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(Bachelor in Communication & Journalism) Subject: BA MCJ 431, Development Journalism and Public Communication Journalism Full Marks: 80 Time: 03:00 hours Pass Marks: 32 Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. All questions carry equal marks. Group A: Long – answer Questions Answer FIVE questions. [5 x 12 = 60] 1. What is development journalism? Describe with reference to major development issues and concepts. 2. Discuss the role of development and public communication journalism in development programs. Also shed light on the process and the effectiveness of development communication. 3. Critically examine the performance of Nepalese print media on covering development issues as outlined in Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 4. Describe the challenges of development communication faced by South Asia in general and Nepal in particular. 5. “By promoting dialogues and the horizontal exchange of views, Participatory Development Communication (PDC) allows all social groups to contribute to resolving problems.” Elucidate the statement in line to principles of PDC. 6. Comment on the implementation level of major long-term policies on Information and Communication Sector, 2003. Group B: Short Notes Write short notes on any FOUR [4 x 5 = 20] 7. The World Congress on Communication for Development (WCCD) 8. Development Journalism during Conflict 9. National ICT Policy 10. One World, Many Voices 11. Social Mobilization and Media Advocacy 12. Purpose of Development Reporting

What is broadcast scheduling? Why it is important? Describe. (Bachelor in Communication & Journalism) Subject: BAMCJ437. Attempt any SIX questions. Zoom Vs track shot c. budget. Figures in the margin indicate full marks. Write short notes on any TWO: a. What are the importances of dubbing or subtitling? Foreign films are adopted in national language either by dubbing or subtitling why? Describe the process. What is TRP (Television Rating Point)? Why audience measurements are important for television channel and describe method of audience measurement. 2. Television Programme Production Time: 03:00 hours Full Marks: 60 Pass Marks: 24 Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable.PURBANCHAL UNIVERSITY VI SEMESTER FINAL EXAMINATION-2009 LEVEL: B. Make a proposal to produce an hour TV reality show including program synopsis.J.C. 4. 7. 5. 8. 3. Color temperature and White Balance . [6 x 10 = 60] 1. format and target audience. Define documentary? State similarities and differences between fiction and non – fiction television program production. Describe the job function of various personnel and equivalent in a multi-camera production. 6. What is TV advertisement? Describe the different TV advertisement transmission time spots. Importance of television archives b.

Write short notes on any THREE: a. 6. What do you know about the use and importance of a clap – board? 8. How can you prove the cinema is the most effective and useful medium of mass communication? Is it an international language? How? 3.J. Briefly discuss the beginning of cinema in Nepal and its impact on the society. [6 x 10 = 60] 1.C. Impressionism and surrealism in cinema b. Answer SIX questions. 7. Figures in the margin indicate full marks. Film Production Time: 03:00 hours Full Marks: 60 Pass Marks: 24 Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. 2.realist’ cinema? 5. scene and sequence . What are the special qualities of the ‘New Wave’ and the ‘Neo. 4. Discuss the important features of the ‘Gangsters’. ‘Epic’ ‘Science Fiction’ and ‘Silent comedy’ films. (Bachelor in Communication & Journalism) Subject: BAMCJ433. Fade out and fade in c. Describe the usefulness of the documenting film together with its origin. Trolley shot and panning e. What do you know about Sergei Mikhailovitch Eisenstein? Discuss his “Theory of Montage”.PURBANCHAL UNIVERSITY VI SEMESTER FINAL EXAMINATION-2009 LEVEL: B. Wipe and dissolve d. Shot.

Describe these four possible arguments with suitable examples. (Bachelor in Communication & Journalism) Subject: BAMCJ 434. Men have loved to dwell on the demure maiden whose inevitable reply is: oh. There is the denmure and the dauntless. Rose talked too much at the meeting b) Ms. Lawrence: from “Cocksure Women and Hensure Men”] [4] [5] What are the features of a deductive logic? Discuss it with an example. (3) is compulsory.C.H. the demure mother – this is still the ideal. yes. Richards: It seems to me there are two aspects women. GROUP-B Answer TWO questions. GROUP-C Answer FOUR questions. the demure spouse. [2 X 10 = 20] [3] Analyze the passage below employing the four kinds of meanings proposed by I. if you please kind sir! The demure maiden. validity and Invalidity can appear in various combinations in arguments. giving rise to four possibilities. Section I: Critical and Creative Thinking GROUP-A Answer ONE question. Truth and Falsity.J. Q. [D. A few maidens. [1 X 20 = 20] [1] What is creative thinking? What is critical thinking? What are the major differences between critical and creative thinking? [2] What do you understand by the term fallacy? Discuss the fallacies of ambiguity. mistresses and mothers are demure.A.PURBANCHAL UNIVERSITY VI SEMESTER FINAL EXAMINATION-2009 LEVEL: B. English for Journalism Time: 03:00 hours Full Marks: 80 Pass Marks: 32 Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. A few pretend to be but the vast majority is not. [6] [4 X 5 = 20] Identify the kind of agreement and disagreement exhibited by the following pair: a) Ms. Rose maintained a stupid silence at the meeting . Figures in the margin indicate full marks.

“You can read the paper. (The colon) c) Journalism has many forms newspaper. “May you live long!” [5 X 1 = 5] [14] Add a punctuation mark in each of the sentences below as indicated in the brackets. periodical. Determine whether the following argument is deductive or inductive.” Do you know when she will go home?” e) She said. Rewrite the sentences correcting the errors. [9] [10] Section II: English for Journalism Answer all questions. b) Ten kilometers are a long distance to walk. What language function is most probably intended in the following passage? “You will never have a quiet world until you knock the patriotism out of the human race.” c) Ronu said to me. along with the students. breakfast. c) He is equally as good as gold. Jack. Therefore that man is disappearing. (The dash) . John Bull is a politician.” George Bernard Shaw. who’s telling me to stop smoking. “What did you see at the airport?” d) I said to him. [5 X 1 = 5] a) The teacher. want to go on an excursion. You smoke more than I do.” b) The beggar said. “Give me some food. (The Comma) b) All of them were dead Bill. [12] Write a sentence each with an example to define the following stylistic devices: [5 X 1 = 5] a) Assonance b) Oxymoron c) Synecdoche d) Irony e) Hyperbole [13] Change the following sentences into indirect speech: a) He said to me. That man is an American Indian. [11] [4 X 5 = 20] There is an error in each of the sentences below. d) The man was accused for stealing a car. Therefore John Bull is probably an orator.[7] [8] Trace out the logical error in the following sentence: Look. Analyze the fallacy in the following passage: American Indians are disappearing. [5 X 1 = 5] a) She said the same to James Stephen Mark and John. Ted and Willie. e) News are what the readers want to know. Give reasons for answer: Most politicians are orators. please.

Justify. What type of role did Nepalese media play during Maoist insurgency? What was the status of Sri lankan media during Tamil separatist movement? GROUP-B Answer SEVEN questions.C. (Bachelor in Journalism & Mass Communication) Subject: 435. GROUP-A Attempt any THREE questions. (The semicolon) e) I came I saw I conquered.M. What do you think of embedded press system? What is conflict sensitive journalism? What should you prepare for war reporting? .notice? Discuss. What is classified information in war time? Why is peace journalism important? Explain. Define propaganda and write – down its techniques in brief.J. Figures in the margin indicate full marks. [1] [2] [3] [4] Press Freedom and democracy go hand in hand. [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [7x5 = 35] [3x 15= 45] How did you find Indian media tendency during Maoist insurgency in Nepal? What is article 19? Discuss. Role of Media in Conflict Management Time: 03:00 hours Full Marks: 80 Pass Marks: 32 Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. What is D.d) The rumor was that the king was dead the people believed it. (The comma) PURBANCHAL UNIVERSITY VI SEMESTER FINAL EXAMINATION-2009 LEVEL: B.

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