1980 s Street performances Maiden tour of Quebec Les Echassiers failure Formation of Club des talent haunts troupe . .

. Les Echassiers broken.1981 Company started making profits.

.1982 La Fete Foraine de Baie St Paul fair .

1984 Formation of Cirque Company performed shows across Quebec First Tour .

. Some shows failed in late 1985 Daniel Lamarre joined the company. Performed in Ontario.British Columbia and Vancouver ..1985 Laliberte and Caron role in redesigning cirque . .

1987 Non Profit to Profit Troupe performed at festival New Production named Nouvelle .

1991 By mid 1991 Fuji Television Network sponsor Cirque Tour to switzerland .

.1992 Tour to Switzerland with its production Saltimbanco ..a Las Vegas hotel . Long year agreement with Mirage.

1994 Treasure Island new resort permanent facility for Cirque .

1995 First European headquaters at Amsterdam Cirque s new production. productionCreation studio in Montreal .Alegria .. .

1998 Cirque s new production.La Nouba production- .O .

. In November Cirque s permanent ProductionProduction-KA . Project called Love. .2004 In october 2004 Cirque agreement with Beatles ..

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