Chartering is a puzzling nevertheless exciting task.

People involved in chartering are expected to have acquired a spherical knowledge in almost any maritime aspect. Owners, Charterers, Brokers, Forwarding Agents, Traders, Exporters, Importers, Masters, Ship’s Officers, Lawyers, Arbitrators, Ship agents and many others, they all share the need for a global knowledge of the procedures which take place when chartering a ship and the obligations which a chartering deal imposes. On the other hand, those involved with chartering need to be aware of the specific ‘body of laws or principles’ which each of the above mentioned professionals represent. But is it feasible for one person to gather all this knowledge? Frankly speaking it is quite impossible.Nevertheless, one should be ‘initiated’ at least to such an extend as to be allowed to comprehend and appreciate different ‘points of view’. The Chartering Practice Handbook does not claim to give an answer to all questions.It should be considered as a small contribution to both the generic and the specific knowledge required in chartering procedures. Its target is to present a pragmatic perspective of the main ‘chartering practice’ aspects and eventually ‘initiate’ the reader in its procedures.

Written by Thomas J. Pagonis in simple english, the “Chartering Practice Handbook” is a tool for both the students of shipping schools and maritime professionals. Everything that concerns the perspective of “practice” in ships’ chartering is mentioned and explained in this book.Recommended by H.S.A. (the Hellenic Shipbrokers Association) for its seminars and for SGC (the Shipbroking Gnosis Certificate).  



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