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My name is sofia gutierrez

I want born the 21 of october of 1996

Im 11 years old
My fathers name is Carolina Crosthwaite and Sergio Gutierrez
I have one brothers is Santiago Gutierrez he is 15 years old
I have one dog is martin it is 5 years
I entre en el jardin to the 3 years old my first jardin is carrusel de ideas
Then I ingress to la salle school from kinder garden
Now im in 6 grade
My favorite sports are: soccer and tennis
I like to draw and play the guitar piano and battery
I like talk with my friends of the school
I like go to movie theater with my family
Me gusta salir con mis papas
I like use the computer
My fathers have a empress my fathers work here an I in the vacations
The last summer I goes to united states for play soccer in a summer camp
My grandfather name is Alejandro he live en Pereira and Sergio he died
My grandmothers are Genny she live in Pereira and she is very sweet
And Ofelia she lives en Pereira with my grandfather Alejandro and she is
very fun
I like the rock music
I don’t like the regeton because is a stupid music
My best friends are: margarita, Camila, Sofia, Juan Sebastian, Daniel,
Manuela and Maria Paula