Dockers :Creating a Sub Brand

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The decline phase & fight back by Levi s

The decline phase & fight back by Levi s .

Mid Life Crisis .

Levi s Dockers .

stores and ad campaigns ‡Edgy ‡Comfortable ‡Less stuffy ‡Versatile. suitable for a variety of situations Judgement ‡Reliable ‡Value for Money ‡Diverse choice ‡Fantastic alternative for an optimum fit mid-way between formals and casuals ‡Success of Levi-Strauss products (secondary brand associations) ‡First mover in new casuals category ‡In-store concept shops ‡Strateic positioning and media strategies in both consumer and trade markets Feeling ‡Casual ‡Sophisticated ‡Urbane Performance Imagery Salience .CBBE Model CBBE Model ‡High brand awareness ‡Strong market penetration ‡Channel support ‡Positive image across various demographic segments Resonance ‡Market leader in the segment ‡Superior Quality ‡Innovative conceptualizationsclothesline.

Stand out in a crowd. Elite class. cool youth. Relationship . empathy. Culture Brand Style Personality Casual. Good old American culture. Codes and Promises Genetic Code Brand Kernel Nice. Independence.Three Layers of Brand: Kernel. Reflection Youth. Trendsetters Appreciating needs. American individualism. Dress to live . Self-Image Ability to buy. comfortable pants. Physique Brand Themes Interlocked wings and anchor.

Casual Dressing. Stain defender technology. Adjustable waist pants. Customized fit. Premium price.Brand Circle: Dockers Brand Circle forDockers Non-iron cotton. Extension Areas Wrinkle-free. New Technology & Innovation. Urbane Inner core . Outer core Quality.

Ques 1 How would you characterize Levi s branding strategy in general? What are the positive aspects? Are there any negative aspects? .

mainly young generation New trends in the market did not support the Dockers brand idea. .Ans 1 Levi s had 2 brand names: Levi s and Dockers Sub-brands Positive Aspects: Successful sub-branding strategy Capitalize on the strengths of the Levi s brand Differentiates between Levi s and Dockers Negative Aspects: Dockers image was not appealing to many consumers.

Changed branding message but kept the core values and traditions untouched . Main Associations with the brand were1.Ans 1 Brand well recognized in the entire world. Comfort 2. Quality 4. Uniqueness 3. Emotional Impact .

adventure and independence Their new brand strategy failure to offer products for every life style was a It lead to decrease in sales and profits Decided to focus on the core product and image New campaign was launched emphasizing emotional connection between jeans and their owner .Ans 1 Levi s was initially branded as a product for men and considered tough Later it became a symbol of freedom.

How did it fit in with past Levi's advertising efforts? How did it contribute to brand equity? .Ques 2 Analyze the Dockers' communication strategy at the time of the launch.

both awareness and image are needed Early ads drove awareness well.Ans 2 Communication strategy At time of launch. product focused Consistent with some Levi s advertising from the 1980s Other Levi s ads very image-oriented Dockers did not add an image element until later Contribution to brand equity To build brand equity. they were memorable and conveyed information about the product In-store shops pushed awareness Dockers added advertisements that indicated who should be wearing its pants .

bath and luggage markets.Ques 3 How would you characterize the Dockers brand image? What makes up its brand equity? Evaluate the move to expand the line into bedding. .

.for work and for weekends Meant for real and approachable users. Proprietary attire for a variety of occasions. etc received publicity the product ultimately didn t blend with the brand image. Though the presidential campaign to promote the perspiration guard shirts. not a very techno image.Ans 3: The Brand Image Targeted at white collared working men between the ages of 25 and 49 Seen as casual apparel made from natural fibers suitable for a range of informal occasions. not fashion models Therefore.

Emotional appeal to baby boomers aspirational value through television ads. Product Pricing as affordable $32 per pair as compared to others at $60$80 per pair. In store marketing techniques introduced for the first time shop-in-shop concept. .Ans 3: Dockers Brand Equity Levi s Dockers The mainstay of the brand which gave it credibility Positioning of the brand as not too formal and not too casual a new segment in the market Product Design Reverse Silhouette Design and tagline of 100% cotton . Product layout folded as compared to traditional style of product hanging in racks.

Ans 3: Dockers New Product Line Marketed as Dockers Home Collection included home textiles. towels and bath and luggage accessories Viewed as a natural extension by the company Consequently lead to renaming of tagline to Dress to Live which incorporated the other product lines Move ultimately lead to brand dilution It had to be rebranded as Dockers San Francisco .

Ques 4 Describe some of the changes in the Dockers marketing strategy from its debut. Has LS & Co. maintained a consistent enough marketing message? Are they well positioned strategically and tactically to maintain their strong leadership status in coming years? .

Real and Approachable image Media launch aimed at big cities .Ans 4:Marketing Strategies Dockers promoted as new casuals Point-of-sale displays first in-store concept shop Proprietary position given to Levi s Dockers in menswear division Create awareness among target audience Focus group experiments Reality based advertising .

) Advertisements strategically shown during highly watched shows New York was the primary target Initial sales figures were off the charts By 1991. Dockers became a $500 million enterprise with 90% awareness amongst the target market Change from comfort to style Dockers Authentics brand launched in 1993 .Marketing Strategies (Contd.

) Target market changed to younger and style conscious audience Nice pants campaign Wrinkle free Too much innovation a necessary evil Technological improvements necessary for sustainability Making the brand relevant and interesting .Marketing Strategies (Contd.

Not incorporating this technology into pants hurt the company.Ques 5 Dockers missed out on the wrinkle free trend when it first surfaced. Years later. Dockers embraced technology in its products. Was adding this technology to their products the right move. creating the Thermal Adapt Khaki and Perspiration Guard shirt. or did Dockers go too far in adding these features to their clothes? .

Ans 5 Necessary to target the market of wrinkle free pants Challenge of changing the image among young consumers Technology helped Dockers surge ahead of competitors even after missing out on wrinkle free trend earlier Innovation proved as POD New technology helped create a new market. Did not go too far! .Perspiration guard shirt etc.

Should Dockers reconsider their decision? .Crew. and Abercrombie & Fitch) are heavily involved in online retailing. Dockers main competitors (e.Ques 6 Evaluate Dockers decision to stop selling products directly to consumers on its website. J. Gap..g.

but little success Closed e-commerce in January 2000 .Ans 6: Decision Allowed customers to purchase clothing from its websites in Nov 1998 Pumped $5million in online advertising and more on traditional mix. from selling products online. Wrong strategy. Sold 60% more than own web sites in 1999 Could/Can be used to create new customer base Improve upon web site features SCM to offset site operating & delivery costs .com.restricting retail partners (JCPenney.Ans 6: Short Sighted Decision Conservative approach Governed by retail partners reactions.

What are your priorities? What do you do first? .Ques 7 Imagine that you are John Goodman and have just been named as the head of the Dockers brand.

Ans 7: Priorities Find new ways to make the DOCKERS brand more relevant and interesting to consumers Work on the head-to-toe lifestyle brand image rather than casual slacks image. Work on synergy partnering and licensing -Expansion Strategy Increase awareness.stylish-but-not-stiff way of dressing Redefine target consumer through STP and woo them .numerous new products and innovations Change of Image.


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