Questionnaire on the impact of training & development

Q1. Is training is given adequate importance in your organisation ?

Q2. Is training is for sufficient duration?

Q3. Is training provides an excellent opportunity to learn comprehensively about the organisation?

Q4. Is the norms and values of the company are clearly explained to the new employees during training?

Q5. Is senior management takes interest and spends time with the new staff during induction training?

Q6. Are new recruits find training very useful in your organisation?

Q7. Are employees are helped to acquire technical knowledge and skills through training?

Q8. Is adequate emphasis on developing managerial capabilities of the managerial staff through training?

Q9. Are Human relations competencies adequately developed in the organisation through training in human skills ?

Are company programmes are handled by competent faculty ? Q14.Q10. Is adequate importance is given to the training of workers? Q11. Are Employees gone for training get clear understanding of the skills and knowledge they are expected to acquire from the training ? Q13. Are Employees really participate in determining the training they need? Q12. Are employees returning from training are given adequate free time to reflect and plan improvements in the organisation ? Q16. Is there a well-designed and widely shared training policy in the company? . Are quality of company programmes is excellent? Q15.

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