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Project Work By Vinodkumar.p.M Palanivel.V Guide By Mr.R.Sivasubramanian, M.S.,

This project is an accelerated service agent to enable users logged onto a network to access remote files and services. 

This project is done in Java. 

The concept of this project is to access the shared files in Linux Environment in Windows Environment.

The Server machine is installed with Linux and Clients are installed with Windows operating system. The files in server machine is put into an distributed directory and then downloaded into client machines. The project modules involved are  MemberAdder  Look up  User Admin  Resource Register  Resource Server  File Sender  Resource Prober

Existing System
Though solutions exist for Windows platforms that emulate the concept of service agents, no reliable cross-platform software exists similar to the one we have developed. The available solutions include: 1. Commercial software 2. Free downloads The few commercial solutions that exist lack the following requirements: 1. Price factor 2. Too compelling and intricate registration and maintenance procedures 3. 100 % customized for a single company¶ requirements so that modification to suit alternative requirements becomes difficult. 4. Security

Drawbacks of Existing System 
The Available Software is either prohibitively expensive or doesn¶t satisfactorily possess all the features required. 

It is not advisable for corporates to rely on anonymous downloaded software freely available over the internet, for the risks involved with respect to the company¶s valuable trade secrets and data are enormous.

Proposed System
In short, the requirements for this undertaking are: Software that is excellent with respect to performance. Doesn¶t necessitate dependence on expensive commercial software. Customized report and registration features. High security Reliability and support. Offers a user-friendly interface. Fast and easy probing of a network¶ services without straining the network¶s resources.


Processor Motherboard Main Memory Hard disk : Floppy disk CD-ROM : Monitor :

: : : 40 GB :

Pentium IV Intel Motherboard 256 MB

1.44 MB

54x Max-speed Display type: 15.0¶¶ color Multi-media Keyboard

Keyboard :

2.1. SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION Server configuration 

Operating System : Linux Language Client configuration : Java 


Operating System : Windows Language Backend : Java 2.0 : MySQL


Capture only validated data.  

Restricted user entry. The main objectives considered during input design are: Nature of input processing. Flexibility and thoroughness of validation rules. Handling of priorities within the input documents. Screen design to ensure accuracy and efficiency of input relationship with files. Careful design of the input also involves attention to error handling, controls, batching and validation procedures.     

The project is provided with a separate GUI tool.  

The output is also provide an interface for registering the files in the network. 

The administrator can download the shared files from the server which is to be stored in the database.


project have three testing

‡ Unit Testing ‡ Integration testing ‡ Validation testing


verification effort on the smallest limit of software design. 

important control paths are tested to uncover the errors within the module. 

carried out during the coding itself.


The objective is to take tested modules and build the program structure that has been dictated by design. 

If a set of errors is encountered correction is difficult because the isolation of causes is complicated by vastness of the entire program. 


Security checks done are, 1) Login with wrong user id Display error µNo such user exist¶ 2) Provide wrong password Display error µPassword incorrect¶ 3)Other than administrator trying to access user groups Display error µInvalid command or Insufficient Access Level¶ 4)Provide wrong IP address of server Display error µServer not responding¶ 5) Provide wrong port number Display error µerror sending message login, list¶


Validation succeeds then the software functions in a manner that can be reasonably accepted by the user. 

Software validation is achieved through a series of black box tests that demonstrate conformity the requirements. 

After validation test has been completed, one of the following two possible conditions exists: 

The function or performance characteristics confirm to specification and are accepted. 

A deviation from specification is uncovered and a deficiency list is created. Deviation or errors discovered at this step in this project is corrected prior to the completion of the project is the help of users by negotiating to establish a method of resolving deficiencies


The implementation involves the following things:
‡ Careful planning ‡ Investigation of the system and constraints ‡ Design the methods to achieve the charge over ‡ Training the staff in the changed place


Level 0:

Request Response


Name,pwd Group User Admin

Level 0(1)
Member Adder
IP Addr



Lookup IP,Files

N/W Users



Fname,Key DDS Service

Register Resources


User Admin Resource Prober

Login Logout View Keys Downloaded Files

DDS Service Lookup Member Adder Register



The software is developed with modular approach. All modules in this project have been tested separately and put together to form the main system. The system is tested with real data and everything worked successfully. Finally, to conclude ,the software development was completed and accepted by the management as well as user staff.  


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