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) | Marketing

Ankit Chhabra
(Age: 23 | B.Tech.- Information Technology | CAPM)

TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP HCL Infosystems Ltd. (3 months) Directorate Of Health Services (DHS) Computerization E-Governance Project Performed a technical gap analysis that involved client visits to zonal offices and developed a live module, “PAYROLL MANAGEMENT” for the portal of DHS in ASP.NET, C# as a part of HCL’s software development team.

MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Fujitsu India Pvt.Ltd. (4 months) Sales Model for IT infrastructure Virtualization products As a research and analytics support under Country Head (Enterprise Sales), identified the potential clients through primary research and developed a comprehensive TCO/ROI tool in MS Excel for the’ IT Infrastructure Virtualization’ Product Portfolio in India.

Sankalp Kohli
(Age: 23 | B.Tech.- Information Technology | CAPM)

MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Frost & Sullivan (4 months) Demand Side Analysis of Steel in Automotive Industry The project focused at estimating demand for steel industry, derived from automobile sector. A bottom up approach comprehending various industry participants was followed to determine an aggregate figure.

TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP CMC Ltd. (3 months) Development of Internal Information Systems Designed and developed Asset Management System, an application for managing all internal hardware assets. Also developed Unbilled Revenue tracker and Outstanding Revenue tracker for the Finance Department of the company.

Ankit Poddar
(Age: 22 | B.Tech.- Information Technology)

TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. (3 months) ICT Initiative- Consultancy for E-Governance Worked as Associate Trainee on ICT Initiatives Consultancy for E-Governance. Represented TCS in Lottery Management System

MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Idea Cellular Ltd. (4 months) Incremental Revenue Opportunities for Mobility Services Conceptualized and Developed Business Case (Market Research and Feasibility Study) for Incremental Revenue Opportunities for Mobility Services in International Long Distance Space.

Zalak Shah
(Age: 22 | B.Tech.- Information Technology)

MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Motilal Oswal Commodities Broker Pvt. Ltd. (4 months) Analyzing Franchisee Business Model and its Benefits The project involved analyzing the business of franchisees, providing inputs in order to grow their business to the next level and carrying out a comparative assessment of some of the top brokerage houses. MBA (Tech.) Placement Brochure 2011 | 16

TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP CMC Ltd. (3 months) Developement of Asset Management System The project involved designing and development of Asset Management System; a web based application for effective management of hardware assets of the company, data migration of the System and adding an education container to a web based information repository.

Pricing Strategy. Also. Also. Meeting with clients for selling of internet and other services Rahul Guha (Age: 21 | B.. redesigning of the dehydrator and safety standard analysis of the plant. modifications were made to an existing packing line of glass bottles.Manufacturing) TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP Pfizer India Ltd.. (4 months) Upcoming IT SEZ in the Thane region Studying the upcoming supply of IT SEZs in and around thane in the near future. Market Study of Automobile Components Industry of India. a study of what facilities IT Companies give maximum priority to in their office premises.) | Marketing Shaurya Srivastava (Age: 22 | B. MBA (Tech. Abhijit Arora (Age: 21 | B. Assistance given to the product development and marketing team to come up with new ideas for pitching new customers for the start up business and form a zero budget market strategy for its product. Chirag Kathrani (Age: 22 | B.Tech.Tech. Business Planning and Development of ISP Set-Up for Idea Cellular. (3 months) Baffle Design Recommendation A baffle design was recommended for a Double Cone Blender to increase its efficiency..Manufacturing) MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Wise Cells Solutions LLP(4 months) New Product Development New customized e-learning simulations developed to help the company pitch new customers.) Placement Brochure 2011 | 14 .Tech. Marketing of SAP ERP to Automobile Components Industry and Educational Institutions TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP ONGC (3 months) Safety Standard Analysis Project involved an overall study of the entire plant.MBA(Tech.Tech. (3 months) Time and Motion Study Time and motion study conducted on the activities carried out for installation of wind energy converter(WEC) and recommendations given to optimize the time taken for the same.Information Technology) MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Idea Cellular Limited (4 months) Business Planning and Strategic Analysis of ISP setup Market Study of Internet Service Providers. such that the same could be used for newly introduced PET Bottles. (3 months) Market Study of Automobile Components Industry and Educational Institutions of India Understanding basics of SAP. Market Study of Educational Industry of India. MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Hiranandani Constructions Pvt.. MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Anand Group Industries (4 months) Sector Analysis : Buses & the Indian Two Wheeler Industry To find out the actual production of buses in India by the major bus manufacturing companies and to find out the amount of industrial sealants and adhesives used in the buses.Chemical) TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP IBM India Pvt. TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP Enercon India Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. and if they have any future expansion plans.

(3 months) Quality focused exercise at the Engine Block Line To study and analyze the production at the engine block line and suggest and implement appropriate technical and operational changes. Future Group (4 months) Visual Mapping and Performance Analysis Visual mapping of catchment areas of all the 47 Pantaloon stores across India and the Green Card performance analysis of these stores in terms of sales and number of customers. MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Idea Cellular Ltd.Manufacturing) TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.Tech.) | Marketing Anshum Kawatra (Age: 23 | B.. (3 months) Traction Motor Overhauling facility Setting up a Traction Motor overhauling facility for Diesel Locomotives by design of toolings. follow-up with suppliers.MBA(Tech. Also a part of a eleven member crossfunctional team in one week quality focused Kaizen activity. TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP Enercon India Ltd. receipt of toolings. (4 months) Marketing Strategy for Telecom Customers Understanding the usage. Arpan Mehra (Age: 22 | B. attitude and buying pattern of telecom customers from different income groups by conducting primary and secondary research. perform market-mapping..Manufacturing | CAPM) TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP Tata Motors Ltd. Manufacturing) MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Pantaloons. MBA (Tech. (3 months) Development of a Procurement System Designing a Procurement System for Imported Inventory Parts and Export Peculiar Parts across the Automotive Sector to schedule their procurement and reduce the overall inventory in the system.) Placement Brochure 2011 | 16 TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP Siemens India Ltd.Tech. handing over the toolings and Preparation of Layout for the overall overhauling project area .Manufacturing) MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. and devising a suitable marketing strategy for the same Nihar Singbal (Age: 22 | B.Tech..Tech. analyze the market dynamics and forecast the growth for the Renewable Energy Inverters market in the North American and European region and produce relevant research deliverables. MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Frost & Sullivan (4 months) Tracking and Analyzing the Renewable Inverters Market Conducting secondary and primary research to track the trends. reducing inventory costs etc. Akshay Sambhare (Age: 22 | B. preventing inventory buildup.(4 months) Launch of a New Service Support the launch of new business by creating a branded service for construction equipment owners which will help them in getting work and revenue. (3 months) Time and Motion Study Improving the efficiency of the installation process of Wind Energy Converters (Wind mills) by carrying out a Time and Motion Study and reducing the idle time of Cranes being used.

TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP EI DuPont (3 months) Analysis of Du Pont Sontara Practical study of Du Pont Sontara on quantitative (tensile strength.Manufacturing) MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Frost & Sullivan (4 months) Market Research on Energy and Power Systems The project involved studying and composing Market Insights. SOTC. (4 months) Planning & Business Development of M-VAS Solutions The project involved Mobility research. MBA (Tech. delivery and billing for enhanced customer service.EXTC) MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Netcore Solutions Pvt. The project involved study of various transmission techniques like SDH.t. (4 months) Brand Differentiation : Competence Analysis of Telecom Players in Rajasthan Ascertain the position of all the telecom players in the Rajasthan market. TG.I also attended training program on Network Planning for WiMax deployment by Tata Communications.linting etc. Best Practices Awards and Research Studies on Energy and Power Systems Market.EXTC) TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP Tata Communications (5 months) Data Management-Integration & MIS Process Designing The Project involved customer database analysis to improve the service delivery mechanism. to various vendors was done on the ring. competition.. Mapped Market trends. Conducted in-depths & Focus Groups. understand their strengths and weaknesses. MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Sistema Shyam Teleservices Ltd. Market research was conducted. more specifically Carbon Capture and Storage Market in North America and Cogeneration Market in Asia Pacific. Some of the clients I serviced are Jyothy Laboratories. pricing. need gaps.r. SONET and PDH. Ltd.) and qualitative basis in various applications across Printing and Heavy engineering industry. Yeshi Chaudhary (Age: 23 | B.Tech.) Placement Brochure 2011 | 14 . design strategy for product pitching and to design and manage the mobile marketing campaigns.Tech. A prototype of the billing system was developed & presented during the course of the internship.. SKNL. My role was to target various verticals.Tech. absorbency. Key differentiating factors were determined and the overall brand personality was understood.EXTC) Halayudh Kumar (Age: 22 | B. planning and business development of the M-VAS solutions. communication strategies & propositions.. Optical Fibres and DWDM technology were also studied. TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP Tata Communications (5 months) Data Management-Integration & MIS Process Designing The project required providing solutions to redesign the process flow to manage the customer database in order to expedite the cycle of order processing. MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Leo Burnett (Orchard) (4 months) Strategic Planning & Brand Management For Piramal's Healthcare .brand rejuvenation plan for Lacto Calamine.Tech.Phonevalley and Smokin' Joe's Pizza. Employee training sessions were also attended for basic understanding of core telecom concepts.MBA(Tech.. Assessment of tradeoffs w. TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP Tata Communications (3 months) Ring Restructuring The project undertaken was Ring Restructuring. BTL plans for i-Pill & market entry strategy for a new soap. market survey for market forecasting and market strategy planning Akanksha Bhalla (Age: 21 | B.) | Marketing Vedant Ruia (Age: 22 | B. In a pitch submitted market entry strategies for Siemens Home Appliances Ltd.

MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Hughes Communications India Ltd.) | Marketing Shivi Mittal (Age: 21 | B. Development and Deployment of Segmentation.MBA(Tech.. Targeting and Launch strategies for the HX System Satellite Routers. TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP Reliance Communications (3 months) Technological comparison of HSPA & Mobile WiMAX The project included understanding HSPA and Mobile WiMAX technologies and comparing them in order to analyze which gives better data throughput and spectral efficiency.Tech.EXTC) MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP The Nielsen Company (4 months) Customer Satisfaction Study (C-SAT) The study primarily involved designing questionnaires. SPSS. Displays and Merchandising. etc. (4 months) Sales in wholesale outlets for Superia Shampoo Understand how the FMCG Product Market operates and various process of the department. Implementing strategy and creating Control mechanisms.EXTC | CAPM) TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP Reliance Communications (3 months) DLC & WiMAX Network Administration Worked in Wi-Max. conducting pilot studies. also included visiting Base Station sites and Customer locations for a better and a practical view of the technology and its network implementations in a broader sense. It involved working on the RFP (Request For Proposal) and dealing with various vendors regarding equipments that would be used for Mobile WiMAX technology.EXTC) MBA (Tech. troubleshooting and restoration of network for RComm customers. field briefing. IAD (MEN) terminals at the Circle Network Operations Centre (CNOC) for Mumbai Circle. Devising strategy for sell in and sell out channel wise. MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Netcore Solutions (4 months) Community Engagement Involved in the execution of the company’s customer engagement strategy via social media. learning about network operations at project level and understanding the role of Network Management Centre to perform alarm handling.Tech. DLC. Involved field training to learn ground level deployment. . dealt with understanding of the WiMAX technology and its implementation. The project involved Market Research.Tech. SMS and other channels. Understanding the network architecture from an administrative and technical perspective. Arpit Vijay (Age: 23 | B.. Subsequently moving on to assist the marketing team responsible for the launch of the new series of HX System Satellite Routers..Tech. TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP Tata Communications (3 months) WiMAX Network Planning and Implementation Worked as a part of the WiMAX RF planning and Implementation team. to highlight key concern areas across major circles to the client.EXTC) Juhi Rupani (Age: 22 | B. field management. analysis and reporting of scores obtained on various product and service parameters using software like QUANVERT. Devising strategies for Visibility through Point of purchase.) Placement Brochure 2011 | 16 MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP ITC Ltd. (3 months) Study of Network Operations The project involved study of network operations in three phases namely network planning. Rahul Gore (Age: 22 | B. TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP Vodafone Essar Digilink Ltd. (4 months) Product Management of the HX System Satellite Routers Understanding the Engineering and Hub operations at Hughes..

Creating innovative marketing and advertising campaigns from conceptualizing and creating media plans to executing mobile campaigns also involved multiple vendor interaction.EXTC) Arnish Shailesh Shah (Age: 22 | B. Consumer Profiling Study in Automotive lubricant segment and key FMCG spaces like Oral Care & Packaged beverages. DLC and WiMax Network through Network Administration..) Placement Brochure 2011 | 14 . Provisioning.EXTC) MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP PhoneValley. Monitoring.. TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP Tata Communications (5 months) Service Delivery Process and Process Redesign The project involved assessing the Service Delivery Process for all products and services. Ltd. Conducted research within the organization to understand process gaps and difficulties faced by the Program Manager.Tech.EXTC) TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP Shyam Telecom Ltd. (3 months) Implementation of RF In-Building Solution The project involved network planning.Tech. Installation & Management of faults. Amardeep Singh (Age: 22 | B. MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP United Spirits Limited (4 months) Post Launch Market Study Understanding the customer base for Platinum and the concerned switches. billing and accounting... Abhi Shah (Age: 22 | B. Projects including Usage & Attitude study. (4 months) Planning & Execution of Customer Acquisition Campaigns The project involved planning and execution of marketing and customer acquisition campaigns for MyToday (SMS update service). Publicis Groupe (4 months) Creative and media solutions for Mobile Marketing Project involved understanding mobile marketing and advertising platforms and technologies.EXTC) MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP The Nielsen Company (4 months) Qualitative Market Research Methodologies and Implementation. It also included study of the basic operations of Shyam Telecom Ltd. TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP Bharti Airtel (5 months) BASE (Blackberry Application Services for Enterprises) The project involved understanding BASE services and involved business development for the same.MBA(Tech.Tech. designing and testing of In-Building Solution in NCR for Aircel.) | Marketing Ishavasyam Dash (Age: 22 | B. Created a Service Delivery Manual with process changes for all departments across all offices in India.Tech. MBA (Tech. MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Netcore Solutions Pvt. TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP Reliance Communications (3 months) DLC & WiMAX Network Administration Project involved Service Assurance & Service Delivery of MEN. and working of RF and Optical Repeaters. Main objective of the project was to induce customer sign-ups and subscriptions to the SMS service. upgrades and downgrades and also involving the BTL work for various brands for under the umbrella and complementing the ATL activities and various other executions.

. Research on various technologies used currently and probables in future. MBA (Tech.) Placement Brochure 2011 | 16 .Tech. redesigned Two work areas to Ergonomically ease the operator's job and enhance Productivity.) | Marketing Akshat Jain (Age: 22 | B. identifying business opportunity for the firm in Mobile Learning space in India.Tech. Being a member of Kaizen team. MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Reliance Communications (4 months) Formulating appropriate Marketing Strategies for development of Reliance GSM and evaluating the performance of GSM in Delhi over last one year through adequate Market Research. TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.MBA(Tech. (3 months) Quality and Ergonomics Enhancement: The project involved various tasks to increase the Body Accuracy of Swift model. Anshul Jindal (Age: 22 | B..EXTC) TECHNICAL INTERNSHIP TCIL (3 months) Project related to Role of Telecommunication in Public Safety Sector.Manufacturing | CAPM) MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP Wise Cells Learning Solutions LLP (4 months) Marketing Strategies for E-Learning Start-up Selecting appropriate sales and marketing strategies for an E-Learning Startup Business and executing them for each segment based on Market Research.

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