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IANMIOUWS WINES ING! Medium IS HOT - Medium Hot IS VERY HOT - Hot IS VERY, VERY HOT | 1604 BAYVIEW AY COLLEGE STREET (Three blocks south of Eglinton) | (Three blocks west of Bathurst) 416-544-0100 d16-963- 4446 Sampler Pocearella Sticks, 2wo Jalapeno oppors, Gnecda Spud Aucohint Scks and ‘Biaain’ Qnlgns, eervod with bunch dlp and Balas. 9.98 ‘Mozzarella Sticks Six lightly breaded movzarelia sticks, served ‘itn marinas sao, 8.08 Jalapeno Poppers Six breaded jalapeno poppers stutfed with roam choase, served with salsa 6.98 ‘Chicken Bites ‘Tender chunks of eloken reas: n a spiey reading, served with ranch dip. 6.95 Cheddar Spudz Ailend of potatoes, Cheddar choese and Seasoning fea ight breading, served with Pench dip. 873 ‘House Salad Criap toobang otzu00, comatoos, green Deppers, cucumbers, and onions, served Rn your choloo of Aressing, on tho Sid. Em Sang 708 Spring Mix Salad [Faesh spring mlx, rod onions, cucumbers, cranbemios mandarin cranfeg toppod with, Srisgy fied noodles, served with peppy seed sr reapbsery vinaigrerre dressing, on the Sa, Sn 5,882 8.48. eee French Fries om .25/1g 5.208 Potato Wedges 8m 3,08/ig 6.95 Onion Rings sm s.0s1¢605 Poutine Fries, :oppo with choos and gravy, Sma 96g 8.48, Gravy 1.25 Coleslaw singie 1.0/1 m.2.50 Our original burger with mal sheese and crispy banon. 10.45 ern Blazin’ Onions Spigy beor bartered onion petals, served with rangh dip. 8.60 Garlic Mushrooms ‘Sreaded roasted mushroom cap, served with Fanon dip. "5.05 jucchini Sticks {Lightly breaded susching, served with ranch aip, 80 Shrimp atoe’ 73 fs Buffalo Shrimp ‘igntiy brosded ehrimp, saothered in any of fr famous wing sues, seve with your choice of dipping sauce," 6.56 Galamart LagityUrended aaa ies, srved with 1 shrimp, served with oockzal ‘Caesar Salad. Grep romaineletiuee, Parmesan cnoee ana Grouions, tossed in our creamy Cavear ‘resting. ‘Sm 4.06/19 0.88 Grook Salad (Cesp igeborg ittuco, tomatoes, groan poppers, Senter, onions, Cannan ives, Mee Sede Um easiginso Famous Dipping Sauce Blue Cheese or Creamy Dill 50 Famous Wing Sauce 1.00 Death Sauce 2.00 Armageddon Sauce 2.50 a curds — 3 Our Grigtnal gee greg with Due 2 Sauce Sar a ioe sue Pe oust ru ftuoe, tomato, pike and rved with 2 house salad or fies agree V8 ound m0.tes “Two Flavours eed 50 Famous Wings 440 ‘SERVED WITH FRIES Grilled Chicken Sandwich Dall. Crispy Chicken Sandwich ‘order gruled chicken breast ona bun, with rien) uretod cuicken preust ox 8 Oa ice, cma, pce ead nice. @36"" ‘atera in aa ur tan ing en, aif Grittea Chicken Sandwich Wi lstuce,tomsio na onion. "908 Gur gia shiten santch amano ia 5 hy four aunous wing cues B.L.T. (Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato) Ghicken Fingers Served wih mayonnaise on the side, on your Rive tender chicken fingers, hotoe of mhiiecr brown treed. 876 ae Chicken Caesar Wrap Our chioken fingers smothered in any of our Gale cnon reas erep romaine toe, QU Shokan fngare arncthared tn any of our azmosan chee, tase in our Genny cosh Gf eipping aaa. 15.40 Chicken Greek Wrap Shit Siter brea with taro, czace Ghiled chokes Douay crop romaine lence, Orie chicken Dress with bacon, a You choces in atehole wncattoreilg, wiih” sown bread, 10.20 ‘our Greek dressing on the side. 9.98 Grilled Cheese Sided cheddar cheer on white bread, Chicken Club Wrai Ghilckan COND Wee ecace ana Bo pigad cr Bufo coon a eed 838, {amatoos, with mayonnaise ih & whole Whost Kid bacon for 1.00 or tomatoes for 60 Fish & chiy ocr battered Handock. sorved with coleslaw and vara sooo. "6.08 SUDSTTUTING FOR FEES CAN BE MATE ON SMMOWOSES EXTREES MO BUSERS House Salad 1.50 Potato Wedges 1.00 Spring Mix Salad 250 Onion Rings 1.00 Caesar Salad 2.20 Poutine 1.75, Greek Salad 2.95 ‘ered wih res. 45 Chicken Fingers & - Griled Cheese ~ Harburer (Cheeechurgor - Maoh Choose Wedges Ghudleigh’s Apple Blossom ‘ortnern Sy appig topped with crunchy crumble topping n a glazed pasty. 5.08 Triple Fadge Chocolate Cake Picks ceettine ne scence in sich chocolate fudge, topped with chocolate ‘Shaving aod druee with tocar sauce, B58 Cans Qoke, Dit Coxe, Spe, Diet Sorte, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Bara's Root Beer (SBS mL) Bottled Inice Prultopia Bruft Drink, assorted favours (478 ml) 2.26 Minuto Maid Lemonada (478 ml) 2.25 Bottled Water Spring Weier (600 mi) 1.98 Porsiot Sparkling Water (830 mL/760 mI) 2.26/6.26 Ses RUPRALO WINGS wa E1969 WAS Wi 1969 THAT THE LOCAL TAVERN Jeeves Us Rem feat Baton oF Dace {mle en, and pes ae suber a ange wet nt. es vr cn. Eanes Famous Wns Li Aas reserve,