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Conflict Resolution

By Mohammad Shiran khan (10M088)

The Secret
y The Book y The Movie y The Law of Attraction y Think and Grow Rich,

Napoleon Hill y What I think is why it is!
y Rosa Mazone

8 Traits of Successful People y A feeling of being lucky y A dreamer a sense of y A sense of urgency a greatness y Hard worker long hours persistence y Enthusiastic Go-Getter y A risk taker not afraid to fail y High self-esteem y A belief in God By Charles ´Redµ Scott 3 .

gfifoundation.7 Keys Successful People Know y Have a Positive Attitude y Set and Achieve Goals y Use Your Imagination Karma y Believe in Yourself y Build Positive Habits y Make Wise Choices Every Day y Persistence By Judy Zerafa ² www.org 4 .

y Action without vision is a nightmare. y Japanese proverb 5 .Vision y Vision without action is a daydream.

and who those around you are y Who will you work best with? y Put EVERYONE in your house 6 .Get to Know Everyone y Study and understand Myers Briggs and LIFO tests y Take the Birkman test y Figure out who you are.

Treating People as People y Leadership and Self-Deception Out of the box I see myself and others as we are people y In the box I see others as objects. I see the world in a way that justifies this When I do this. my view becomes distorted. we invite mutual mistreatment and obtain mutual justification we collude in giving each other reasons to stay in the box 7 . I enter the box I may end up carrying my box with me In the box. not as people y y Self-Betrayal y y y y y An act contrary to what I feel I should do for another When I betray myself.

In Your House y The Cycle y Learning. creed. color. you do. making improvements. religion. eye color y Do you immediately judge a person and what you think about them the minute you meet them? y Are you human? If you are. y Prize people y Give the best projects to y Why do you not include everyone in your house? y Perceived intelligence. race. etc. y Do you group or profile people based on certain characteristics? 8 . learning more.

the people I loved were the dead beats I knew I would never need to compete with them y It takes an effort to be negative. people (competitors) will constantly try to undermine you when you see this behavior.Don t let people beat you down y If you re good. don t get sucked in y Don t fall for the Steve L test 9 . you re good! y The military is famous for this y In college. don t do it water cooler talk isn t productive.

hobbies. whatever y Your home is your refuge y Tell the people you love that you love them. long and loud y Laugh until you gasp for breath y Surround yourself with what you love. whether it's family. at every opportunity 10 . music.Laugh and Love Often y Laugh often. plants. pets. keepsakes.

I ll be there 11 .Integrity y Do what you say you ll do y 100% of the time y Know what you believe and stand for it y Be a living example y Do as I do. not just as I say y If I say I ll be there.

Arrow of Truth Conflict Resolution y The Specific Facts are y My Judgment is I Think y In My Opinion y y That Makes Me Feel y And I Specifically Want y Reflect Back (Let Me See If I Understand You ) y Is There More? y Are You Clear About This? 12 .

y Personal situations y Close groups y One-on-one y Proactive y You re sure you re not the y Autocratic boss y Co-workers y Unclose Group y Pent up situation y Lots of baggage problem y Constructive ..Works best / May Not Work.

but words will never hurt me y Not true! Truth is that harsh criticism.Sticks and Stones y may break my bones. . snide sarcasm. nasty nicknames and thoughtless gossip and rumors can inflict deep and long lasting harm on individuals and relationships.

Challenge to you y When tempted to say unkind things about another either to them or behind their back ask yourself: y What is your point and purpose? y Is there anything good that can come from your remarks? y Could your words create or reinforce negative opinions that could be harmful or hurtful? .

Never say anything that is hurtful because it CANNOT be taken back ever! .

Elephants under the lampshade y We all have them y Issues or conflicts with one another or with an entire group y It s best to clear these up y Allows you to maximize your experience with the group. an individual or your family .

it could mean they are just brought into the open . children.Issues with Who? y Could be with spouse. partners y Cleared up might not mean resolved. business associates. parents. siblings.

Timing y Beginning of key meetings y Family Meetings y Open arrow policy y Works when people don t know the process too .

including his/her feelings. judgments and wants y [B] s job is to listen attentively and to reflect back to [A] what [A] has said .Mirroring is Key! y The success of any conflict resolution model hinges on the participants ability to mirror the statements and emotions of each other without becoming detoured by innate defense mechanisms y [A] s job is to present the issue.

Steps Specific Facts are to Success y The y My Judgment is y I Think y In My Opinion y That Makes Me Feel y And I Specifically Want y Reflect Back (Let Me See If I Understand You ) y Is There More? y Are You Clear About This? .

More Key Examples y Start thinking of your own examples y Paige and San Diego y Austin and his Grades y Kristen and Neighbor y Family Meeting w/ Parents and Kids .

Confidentiality y You are sworn to secrecy y What we say here about other people y doesn t leave here y You can share the process y but not the specific examples y If you can t agree to this .

Format y The Specific Facts are y My Judgment is y I Think y In My Opinion y That Makes Me Feel y And I Specifically Want y Reflect Back (Let Me See If I Understand You ) y Is There More? y Are You Clear About This? .

The Rule of Not y Almost always. you can bet the opposite is true. Examples: y I m not angry. I m just fine . no.. when a person starts a sentence with a negative clause. . but y I don t really care if you take off on Friday y I didn t mean for you to y No.

Next 5 years y Write down the top things you would like to accomplish in the next 5 years y Any order. streaming y You have 1 minute go 26 .

and 5 year goals y You have 1 minute go y Circle top 1 go y Write a To Do list for each X 27 .Revisit the Lists y Put an X by the 3 most important things you value. lifetime achievements.

use good mirroring y Don t forget to ask Is there more? y This process works .Conclusion y Resolution is NOT necessary! y Listen .

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