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Other farmers too had agricultural plots and they cultivated paddy and some vegetables but the productivity was hindered due to an absence of an assured irrigation facility that could cater to large tracts of paddy and vegetable crops perennially. It was at this point an idea was mooted by the members of GVK that if ponds and a lift irrigation project could be initiated at Kanikola by tapping the perennially available water of the Subarnarekha River, the entire face of agriculture could undergo a sea change. An integrated village development plan was prepared in full consultation with the villagers and project to have three ponds, one lift irrigation unit, agriculture training, pisciculture training, formation and promotion of SHGs and afforestation programme was initiated. A detailed layout for construction of ponds and the lift irrigation unit was worked out through consultation from experts of Pradan, an organization specialising in water management. Resources were mobilized from willing donors from the Rotary International and an earth mover was arranged from Telcon. The farmers were organised into Kanikola Pani Panchyat with Mr. Laxman as its Secretary. The work began with each member of the Pani Panchyat contributing labour in 641 metres trench cutting for laying of pipelines under the able leadership and motivation of Mr. Laxman.

Photo: Farmers contributing labour for the trench cutting for laying out the pipelines for Lift Irrigation. The participation of the community members in all projects is vital for the sustenance of the project as it gives the villagers a sense of ownership of any designed project

The irrigation system was powered by an 8 HP diesel motor pump having 6 discharge outlets capable of irrigating 40 acres of land. Two ponds that were created catered to an additional 15 acres of land. Agricultural training, supplemented with a perennial source of irrigation fetches farmers in Kanikola village the benefits of multiple cropping.

Recalls Mr. Laxman Mardi, ³I used to wonder when my villagers would be able to fight out the vagaries of monsoon and reap the same benefits. Now with the lift irrigation system and two ponds created in the village through GVK along with other developments in the offing, my dream of a prosperous village community has come true.´


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