES] You May Add This Product Into A Free Membership. [YES] You May Giveaway This Product. [NO] You May Not Alter Or Offer Private Label Rights To This Product. You MAY NOT market the product in any immoral or unethical manner, including UCE - unsolicited commercial email, also known as SPAM. Any violation of this agreement will be subject to a revoking of your resell rights license.

The Real Way To Make Money Online – Build A List & Sell Your Products
The real way to make money online is simple, straight forward and quick – but it works. Here are the secrets to real ways to make money online. Take a look at any people who are making cash online and they are all doing the same thing. All you need to do is what they do. There are three main things you need to do… 1. Build A Mailing List 2. Sell A Full Line Of Products 3. Develop Mutually Beneficial Relationships With Related Businesses Let’s start with how to …

Build A Mailing List For Life Long Profits And Push Button Simple Profits
All you do is throw up a squeeze page (a name asking for a name and email) in exchange for a free gift. Then you can develop a relationship with your subscribers and sell your products and related products to them. Always get traffic to the squeeze page. Get people on your list so you can follow up with them. Building a mailing list is how you send a message and print money. Not only that but you can use it to develop relationships with other marketers. This can help you by building mutually beneficial relationships that enhance both parties. The truth is there are a lot of get rich quick scams out there. But there is no such thing as get rich quick… there is only get rich. The real way to make money online is to build a real business. Selling information products is by for the Best Internet Business To Start and it naturally leads you into the profit pulling world of…

Selling Water To A Thirsty Man In The Desert… “Would You Like Another Glass?”
After you collecting leads your next step is to develop a full line of products. You want to develop a full marketing funnel of products. In fact the free offer is the start of your funnel. After your free offer you should try $1 trial to a continuity program, then have a $97 product, and a $297 product and a $997 product and on up.

The value of information you give increases as the funnel moves deeper. The real way to make money online is to build a real business. If you don’t want to build a real business at least build a mailing list. If you are to focus all of your efforts on list building you will get very far. Why? Because you will find many ways to monetize your list. Never the less creating information products is easy and profitable. In comparison to typical brick and mortar business it doesn’t even compare. Reach a world wide audience at the click of the mouse and deliver the goods – instantly- for free. The next important step is to…

Build Mutually Beneficial Relationships With Related Businesses For Explosive Profits
The real way to make money online is not to go out tweeting and all that extra stuff (even though you can make some cash doing it). The real way to cash in online is to build a mailing list where you sell your products then leverage your work by generating affiliates and join venture partners. Affiliates and join venture partners will sell your products for you for a commission on your sale. No matter how big of a mailing list you get or how much of a reach you have you will always be better off when other people sell your product. Even if you have the biggest list in the world it is probably not as big as the second biggest list and the third biggest list combined. The idea here is that you can leverage other people’s success and create a two way relationship that enhances both parties. This is a solid business model that truly is the real way to make money online. All the other stuff is secondary to this. Plain and simple.

Best Internet Business To Start – Build A Cash Pulling Information Empire!
The best internet business to start is easy and pays you right away. Here’s the truth about making money online. Without a doubt the best way to make money online is to sell information products. Why? It is the Best Internet Business To Start! You don’t have any costs to produce it, it is easy to do, and you can get started today. The trick to building an internet business is to have the right frame work in place.

Steps To Take To Build A Cash Pulling Information Empire
Firstly you need to develop a product to give away for people to join your mailing list. You can create an ebook, an audio, or video solving your markets biggest problem. You give this to them as an ethical bribe in exchange for them to sign up for your mailing list. This is important because you need to follow up with your prospects for long term success. Then you need to develop a product to sell. I highly recommend a high quality product that you sell for less than it is worth. You see.. the goal is to build life long customers and have a wide range of information products to sell. You want to “get them hooked” with a nice low priced product that gives them more value than they expected. After you sell your first product you should give your customers a chance to buy another product at a reduced price during the order process. Similar to how McDonald’s has “would you like fries with that?” you need to add an upsell in the order flow. This will easily increase your income by 30%. Simply after they purchase give them the chance to buy closely related products for a deep discount. Many times they will buy and you will increase your profits. You can also downsell your upsell if they don’t buy. If they do not take the upsell you can give them a chance to buy the same thing at a lower price. This will increase your income even more. BUT WAIT!? Why would I sell my products for a lower price? Well… when you are selling a digital download it is OK to sell it at whatever price you want. That is why information marketing is king. After they have consumed your product you simply create and sell more closely related products to your growing base of raving fans. And it is important that every customer turns into a raving fan. You do that by giving them an insane value for a low low price. Well, it doesn’t have to be a low price but it should be an amazing value… an irresistible offer. It is very important that you have a high quality product that over deliverers.

Take Your Prospects From Where They Are At To Where They Want To Be
Your goal in creating “The Best Internet Business To Start” is simply to take your prospects from where they are to where they want to be. Every step of your marketing should take them one step further to their desires end result. When you get people closer to their desired end result not only does their trust in you increase but also their desire for your products. Here is an example…

Let’s say you work in the dating market selling information products teaching men to get over their fears when approaching women and teach them how to build a real quality life long relationship. An ethical bribe to get someone to join your mailing list would be something like “10 Easy Ways To Talk To A Women And Get Her Phone Number.” So your prospect comes to your site downloads your report and joins your mailing list then goes out and gets a girls phone number. He is excited and but has NO IDEA what to do next. But luckily 2 days later you send him a message in your mailing list sequence telling him what to say on the phone to get her to go on the first date. He uses the technique and is one step closer to his desired end result. Not only does he now trust you be he also has increased his desire for your product! Now your prospect has gotten results in advance and instantly goes to your website and buys your training course on “How To Create The Fairy-tail 1st Date That Will Leave Them Wanting More.” So that is how you build an internet business If you want to know about how to build a REAL information empire and start cashing in I suggest you take a look at how to Easily Build A Profitable Business

How To Sell Your Products Online – Easy Tips For Online Selling Success
Sell your products online for people who want to know “How can I sell my products online?” Making money online is easy. Learn the secrets here. Firstly you want to make sure your doing things the right way. You want to sell what people want to buy. So make sure you find a good niche. Ask yourself questions like …
  

What kind of stuff is the market buying now? What kind of stuff are other people spending money to advertise? What kind of stuff has been selling a really long time?

These are keys to selling online. You only want to sell things that are proven to sell. If not your are wasting your time. You can’t sell something if there are no buyers. If you want to sell your stuff online you have to genuinely identify what type of life styles your target prospects want to live. You need to know what their REAL desired outcome is and know what life they REALLY want. For example some people say they want to make money online. The truth is they want to make enough money to quit their job and have the freedom to do what they want without having to worry about money. So you need to help them get there.

So you need to start with the end in mind (customer’s end goal). You need to answer the question “What is my customer’s end goal? What does he/she want?” Then you need to determine the main building blocks to get there. You need to define the main steps to getting your customers to where they want to go and then figure out how you can help them get there.

Key Steps To Selling Online
First off you need a squeeze page. You need a way to follow up with your customers if they don’t buy or even if they do. The money is not in the initial sale but in the follow up. Second you want to make sure to have an affiliate program. Basically this is where you let other people sell your product for a commission based income. It is an easy way to increase revenue with no extra effort. Listing your product in affiliate networks or on places like Clickbank can help you find affiliates and JVs and also help manage some of the system. Another thing to consider is training for your affiliates. Not everyone knows how to sell online so provide a training area for your affiliate to maximize results. A solid back-end will increase profits. If someone buys your products do you have related products or services to sell them? If you don’t you are leaving 70% of the cash on the table. So develop high end premium products that go into more detail and sell them to your growing customer base. Continuity is a great way to increase income and sell your product. If you want to know “How To Sell My Product Online” then you would be well advised to position your offer as a continuity program. A monthly membership program where you send them your product ever month for a month fee. This can increase income by as much as 300% or more. Test everything for dramatic increases in revenue. If you can get 10% more people to buy by changing a few words around wouldn’t you do it? The truth is you can increase profits by testing your sales system. Split test headlines, calls to action and the actual offer to increase profits. You can do this with Google Optimizer.

Two Keys To Massive Success
Speed + Motivation = Dollars Don’t get caught up in the pitfall of doing things to slow. If you are creating information products you can crank out high quality audio and video in no time. But many people find themselves obsessing over relatively insignificant things like font size and images and this prevents them from the success they ought to have. Get it done and get it done quick. Do not suffer quality but realize that you can make a high quality information product in days or less! Speed = results. It is about focusing on the things that really matter and not the things that do not matter like the right clip art to use in your ebook or the best looking logo. You need something to motivate you. Maybe something that you can not tolerate anymore (a boss ect). Something that makes you so angry that you just can’t stand it any more is good. Maybe your just tired of working at a job. Maybe you want to provide for your children. The point is that you need a driving factor that will push you past all the obstacles. If you don’t have a driving factor it will be easy to give up when you hit a road block. So figure out why you want to sell online and use that passion as a driving force to overcome everything. It can be pain or pleasure but understand that you will to have problems on the way and if you don’t have motivation you will stop.

Here Is How You Structure Your Sales Flow For Massive Online Cash
1. Squeeze page Capture the name and email of your prospect by giving them a free report. Make them sign up to your mailing list so you can follow up with them and deepen the buyer’s trust in you. Most people are not ready to buy initially so having a system set up to follow up with your leads will help you dramatically. 2. High ROI (return on investment) irresistible offer First off you need a front end product to get people in your sales flow (also called a sales funnel). You want your first offer to be low barrier, low risk, & high value. The goal is to get as many people as possible to see the quality of your work and then turn them into life time customers.

A good example would be a $1 trial to a continuity program for 14 days. You will give them a chance to see if it is right for them and you will get more people to take you up on this offer as opposed to a $197 offer. You need to answer 4 questions when you prospect is at your sales page and you need to do it within the first 10 seconds if possible. Do this with an eye catching headline that gains attention and interest. Here are the 4 questions… 1. 2. 3. 4. What are you trying to sell me? How much does it cost? Why should I believe you? Whats in it for me?

You want the believable return on investment to be communicated so clearly and efficiently that it’s immediately apparent you’d have to be a fool to pass it up. This needs to be clear & simple. Brevity is important (keep it short) and simply lay out the facts let them see the value themselves. Some good ways to increase believability that your product can help is rock solid proof – here is the numbers and the facts - and social proof in the form of testimonials and endorsements. It would also help to tell them why your product is different and to position it as if it has few alternatives. Also if your product is limited in some way and perception is that product is limited in some way will help to increase sales. But it’s got to be real. If you just say that it is limited and it is not you will destroy any goodwill and goodwill is the number one factor for a customer relationship. The point is your offer needs urgency because you need to give them a reason to take action now. The more scarcity you use the more money you will make but you always need a reason why. You can’t just close the doors for no reason. You need a believable reason why your product is limited in someway. 3. Upsells / downsells / cross sells After someone purchase your offer you should have an upsell. This is similar to saying “Would you like fries with that?” Give your customer a chance to buy your platinum version of the product at a reduced price. Make this be about the same topic but go into more detail and provide more value. After they purchase give them a one time offer to buy your Mega Cash Buster coaching for half price. This creates urgency and gives them a reason to act. If they don’t buy your upsell downsell it. Give them another 20% off! Maybe the price was too much. And if you are selling digital goods there is no reason NOT to allow them to buy your products since it is 100% profit.

It is also ideal to let them get a chance to buy related products of yours. This is called a cross sell. So after your upsell to a higher priced item give them a change to buy your other items too. And feel free to downsell them as well. 4. Backend sales and lifetime customer value You want to have products that are natural adds on to the first product. Go in more detail on that or give them tools to do it quickly. You could make a power point of your front end and go into more detail. Don’t be intimidated by selling high end products. Different people spend different amounts of money on different solutions. There is always a market for premium quality. Just make every offer a no brainer. Over deliver and provide tons of value. Here are some ideas for backend offers. - coaching programs - email coaching “email me once a day from mon – thur for $500 a month” - structured webinars with a step-by-step instruction on getting to an end result - access to members forum - recipe of the month type continuity - cds & dvd (recordings of webinars will work) - workshops

Other Ideas For Selling Products
If you just want to know “How To Sell My Products Online” you can sell your products on Amazon, PayDotCom, PayPal, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Ebay, Cragislist, US Free Ads and many times local niche forums will allow you to sell your product. They commonly have a category for you to post your product and you can put a link to your thread in your signature.

Plan For Online Business Profits
Internet business training program secrets revealed. Here is the best plan for online business and how to increase profits with internet marketing quickly. The most important thing to have is a clear vision and a solid business strategic plan to follow. You need to know where your going and have a solid business plan and strategy to get there. 1. You need to figure out yourself before you grow a business You need to know yourself and exactly what your good at. This is important because if you are not good a HTML for example then you do not want to build and grow your business by doing HTML. Clearly define, understand, and build a business around your strengths.

2. You need to find the big money opportunity (the market) Look at the market to find out what to sell and determine what they want then go out and give it to them. The market will show you where the big money opportunities are. Develop a clear vision of the biggest opportunity in your target market then develop an action plan to take advantage of it. 3. You need a compelling offer Your offer (what your trying to sell) must be of high value and provide a high return on investment. It almost must be positioned in a way that compels people to take action and purchase your offer. Create an irresistible offer that provides a solid benefit in a believable fashion. 4. Develop a marketing system Marketing your product or service is the way you get the word out. Advertisement, SEO and email marketing are all effective ways to find and retain new prospects. Discover which avenue of marketing you will take then execute it masterfully 5. Build YOUR business with help You need to scale your business by determining profitable actions then turning them into automated systems of duplicate-able and unmanaged creation through the help of smart, dedicated and qualified employees. I am telling you to discover what actions make you money then train and employ others to complete these actions on a daily or weekly basis (if possible). With your employees you want to make sure they carry the same vision of business that you have. You are paying more for their mind and creative thinking than any brute work. So make sure that they understand where you want to go so they can help you get there. When many people think of hiring help then they of getting the cheapest labor when the truth is you need to find keep and hire the right people. Good people are very hard to find and you need these people if you want to have a successful business. 6. Everything should be reduced down to a number You can and should measure every aspect of your business so you can determine what is working and what isn’t. Track sales conversions, employee performance, how your doing and success towards your goals. You can’t improve anything you can’t measure. So track everything you can so you can make incremental improvements to your operational systems like marketing, sales conversation and lifetime customer value.

7. Alliance partners increase growth rapidly The easiest way to grow your business is by leveraging other people’s resources. You can do this by developing relationships with other related businesses. Having an affiliate program can easily increase your income times 10. Structure your business to allow other people to sell and grow your business with you through creating and promoting an affiliate program and developing joint venture relationships. 8. Develop product creation systems Set up a team of people to create your products. Perhaps you might need one person to do the market research to see what people are buying and to do keyword research. Once completed they can then hand over the information to a person who creates graphics and a sales page. Then they can forward the information to a ghost writer who completes the product. This can all happen seamlessly once you develop the system. Identify which types of products you will create then develop a team (or a system) to create and market you product for you.

The Best Internet Business Training Program & Plan For Online Business Profits That Money Can Buy
Build a business that your completely free from. How? Develop systems within the business that make sure profitable steps are taken without you having to do them. Your goal is that the business will build without you and that you can get free of the business. Day to day operational issues need to be delegated. If you want to get an internet business training program you need to understand that business online can make you a lot of money if you have a solid vision of what you want to do. You want to avoid getting distracted by the latest fads and just want to go ahead and build a profitable business by following solid fundamentals. ==> Click Here To Get The Best Internet Business Training Program & Increase Your Online Profits With A Real Business Plan Today!

Sales Funnel Management & Marketing Sales Funnel Process Mastery
The sales funnel management secrets. Marketing sales funnel process for online business can make you or break you. Discover internet marketing secrets here.

First off what is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is a way to tier your buyers. A lot of people come in at the beginning the it leads them down to higher priced products where you will have less buyers. But there are a few main elements that many people leave out. The traditional sales funnel is missing a key competent. It doesn’t show you how you create value for your market. Value is defined by what the market does. It is defined by what people are willing to take action to get or to keep. The value you provide needs to be in the process not in the product. Your sales process is a step by step process leading a person to make multiple buying decisions.

What If People Don’t Buy?
If people are not taking the next step in your sales process you didn’t provide value earlier in the sales funnel. So the value is not only in the product but in the entire process that you lead your customers through. You can measure the value you give by the actions your customers take. The truth is the process of sales you send people through is the funnel in which you coordinate all of your sales through different pathways. For your marketing you need finely tuned selling systems, known as the sales funnel management or marketing sales funnel processes. You need to find, get, and keep customers and you do this through your sales funnel. If you can find and get people in your sales process you can make some money but when you master keeping them and selling them more products then you become wealthy. Here is an example. You can look at something like your car. This is a “system” that allows you to go from point a to point b. But if one of the parts goes out, like the axis, the entire system shuts down. So every part of your sales process needs to be working or else the entire system shuts down and bleeds to death.

Where Do You Start The Sales Funnel Management And Marketing Sales Funnel Process?
The first step is to do some research. Find some markets that you want to get into. Then you need products and then you need to advertise. Look for solo mailings where people have paid to get on lists. Then look at the offers of the solo lists and then mimic the sale product. You do this because you know what price range to target and what type of way to position your product to these people.

I am telling you that when you are looking for solo mailings to advertise in you can then simply mimic the product that they have already bought because you know they want it. Just a suggestion but it works. So what about the sales process? The first step of your actual sales process is to differentiate yourself. To position yourself in a unique way. If you are the same as everyone else it will be very difficult for you to build a extremely profitable business. After you know how your going to uniquely position yourself you want to shape and influence your prospect with education that can help them make a buying decision. This is how you follow up with people who are in your funnel. Presell them on your offers and show them why you are uniquely qualified. Every time you make contact influence their buying decisions through education and preselling. Perhaps make mention of something that your competitors are missing. When you are educating your prospects you want to plant the seeds in them to make the choice to do business with your company. You also want to connect what they need, want or wish to the solutions your offering. Every point of your sales system needs to move people to the next level.

Are You Flushing Money Down The Toilet?
You have to measure your business. You have to measure your business. It is important to say twice because it is that essential to success. You need to measure success so you know what to improve. If you don’t measure whats going on you don’t know what to change. This will help you understand what is meaningless and what is meaningful. Honestly there is no reason even doing something if you can’t measure it. If you don’t know what the results are why would you even do it? On the flip side if you can’t change something there is no need to measure it. It is a waste of time and resources. So focus your resources and energies on things that you can have an impact on. Then you can do something in these areas to grow the business. Increase or decrease what you do to impact your numbers. Add more bonuses, bundling products, ect. Here is the easy way to measure if you are doing well.

Measuring customer actions is where you start. Every time you ask your customer to do something (like buy another product) you can determine if you are giving value or not by if they take action. If customers are taking action then you are providing value. If not then you need to provide more value. Taking note of customer action is probably the biggest way to measure how good you are at creating value and giving them what they want. You want to create a sales process that has value built inside of it. As a person walks through your sales process you want to give them exactly what they need at that point in the sales process. If you measure your numbers you can tell if you are providing that to them. So you need to create a sales process then measure what goes on so you can look at what it is that you can change and improve.

Do You Know The #1 Thing That Will Increase Your Profits?
If not you need to find out! When your testing and tracking results your looking for the thing that is undermining your sales. This is a vital point for improvement and when you do something about it you will have much better results. Listen, if you have a whole as big as a bus in your sales process then some people are falling through it! So you want to patch up your leaks and create a finely tuned engine. So you need to decide out of all the areas that can be improved what is the one area that you want to focus on. Look for your weak links because if you improve them they will give the best results overall. Basically this is saying to find out what your biggest weakness is and focus your efforts into improving the sales funnel management.

Increase Sales Strategy – Covert Marketing Ideas To Increase Sales
This increase sales strategy uses covert marketing ideas to increase sales. Learn reasons people don’t by and how to increase sales of a product. First of all you need to know why people do not buy.

Reason People Don’t Buy #1: They Don’t Want It

One of the main objections people have when making a buying decision is the desire for the product. Does your prospect even want your product? If not here is how you solve that problem. Target people who want your products. If you are selling dog training you should be selling to people interested in dog training products. So if you do your market research and find out what people want before you start trying to sell it to them you will avoid this step all together. Get your angle and only target people who want your products. It seems simple and rather obvious but this is the foundation to build on for massive success and is the heart of the increase sale strategy and marketing ideas to increase sales.
Reason People Don’t Buy #2: They Don’t Have Money

If someone thinks they don’t have the money to buy your product that means they don’t want it enough. Think about it… If you truly want something you will find a way to get it. Increase the value of and desire in your product and your prospects will come up with the money. Value is not determined by how good your product is. Value is a based on the perceived value. Demonstrate higher value to make the sale. A good way to increase value is to be the only source of for the information. When you are the only source for what you are selling then you have true value. Luckily you can create this through how you position your product. Make your product completely unique in some way and inflate the value of what you have. Value is also defined by what other people say. This is commonly referred to as social proof. This is why testimonials are so powerful. When your prospect sees that other people like your product it is instantly more desirable. So use social proof in your marketing to increase desire, value and get people over their buying objections. Pricing determines value as well. What is worth more to you? Something that is dirt cheap or something that costs an arm and a leg? The more something costs the better we think it is. If you want to increase the perceived value charge higher prices.

Reason People Don’t Buy #3: They Don’t Believe You

“Marketing Course Turns Marketing Newbie Into Billionaire Overnight! Get The Secret For 7.97!”
Are you ready to buy or afraid you are investing in something that is simply unrealistic? Establishing believability and trust is crucial. Simply put if they don’t believe you they won’t buy. So you need to build more trust. Here are some good ways…

Ways To Build Trust

Give factual proof

Are has your product passed double blind laboratory testing? Show the results and tell your market what the facts are about the results of your product. This will increase trust in your product and confidence in you.

Establish creditability through endorsements and testimonials

Do you have any people such as leading experts in your field or celebrity to endorse your product? Not only will this influence through herd thinking but it will also increase the perception that your product actually works in the minds of your prospects..

Listen to your market

Do you remember the guys who used to always get the girls in school? I started to look closely and what I saw was that they usually did one thing really good. They were expert listeners and showed an interest in the other person. “You got your kitten a new collar… that’s great” they would say in between seemingly endless streams of information streaming out of the girl’s mouth. The idea here is that if you want your market to increase the amount of trust they have you must at least appear to listen to them. Give them a voice and a way to give you feedback through a help desk, surveys or simply ask them what they think throughout your marketing.

Get your prospects to confide in you

This is similar to listening but it is specifically getting them to tell you something that is similar to them confiding in you. This can be done through simple asking them what their biggest challenge is. If you ask you not only appear interested, caring, and as if you listen but if they answer you have gotten them to confide in you. That has strengthened the connection and improved the trust factor. This is one of the most powerful marketing ideas to increase sales and really harnesses the power of this increase sales strategy. Here is an example. Imagine that you and a friend are walking down the street and then suddenly out of nowhere a person jumps out and stabs an innocent pedestrian. You look at your partner and both of you are shocked, horrified and downright not sure what to do. This is a powerful experience you now have had with this person. This will always be something that bonds you. That person always saw that happen and it is a secret experience you have between each other even if you tell other people. This is the type of thing that you create in your marketing when you get your prospects to confide in you.

Make your prospects like you

Here is another silly example that explains this in detail. I used to have a friend that was a little wild. He had a taste for stealing. Every once in awhile we would go to a store and he would walk out with a few extra things. I would never steal and I do not like to be around people who do steal. But he was my friend so I tolerated his behavior with statements like “At least he is not hurting anybody.” We will make excuses for people that we like even if they do things that we know are scandalous. You have probably heard someone say something like “Yea.. but he’s not a bad guy.” You apply this to marketing by getting your prospects to like you! It is a very powerful covert marketing idea to increase sales. Let your personality show and generally be yourself. You want your prospects to think that they are just like you. We like people like us so be the voice of your market.

Information Product Business Secrets – Marketing Your Own Product Made Easy
Discover information product business secrets to quick cash marketing your own product. Info marketing can make you rich… IF you SIDESTEP these pitfalls. Most Commonly Made Mistakes When Starting An Information Product Business 1. Making a product before looking at what the market wants. The right order to do things is to figure out who wants what then supply it however many people make a product because they think it would be a great idea or have an emotional attachment to the product. The last thing you want to do is be emotionally married to a product that no one wants. 2. Did you do your research? Did you overlook something? Does the market love the idea but not in the way you are selling it? You could overlook something simple and have drastic consequences! For example, you could be targeting males age 24-35… however you overlooked the fact that the market is primarily females age 35-50. Now you are talking to the wrong person in your marketing and you’ll go nowhere! 3. Don’t JUST Copy There are many steps to profits. If it looks like it works there is something going on under the surface that makes it successful. Your competitors could have backend products, they could be selling high end services or they even could be losing money on the first purchase just because they know they will make a life long customer. If you followed blindly into what others are doing without understand WHAT they are doing step by step then you will crash and burn in your information product business. So be good at identifying what works, steal it, and use it.

What You Need To Know BEFORE You Sell – These Are All Tools
You need to know how to talk to your prospects. Having an intimate understanding of who they are and their deepest darkest fears, desires and anxieties helps you communicate to them in a way that they will respond.

Here are some key things you need to know BEFORE you start to sell. Without this you can never speak the same language as your customers.  What keeps them awake at night?

Do you know what keeps your marketplace awake at night? What are their stresses they keep them up all night? If you know this you not only know what problem to solve but also their mindset. If they stay awake at night stressing about money don’t you think that is important to your marketing? Whatever it may be it is a tool you can use.

What are they scared of?

Do you customers have a deep fear of big purple dinosaurs? If so I wouldn’t use Barney as my mascot… unless it was to demonstrate how I can help them overcome their fear with my “Dinosa-Fobia Course.” If your market is truly afraid of something – which they probably are – you can use this in your marketing material to make an emotional connection.

What are they mad about or at? (You can be an ally against)

This is classic marketing! In the internet marketing niche you see this a lot. “Here is what the GURUs don’t want you to know” or “Average folks like you and me won’t stand for their lies!” If you can find out what they don’t like you can stand next to them against it!

What are their top 3 daily frustrations?

Clearly identify the top things that your prospects are frustrated with on a daily basis. If they hate going to work or hate the traffic on the way there you can for sure use that knowledge to be able to talk to them in a way they will listen.

What trends are occurring?

Is the market going this way or that way? Is the market even going to be around in 5 years? Valuable information to know when marketing your own product and building an information product business!

What do they secretly desire most?

You need to know your target prospects inside out. The goal is to find out what they want – not just what they say they want – then give it to them. For example some people say they want money however what they really want is freedom.

Is there a built in bias to the way they make decisions?

It wouldn’t make much sense to sell internet based products to people who only buy through the local store!

Do they have their own vocabulary?

Yes! They do. Learn it and use it.

Who is selling something similar?

Get to know your competition. What are they doing that works and what doesn’t work? This key information allows you to leverage other people’s hard work. Model after what works and improve on it.

Who has tried to sell to them and messed it up and why didn’t it work?

Not only can you learn from other’s success but also their mistakes. If you clearly identify what DIDN’T work you can avoid making the same mistakes. This can save you thousands of dollars investing into what seemed like a good idea but proved to be a costly mistake.

Who has been selling to them for years?

You know this by tracking who is out there and what they are doing. Start by buying their product and understanding how they work. This allows you to see their entire money making agenda and since they have been doing it for years you know it is profitable.

Whats your advantage?

-If you don’t have an answer don’t get into the business. -What do you have that no one else has? Maybe you can position yourself in unique way but the key is to have a reason to sell to these people in the first place! You need an ace up your sleeve or you will get taken over by your competition.

If everyone else is selling for $3,000 perhaps you can find a way to sell for $1,500 and not decrease the value of your product. Or perhaps you can provide a better service than anyone else. Whatever it is you need a unique angle to give you and edge over your competition when marketing your own product in an information product business.

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