March 6, 2011


Life as it is, has to be enjoyed in sips. Slower the sips, delightful the taste that enhances the pleasure beyond imagination!
Photograph: Deeba Irfan, Aegina Island, Aegean Sea, Greece

Food for life..... Hidden behind doors...
By Deeba Salim Irfan

I dig in to read more, write more, paint more.... anything and everything. Have compiled a few of my free writes. Intend to publish eventually. Start here - baby steps. More next month!


POETRY MONTHLY March 6, 2011

Crimson Survival
Love to wake the sun though crimson yet, a promising reverie   the few golden hues wipe my pain, I'm fine; the soothing breeze warms my spine   head held high I am not a leaf nor a branch  to be swayed I'm a trunk  strong not frayed   love the morning sun love the glow love the hope a hope to fight the blow!

A hope when you are at the end of it. How you draw strength from within. The most important source of all.

Photograph: Deeba Irfan, Cape Sounion & Aegean Sea, Greece


POETRY MONTHLY March 6, 2011

Prodigal Me Still, look up and move on...
Dooms day And I walk on Still head held high Don't wanna give up No matter how hard Blow after blow On my heart Blow from up above He gave me all  I didn't care Didn't take care Got too much of everything Love money and everything in between But  I have been prodigal Now its payback time One by one  He is taking it all Slow slaps of fate For the prodigal me Will I ever learn? Hopefully. So, I still hold my head high And sigh, Tomorrow is yet another day ! When you have everything, one fine day you do realise how you have wasted that was bestowed upon you!

New Zealand



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