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The C Compilation model describes the program development process in terms of language. The
key features of the C compilation model are as follows:

The Preprocessor
The preprocessor accepts source code as input and interprets preprocessor directives denoted
by #. It removes comments and empty lines in the program.

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Problem Solving and C Programming

Example 3.2

#include -- includes contents of a named file. These files are usually called header files.

#include -- standard library maths file.

#include -- standard library I/O file

#define -- defines a symbolic name or constant, macro definition

#define MAX_ARRAY_SIZE 100

C Compiler

The C compiler translates the preprocessed code (user written program) to assembly code
(machine understandable code).


The assembler creates the object code. [On UNIX, file with a.o suffix and on MSDOS files with
.OBJ indicates object code files.]

Link Editor

If a source file references library functions or functions defined in other source files, the link editor
combines these functions with main(), to create an executable file. External variable references are
resolved here.

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