QUESTIONNAIRE 1. Name any 5 Hindi channels? Sab tv, zee tv, star plus, sony, star one 2.

How many hours in a day do you watch T.V? o 0-1hr o 1-3hrs o More than 3 hrs

3. Which channels do you watch on a daily basis? a. ___mtv________________ b. _____SONY______________ c. ______STRA GOLD_____________

4. What part of the day would you prefer to watch TV? a. Morning b. Afternoon c. Evening d. Night

5. What DTH service do you use? a. ______________NO_________________

6. On a scale of 1 to 5 the following characteristics of TV Serials on the basis of how important they are to you and how satisfied are you with your current brand. 1= Least Important/ Very Unsatisfied & 5= Most Important/ Very Satisfied


Colors 9. Rate the channels according to your preference.1 being the best and 5 being the worst Star TV Sony Colors Imagine Zee Tv Family Drama Shows Reality Shows Comedy Shows Horror Shows Latest Movies Mythological Drama Kid¶s Shows 8. Sony e. Why have u rated the particular channel as no 1? ______________________________________________ ~2~ . Sahara One c. Zee TV d. a.Factors Time Slot Star Cast Production House Story Entertainement Value Advertisement Reception Important Satisfaction 7. Star plus b. Rank the following Shows on the basis of the mentioned type of Shows on a scale on 1 to 5.

Are you bored of the same EKTA KAPOOR ³k´ serials? a. Service provider f. No 12. d. Do you like to watch famous stars like Amitabh Bachchan. Malaika Arora etc. c. From where do you get most information about the show timings on TV? a. _______________________ 15. Do you live in a joint family or nuclear family? a. Yes b. News Paper b. Name four Magazine or News Paper you read? a. Word of Mouth e. b. on TV? a. Yes b. No 11. How many members are there in your family a.10. 14. Others __________ (please Specify) 13. Television c. Madhuri dixit. Magazine d. ___________________ Personal Details ~3~ .

10000 b) Rs. 40000 e) Rs.10000 to Rs.30000 to Rs.20000 to Rs.NAME:_____________________________________ AGE GROUP: a) 18 ± 24 b) 25 .40000 to Rs. 30000 d) Rs. 50000 f) More than Rs. 50000 OCCUPATION:____________ MARITAL STATUS:________ THANK YOU ~4~ .30 c) 31 ± 40 d) 40 Above GENDER:_________ FAMILY INCOME: Monthly a) Less than Rs. 20000 c) Rs.

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