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Falafel Bar Menu

A seasoned chickpea fritter made with parsley, onion and potato

Falafel Combo 8.25

Hummus, falafel with tahini and a greek salad with pita
Falafel Teaser 4.50
Four fritters with tzatziki or tahini
Lebanese Style Wrap 5.99
Falafel, tabouli and tomato w/ tahini
Falafel & Hummus Wrap 5.99
Falafel, hummus and salad with tahini
Israeli Wrap 5.99
Falafel, pickled vegtables, salad and tahini with hot sauce
Lebaneh Wrap 5.99
Falafel, lebaneh, zatar, tomato and fried eggplant
Falafel Salad 7.25
Falafel over mixed greens/ cucumber, tomato, onion and tahini w/ lemon and olive oil
Falafel Wrap 5.99
Fried garbanzo bean fritters with tahini and diced salad
Falafel Plater 8.50
Four fritters served with greek salad, rice and pita

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